Monday, August 31, 2015

Open Letter To Those Within The Self-Proclaimed "Bonnie & Clyde Family".

You know-- I really do try my best to deal with all the personalities within this historical journey fairly as they surface from time to time.. and I respect many of them.  But since this Gibsland thing I've been reporting on has seemingly hit "critical mass" among it's participants-- it appears that challenge is much greater now. 

To be polite to folks perhaps unfamiliar with what will be discussed here-- a preface is important.  The self-proclaimed "Bonnie & Clyde Family" is a kind of club where a Bonnie & Clyde History family member or 3 are involved.. but mainly, this group consists of those who like, or wish to be like, or think it's cool to know, or just wanna say with pride they are part of this group along with family members.. a kind of "in crowd" or "in the know" grouping within this historical community. 

Problem is.. some view this bunch as perhaps not so "in the know"-- but in reality, sometimes closer to a "head in the sand" focus-- as the family perspectives although valuable, are what they are.. and realistically can present limitations concerning expansion of knowledge historically.  These group doings are usually conducted within private message boards or on social media. 

Or to put it another way-- some might say the Status Quo group.. who seem uncomfortable with stretching the boundaries of this history when new knowledge is uncovered.  As such, I have done my best over time-- to distance myself from such doings.  More on this later.

So anyway-- as some now see fit to subject Tom Methvin, myself and others/ genuinely loyal to Bonnie & Clyde History for the right reasons-- to ridicule and personal attack on their mighty Facebook pages.. I see fit to respond here on this forum without boundaries.  I feel it unfortunate that some good people so intimately involved with Bonnie & Clyde History have apparently been "snookered" by the likes of those following "wrong"-- and led it seems by some wanting of self-importance "el grande", in touting those who've allegedly misled their way into the hearts and minds of those with once truer conscience and character. 

Also for some to have seemingly had their way with such a good man in L. J. "Boots" Hinton-- to me is "despicable".. plain and simple.  There are many of us who genuinely love "Boots".. and feel uniquely saddened by his circumstances now.   

There is little doubt in the minds of many-- that some now misrepresent farce for Bonnie & Clyde History.. supported by allies substituting character blindness for genuine caring.  This history has sunk to a low level, not because of those like Tom, myself and so many caring souls who proudly defend "integrity and right" in Bonnie & Clyde History ("Many thanks to all")-- but seemingly due to the actions of some without heart, a complacency for deceit.. and some sadly insatiable need for egocentric "self-stroking". 

I find it curious that not that long ago-- at least one of these folks very close to Bonnie & Clyde History was expressing disgust for this history to the point of being "done with it"-- because of the very attitudes she now seemingly lends her good name to.  Many who believe they care more, than some who should care at least as much.. feel that deception has seemingly replaced this history within the actions of some, with greed and ego as perceived motivations.  Also that keen historical knowledge "should" exist-- within those who long for Bonnie & Clyde historical respect in Spades-- but apparently that shallow ability, may better resemble a knack for whittling their way into the psyches of those who should know better.

As far as comments concerning jealousy, as some sort of odd motivation-- for myself and others to rock the Bonnie & Clyde boat that some say we're not wanted in.. "Oh, no"!!  And I don't know why that keeps coming up??.. perhaps that need for self-importance again??  But please know I don't give a shit about that-- and I hope I'm making myself clear to all.  For who in their right mind, would care to be involved amongst those.. where integrity has seemingly evaporated, like drops from a 5 minute rain on a 100 degree day. 

Not me.. for as some groups are comprised now, there's not enough good in them-- not enough honesty.. and I surely don't have time in life to play games with those still "wrastling" with their characters.  Seems to me, with some people's characters as they exist today within this history-- at some point, a lack of honesty and goodness will leave them short in life.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Good is good and bad is less desirable.   

