Friday, May 8, 2009

Drama Personified

One of the prime reasons I decided to do this blog, was to escape from the drama-- associated with some B&C conversational outlets. Although I no longer participate on a certain message board in question (Blanche's Hangout)-- I'm hearing of increased and less than polite drama cropping up there again. I don't find it surprising, that confrontation and shenanigans still prevail, on this paradox of a speak easy-- that seems to swing back and forth between "in crowd love fest" and "all hell breaking loose". Although there are many fine and knowledgeable B&C oriented folks, who participate quite peaceably there-- many of whom also participate here (thank you)-- there just seems to be something regarding the chemistry, and supervisory guidance or lack of it-- which in my view, allow for these needless and hurtful personal situations to occur.

There's also an element of sheer crap that occurs there, such as the use of stealth and hidden identities-- which on the face of it, are nothing but potential trouble and as such, shouldn't be allowed. As mentioned in my 1st post here-- there are more games played there, than you can shake your proverbial history sticks at.
Too bad-- as the enjoyment of this history, is a most worthwhile and fascinating human endeavor. I can only hope the pot will stop boiling over there, and simmer down once again. So less drama, and more wonderful B&C history I say.

Hey it's Festival Time!!
That's where my head's at now.

Peace to all-- and on to Gibsland, Bienville Parish, Louisiana. That's where the history awaits, we all love so much.

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