Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gibsland 2009. If Only There Were 36 Hours
In A Day-- And 10 Days In A Week!!

I hope all will enjoy the photos that follow, of The Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Festival-- which occurred this past weekend in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. Tommy Methvin and I had planned to post pics from the proceedings, in as close to real time as possible. What we failed to count on, was the sheer lack of time to do so. Whether it was the Tres Amigos historical adventures (some literally were)-- to the highways, byways and LA woods, in search of answers to B&C mysteries-- or meeting with friends and folks regarding the festival-- time just seemed to melt away. By the time we got out bearings, the weekend and week were over.

I don't even have pics from the Festival's Lorraine Joyner Memorial Historian's Meeting re: any of the participants, other presenters or myself. If anyone who was there has photos to share, please let me know. A record setting 185 B&C historians and keenly passionate aficionados, attended this years stimulating and insightful meeting. Also, if anyone has pics of festival happenings, and would like to show them here-- please e-mail to I'll be glad to post as many as I can. All seem to agree-- this year's B&C Ambush Festival was a huge success. So please take the time to view and enjoy, the festival photos.

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