As I've said many times, but apparently some haven't taken note-- I feel in order to maintain independence and objectivity within this history, I "deliberately choose" to distance myself from those who slant this history to their own liking-- revel in mutual admiration.. and rarely wish to question the status quo.

And as far as my wanting to own some touristy kind of thang, within a sleepy once vibrant town..  I had my chance at that, and turned it down.  Glad I did-- for I know way too much about that reality from the Master.  If some think historical compromises are being made now when the Summer crowds should've been good-- just wait until February.  Then perhaps, tours of Bonnie & Clyde's hideout in Agra, could be offered for all who wish to attend.  BTW.. those bricks are white and made of Marble. 

What??.. a little satire within an opinion piece is alright, isn't it??  'Seems few have a sense of humor anymore.

Oh-- but I do have a quick question please for Rhea Leen Linder, which no one can get an answer to.  "Hello" Rhea Leen.  Are you the Parker family source in Dallas, for the Bonnie vest owned by James Howard.. of which swatches are being sold as authentic pieces of Bonnie & Clyde History??  One would think, if this item's owner had you as his provenance.. he would've acknowledged that backing.  So.. are you willing to publicly defend this alleged Bonnie item as being authentic??  "Many thanks".. and despite your comments concerning me/ influenced I'm sure-- I still respect you and hope you are well.           


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Within Bonnie & Clyde History.. Guesswork And Greed Should Never Be The Standards Upheld.

It seems in defending a Bonnie & Clyde entity accused of wrongdoing and now apparently "busted" to prove it-- some within the Bonnie & Clyde historical community are grasping at straws, in search of a viable defense for callousness under fire.  As such, I saw a comment posted on a Bonnie & Clyde message board, that espoused "interpretation"-- as the standard by which history should be practiced.  The actual quote was "History like religion is all about interpretation.  NOBODY knows EVERYTHING about anything historical".  Man-- so many absolutes within that statement.. sure sounds familiar. 

Apparently in trying to deflect attention from some with the spotlight firmly affixed upon them-- others are now taking a page from the Jeff Guinn school of historical reasoning.  Many will recall, when "Go Down Together" was released-- a number of prominent Bonnie & Clyde Historians questioned Jeff concerning his source material leading to sensational "interpretations" within his book.  My questioning of Jeff via an e-mail exchange, resulted in the now famous quote "All written history is ultimately best guess, and clearly you and I have guessed differently in some instances". "Yeah man".. and there are those absolutes again.

A couple of things many may realize about me.. are that I'm not shy and I don't mince words.  Just as I went after Mr. Guinn's wholly and sadly remarkable statement-- I now too, take exception to this latest clone of that reasoning.  What a ludicrous, slanted and intellectually reaching statement to make-- concerning history and it's ethical fiber.

There "are" indeed facts in history including Bonnie & Clyde History.. irrefutable facts, garnered from knowledge documented by credible sources at the time this history was lived.  So let's test this "interpretation" premise.  Since The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum is in the news these days, and since that museum is housed in the space once occupied by Rosa's Cafe, the last public place Bonnie & Clyde were known to have stopped before being ambushed-- let's try a test concerning interpretation.

Rosa's Cafe was located on Main Street in Gibsland, LA on the last day of Bonnie & Clyde's lives.. and Rosa Canfield is buried along the very route Bonnie & Clyde took leading to their demise.  Either Bonnie or Clyde was said to have entered Rosa's on the morning of May 23rd, 1934-- prior to their being waylaid, about 7 miles down what at the time was known as the Gibsland-Sailes Road.  And within the Bonnie & Clyde death car-- remnants of their last meal from Rosa's were found after the ambush.  So concerning that statement.. little interpretation is  needed.. for I'm not sure many would dispute that account.   

Some may wish to say Rosa's Cafe was located elsewhere.. and traipse there to remove "artifacts" from another location without justification-- however too many historical accounts exist concerning Rosa's being in Gibsland for an alternative story to somehow be so.  So interpretation seems dependent upon some foundation of fact-- however surely not all facts are dependent upon interpretation.   

And "of course" it's true, no one knows everything about history-- but there are some who know quite a bit-- including info many are not privy to.  Surely not a knock on those who don't know some things, but rather just an historical reality-- concerning research having been conducted.   

Let me say this for the record.. I know or have heard of no one-- who feels the Otis Cole House in Sailes, was Bonnie & Clyde's last hideout.  For there are references by witnesses at the time and maps having been published-- identifying the John Cole House as having been the hideout.  Some may wish to tout modern-day remembrances from here there & everywhere-- as having the Sailes hideout being some other house convenient to borrow from toward questionable purpose.. but historically, that's not likely the case.  So enough with the smokescreens and futile nonsense.

And one more comment here & now-- those accused of impropriety along with those who for whatever reasons, are lending support in backing wrong.. need to "step away" from spreading lies and innuendo concerning personal circumstances and incidents which in truth, they know nothing about-- for use as linguistic weapons in apparently trying to impress their friends and deflect attention from themselves.  What a childish display of immaturity-- but for some, apparently consistent with character lacking. 

However-- I guess that's what's left for some.. when staring down the barrel of truth.

Editor's Note:  In a previous version of this post, reference was made to Olin Jackson's comments from an interview held in Gibsland some years back.  A review of notes and recollections from that interview, could not substantiate a statement made concerning Rosa Canfield's race.  In fact, it seems a period census lists her racial orientation as White.  A review of Mr. Jackson's comments reveal that from his viewpoint, Rosa and her husband were sympathetic to those of color-- and may have risked their lives in support of a black man accused of a crime locally, by supplying a weapon to this man for use as protection while escaping town.  As a stickler for accuracy in history-- I wanted to make sure to set the record straight, and hope this revealing story as told by Mr. Jackson-- will be of interest concerning Rosa Canfield.                 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum-- Are Alleged Issues Now Exposed As Charged?? You Be The Judge.

You know-- this Gibsland stuff just keeps getting stranger and stranger.  So what am I supposed to do, when this image is posted publicly on The B&CHB Facebook page??  Seems its time for more comment.   

When Ted Prince 1st came forward with allegations of impropriety at the New Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland-- some raised eyebrows of disbelief.  Perhaps, because such allegations were beyond most people's awareness of wrong within Bonnie & Clyde History.  However, for many of us who've been around the block and seen numerous stunts pulled over the years-- along with the polarization which can occur in this history, odd occurrences are actually nothing new.  I will say though-- the boldness and arrogance within this Bonnie & Clyde Gibsland debacle, and because of the entity involved-- is unique.

In having been intimately involved with the museum's transfer of ownership-- among Ted's observations, were those involving the museum's new owner Perry Carver and alleged creation of non-authentic artifacts.  As bravely told by Mr. Prince in trying to uphold caring and proper standards for this history-- it was said Mr. Carver was attempting to inspire sales by crafting Bonnie & Clyde artifacts claimed as authentic from common non-authentic sources and participating along with another individual-- in offering swatches of a claimed Bonnie Parker article of clothing without adequate provenance. 

Also that a gun on loan to the museum, which played absolutely no role in the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde-- was being touted as an ambush weapon.  And even that an olden wooden wall telephone on display there-- was portrayed as having been the very pay phone Frank Hamer used to notify Lee Simmons from a filling station in Gibsland.. after Bonnie & Clyde had been killed.  But you know.. a once functional metal phone with the ability to accept coins-- would be a much better candidate to be the "real McCoy".   

In short-- "tall tales" concerning a plethora of seemingly rare items, which apparently had magically appeared (some in inexplicably large numbers)-- and of course, most for sale.. items which couldn't or wouldn't be backed with any public declaration of provenance, which true historical items would possess in claiming authenticity.

That's when I got involved in reporting on all this-- based on a call for assistance fueled seemingly by frustration, over a lack of alarm by some within the Bonnie & Clyde historical community to these allegations.  But in fact by then, battle lines had already been drawn-- with some of the "cliquey clique" folks adamantly yet blindly backing the new museum and ownership.  But why would some back wrong in history??  My take is-- this lack of historical character amongst those more into egos than history.. is of the "usual variety" displayed in previous Bonnie & Clyde related roues.  Only this time-- the battleground was the newly transferred museum, snatched up.. when health concerns necessitated a hiatus from the museum by it's long-term steward L. J. "Boots" Hinton.

So for the past months, I along with others close to Bonnie & Clyde History, have scrutinized goings on at the new Ambush Museum-- and I must say, those into merchandising and photo ops.. might be better served if they explained for all "why" the buildings they are standing in front of are important for this history-- rather than just gloating, in having been photographed at a famous Bonnie & Clyde site. 

Callousness and a lack of respect for this history, does not Bonnie & Clyde History make.  And concerning provenance-- this "prove our artifacts aren't real" approach is an ass-backwards and unacceptable standard, seemingly blown out of the water.. by the publishing of the photo above.

Throughout a call for accountability, expressed publicly to both Mr. Carver and James Howard owner of the vest claimed worn by Bonnie Parker, from which swatches are jointly sold through the Ambush Museum and via James' ebay moniker "Photoboy1988"-- I feel a fair and polite attempt has been made, in allowing these folks a boundless chance to defend themselves.  My offer still stands-- for either or both to use The B&CHB as their vehicle of expression with my blessing.  I have yet to hear a word from either gentleman. 

However what little response has been forthcoming to anyone who's asked good and logical questions-- has involved a combination of insults and silence.. to me, precisely the wrong approach to allow for truth to be learned-- and closure for this issue.      

Also intensely disturbing to many of us who've known L. J. "Boots" Hinton for years-- was an ebay sale sponsored by Photoboy1988-- consisting of a package of items from the Ambush Museum including a "Boots" Hinton Red Crown bullet.  That bullet along with some of the items offered, were said to be from the "personal collection of "Boots" Hinton, at the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum". 

But problem was.. Mr. Hinton had been contacted by a trusted friend to confirm that indeed none of his personally owned items had been offered for sale.  "Boots" had also expressed the same reluctance to sell any of his Bonnie & Clyde artifacts to the American Pickers publicly-- within the Pickers episode involving him.  So concerning that well-documented ebay offering-- the question became, if indeed "Boots" didn't know of that auction.. how did it come about-- and who would benefit from any sale??    

With continued public calls for explanations by Mr. Carver and Mr. Howard, but none forthcoming-- fast forward to now, or should I say back a bit-- when Mr. Carver was said to have taken bricks from The Otis Cole House in Sailes, allegedly slated for sale as Bonnie & Clyde Hideout bricks.  But you see for Sailes Hideout bricks to be so-- they would have to be from The John Gardner Cole House.. long since gone, without remnants left as witnessed by many Bonnie & Clyde Historians (including myself)-- and truth-seeking aficionados who've visited sites where credible accounts have identified the spots, one of which where that house likely stood.

John Gardner Cole House in better times, later abandoned for 4 years when B&C may have stayed there. I say may have, as I'm not sure anyone can attest that Bonnie and Clyde actually hid there. For Jesse Ann Cole (John Cole's wife) and 2 sisters had died there from Tuberculosis.. an "ain't no foolin' around" malady in the '30's, which often resulted in houses being burned rather than rehabilitated. The John Cole House was considered a "dog run" house-- as it's 4 bedrooms were split by a long center hallway, which allowed dogs to roam the house.
So could it have been true, that bricks from John's son's house (The Otis Cole's House)-- were removed and called hideout bricks??  My understanding is, that from the Museum's viewpoint-- the Hideout bricks source story has changed and evolved over time.  That's why I've felt it important (for their benefit)-- they comment directly and publicly to that question.  However if taken from Otis Cole's place, no one will know right??  Oh, but some will-- and herein lies the rub for those who for reasons of their own, have shunned logical reality-- to instead support the newly-renewed Museum, that seems to place a greater emphasis on merchandising than history. 

But surely Bonnie & Clyde beer koozies, shot glasses, belt buckles, bobble heads, hand fans, hand towels, removable Tattoos, key chains, pencils, stickers, cups, buttons, magnets, mouse pads, playing cards, coffee cups, coasters, T-shirts, tote bags, photos, posters, DVDs and CDs, hats, bandannas, books and more (I'm not kidding)-- are tantamount to history being imparted with any sort of caring or accuracy.. Right?? 

Otis Cole House, Sailes, LA
So what's the crime here.. and why is this issue such a big deal to Bonnie & Clyde History and those who care so very much for it?? 

Because history should be about truth.. not farce.  It should be about integrity.. not iffiness.  History should be about caring, transparency and the accuracy of history-- not some shallow focus on apparent greed and inflated egos.  Seems those who back others who stroke egos to the point of egomania-- have forgotten about the history their egos were hewn by.   
So what is to be made of this photo posted publicly on my B&CHB Facebook wall??  Sure seems like the owner of a Gibsland Bonnie & Clyde Museum carrying bricks both in hand and pockets from the Otis Cole House.  I and others who know-- can attest without reservation-- that "is" the Otis Cole House in Sailes.. no doubt about it.  So again in reporting on behalf of this history-- what is to be made of this most recent evidence which matches assertions previously declared??  Seems bricks were removed from this location on more than one occasion.. and on this occasion, remarkably-- a photographic record was made of the act in question.  "Wow"!!-- what a damning revelation to surface within this mess.   

For now.. all I'll say about this photo, is that it's not the only record of this visit by Mr. Carver to the Otis Cole House.  One would think, when on a quest of this nature-- care would be taken not to involve witnesses and surely not to allow a visual record to be made.  I hardly know what to say.. except based on this, it seems high time some who've been reluctant to support right within this issue-- now support right over wrong.  And for some.. surely apologies to Ted Prince would be appropriate.  For Bonnie & Clyde History surely deserves better, than has been exhibited recently-- by those seemingly hellbent on garnering attention for themselves.. rather than defend history for history's sake.

To all who continue the "fight for right" concerning Bonnie & Clyde History.. "Bless you". 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Within Bonnie & Clyde History-- Wrong Begets Loss.. and Mindless Following Begets Mindless Following

A quick post to say I am buoyed by the comments and understanding of key individuals within Bonnie & Clyde History-- who have expressed concern and dismay regarding alleged shenanigans, deception and callousness now exhibited by some within this history, and the noting of those who support such goings on. 

History should be about truth and the expansion and preservation of knowledge for future generations-- "not" egos and misguided longing for acceptance within private groups-- who's comments within "the big picture" and sans the airing of views in public where all can see and scrutinize them.. seem relegated to nothing more than exercises in group egocentric self-stroking.

Those of us who genuinely care for this history.. are watching hour by hour, day by day-- to assure that what is newly-wrong within Bonnie & Clyde History isn't expanded to become even more wrong.  Period.  

Seems the entity is controlling group leaders.. and the leaders are controlling the followers.. and all are marching toward the cliff.  It would be nice to see some on the wrong side of things find their hearts and character-- and stand up to wrong, not beside it.  However it seems at least for now-- those hearts and character are controlled by others-- and no longer reside within their rightful owners.  Hopefully, that will change-- for the renewed betterment of this history.

"Speak out you got to speak out against the madness.. You got to speak your mind if you dare"-- Crosby, Stills and Nash

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bonnie & Clyde Summer 2015 Rewind. In Bonnie & Clyde History-- Revelations Don't Come Much Better, Than Those Re: Bailey Tynes.

Among a plethora of fascinating facts revealed by the release of the Dallas FBI file on Bonnie & Clyde (Dallas file 26-4114)-- are some bombshell revelations concerning successes and near successes of law enforcement, in trying to enlist the help of those close to the Barrows and Parkers-- in providing "insider info", hopefully used to corner America's most wanted outlaws.  Perhaps the greatest of these successes, concerned the recruitment of Barrow Cousin Bailey Tynes-- and his placement right smack within the Barrow's Oak Cliff home, based on a family confidence which the Barrows apparently didn't think twice about.  But Clyde with his seeming "6th Sense"-- may have had his reservations about Bailey.. although by the time he did, damage to their constant attempt at Barrow Gang stealthiness may have already been done.

For those who perhaps haven't read the Bureau of Investigation reports on Bailey and his efforts, or just want for a refresher-- with thanks to Frank Ballinger and Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout.. PDF's here for your review. 

However, besides this most welcome and documented law enforcement info--  additional stories have come to light, as provided by the Tynes family.  As research is a key element of my working within this history-- in 2009 I was preparing for a talk at the Bonnie & Clyde Festival in Gibsland.  As part of that preparation, I searched out and was granted remarkable access to Tynes family remembrances concerning Bailey and his Bonnie & Clyde exploits.  Things you surely won't find in the Dallas version.  

Oddly enough and all these years later.. Bailey's family still wasn't sure about Bailey's said involvement with Bonnie & Clyde and his admissions as a government informant.. until those tales were verified independently within FBI records.  And 6 years ago, when I reported on this story-- somehow my approach to Bailey Tynes was different than my other Bonnie & Clyde posts.  So in reviewing these accounts for this current series of Bonnie & Clyde Rewinds-- I've now combined posts and photos, and refined my treatment of this hugely important story from Bonnie & Clyde History.  So now-- let's travel back to 2009.. updated for 2015.

In speaking with the Tynes family in advance of my talk at Gibsland, I discovered some truly "remarkable" information, expressed by Bailey himself over the years-- regarding his covert activities with the U.S. Bureau of Investigation, in reporting on Bonnie and Clyde. These stories were relayed to me, by 4 Tynes family members. One of these individuals is a great nephew of Bailey's, who heard Bailey relate many of these accounts 1st hand while Bailey was still alive. 

Bailey was known as a great story teller, and among the ghost stories and such he would tell the Tynes children-- he would also relate for the teenagers and adults, stories of his time working as a lawman-- and spying on his own family. No one knew whether Bailey's stories were embellished "tall tales" or not until 2009-- when in contacting his family, I was able to prove to them, that these remarkable accounts of his working with the FBI-- were indeed true. However, none of the accounts I will relate to you now, appear within the FBI's Dallas Field Office files-- which make them all the more insightful.  As such.. this is the "insider stuff".

As relatives of Cumie's.. the Tynes family was well known to both Bonnie & Clyde and other Barrow relatives including of course Cumie and Henry Barrow. Sophronia Walker was Bailey Tynes' mother's maiden name.  Clyde's mother Cumie Barrow was a Walker. Her father was W. B. Walker. Cumie's uncle W. E. Walker had 3 daughters. One of those daughters Sophronia married Calvin Buel Tynes-- Bailey Tynes' father.  Thus Clyde and Bailey were cousins.
Bonnie & Clyde would visit various Tynes relatives, particularly in Waco, Texas from time to time. While there-- Tynes relatives would help B&C although reluctantly, in knowing both of their notoriety and bloodletting.  Sometimes, they would meet with the outlaws under houses out of sight, and perform tasks for them-- such as going to local stores for needed supplies. At least one Tynes family member didn't think much of Clyde. B. C. Tynes described Clyde as a "trashy thug"-- and would help him a little but not a lot. He didn't want Clyde hanging around his kids. But when B&C showed up, what could the Tynes family members do, with a family relationship to uphold and weapons of death always at the ready??
Bailey Tynes circa 1930-- along with his sons Bailey Edwin Tynes Jr in the front seat-- and Harold Patrick Tynes looking over Bailey's shoulder. The little tyke walking behind the car, is Bailey's nephew Warren Tynes. Many "thanks" to the Tynes family-- for my use of these historic photos.

Waco police would get phone calls alerting them when Bonnie & Clyde were in town-- however, with such a small force on duty, the Waco police were apparently afraid of Clyde, Bonnie and members of The Barrow Gang.  Those on duty would request off duty officers to bolster their force-- but never confronted the notorious strangers. This info was relayed by retired Waco police Capt. Bobby Joe Fulwhyler, (now deceased) who was a member of the Waco P.D. in 1933. My thanks to the Waco, Texas Police Dept.-- for these insights.

Bailey Tynes, who was originally from Center, Texas-- was apparently involved with Bonnie & Clyde much earlier than the Bureau realized. Bailey was known to have met with Clyde, Bonnie, Clyde's brother, his wife-- and a man with initials (likely W. D. Jones) near the "big thicket" (The Davy Crockett National Forest)-- which is in East Texas, near Louisiana. With Bailey having met with this most famous incarnation of The Barrow Gang-- this would necessarily place this meeting, prior to Dexfield Park in July of 1933.

When Bailey went to the precursor of the FBI building in Dallas, he would enter an adjacent building, go to the basement-- and go through an underground tunnel to enter Bureau HQ's. "Boots" Hinton confirmed the existence of this tunnel and secret entrance, which he used along with his father Ted years ago-- to enter the same building.

Bonnie & Clyde came to Bailey's house in Waco, certainly on more than one occasion, to spend the night. Clyde and Bonnie were said to have been paranoid and very sporadic. They kept no schedule. They would sleep some and leave in the middle of the night. Notes were left by Clyde for Bailey, thanking him for his hospitality. This of course left Bailey in quite a spot. For at the same time Bailey was working for the Bureau, in helping them with information about The Barrow Gang-- Bonnie & Clyde would show up asking Bailey for help. Bailey was said to have been in fear for his life-- in hoping Clyde didn't figure out he was working for Bureau, against them.

This leads to another story, where Bailey may have actually run with Bonnie & Clyde for a short period to Southern Louisiana. It was said he camped out with Bonnie & Clyde there. Even in being so closely related to Cumie and as such a known relative-- apparently even Bailey wasn't trusted completely. Thus the wariness of Clyde evidenced in full.  As such it was reported, Bailey wasn't allowed to go to town alone-- without one of them being with him. At this point Bailey was said to be fearful, that he was suspected of being a spy. This story may be likely, as Clyde was said to have had relatives in Southern Louisiana-- at Baton Rouge or Fields.

But perhaps the most remarkable revelation expressed to me, was that Bailey told of yet another Bonnie & Clyde ambush trap having been set-- and by no other than the U.S. Bureau of Investigation!! Bailey had planned to meet Bonnie & Clyde near a Pecan orchard or wooded area-- and had alerted the Bureau in advance, in order to put "the kids" as they were often referred to by family on the spot. According to Bailey-- Bureau agents had been stationed there-- and were waiting in those woods for Bonnie & Clyde to arrive for their rendezvous with Bailey.  However, as often happened with the elusive pair-- they never showed-- for what could've been a deadly and fateful encounter.

I asked FBI Historian John Fox about this. John's take was, if this trap had been set-- that Bureau Agents would likely have attempted to capture Bonnie, Clyde and whomever else was with them. I also asked about an interesting question asked of me-- as to whether an order had ever been issued by Bureau Director J. Edgar Hoover, not to kill a woman-- which could have come into play there, within a capture attempt of Bonnie Parker. Dr. Fox told me to his knowledge-- no such orders were ever issued. I don't know about all of you-- but I get chills thinking of this newly uncovered revelation.  For it seems a number of Bonnie & Clyde waylays were planned or attempted-- but only the last one proved successful.

Bailey was said to have been a soft spoken and kind man, who felt Bonnie & Clyde needed to be stopped. He was apparently not trying to be a hero, and was never admonished for spying on his own family. And during this period, in realizing the danger to himself and with great foresight-- Bailey handed his kids over to his brother Clarence Burean Tynes and wife Thelma, for safe keeping. Bailey was a single dad (unusual for those times)-- and made sure his fatherly obligations didn't slip out of focus while spying on Bonnie & Clyde.  As such-- his kids wouldn't be placed in harm's way related to his doings.

Handwritten Bailey Tynes correspondence to Dallas Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Frank Blake.

Based on this newly discovered family information on Bailey-- one is left to wonder about this fascinating and mysterious figure from Bonnie & Clyde History.  Also with more of Bailey's activities known-- I now believe the Bonnie & Clyde sighting account noted by the Bureau, while later investigating Bailey.  Seems the Bureau may have had their doubts concerning the loyalty of their key informant??  And according to info uncovered while trailing Bailey-- he had told a relative that while reporting to the Bureau from the Barrow residence-- Bonnie & Clyde had shown up there.

The date of this meeting as reported by the Bureau Agent, coincides with the date of one of Bailey's Barrow residence reports. Curiously, Bailey never notified the Bureau of this Bonnie & Clyde appearance (how about that)-- at least not in a documented way.  As revealed in the Dallas FBI Files, Bailey provided quite good and detailed info to help in attempting to capture Bonnie & Clyde-- but there also seems to be evidence, he also may have held back info-- which could have been important to the law.  Perhaps in the case of the Barrow residence Bonnie & Clyde encounter-- Bailey remained true to his instincts to keep his family safe, in not wanting to see innocent people hurt??  Would seem true to form.  

But concerning that story and other things now known.. one is left to wonder?? Could Bailey have been in effect a double-agent, in benefiting both Bonnie & Clyde "and" the law??  What a question to consider-- to cap an already remarkable story.  Seemingly, Bailey could've alerted the law when Bonnie & Clyde were going to stay with him-- but perhaps the risks were deemed too great concerning his family and children, to follow through on such a set up.  Maybe better to keep his distance, report with the access he had and let the law follow through-- rather than put Bonnie & Clyde on the spot more directly, and risk a face to face confrontation-- or the possibility a trap could fail and leave him exposed and targeted himself. 

However in the end (and not long after his involvement)-- Bonnie & Clyde were captured dead rather than alive.. victims of yet another betrayal which had been in the works for some time.  As for Bailey-- he went on to live a long life.. passing from this world in 1977 at the age of 84. 

Clarence and Thelma Tynes, are the caring pair who watched over Bailey's children-- while Bailey was working with the Bureau.  Clarence from the Walker side of the Barrow family.. is thought to possess a likeness to Clyde Barrow.  Seems like a pretty good cross between "Buck" & Clyde to me. And that's a "loving" look from Thelma-- if ever there was one.

My "profound thanks" to the Tynes family (Laura, Mark, Daryl and Dennis)-- for sharing with me, these wonderful revelations regarding Bailey. Without a doubt-- my favorite secretive info revealed within the Dallas FBI files on Bonnie and Clyde, involves Bailey Tynes. "What a story".  What revelations!! I feel for the Bureau to have placed a family informant within the Barrow home-- was nothing less than astounding.. but so too are possibilities which may never be fully known concerning Bailey Tynes and his interactions with Bonnie & Clyde.  But such is Bonnie & Clyde History.  Not sure if I will.. but 'hope to have additional info on Bailey at some point-- and I surely hope you've enjoyed hearing about this fascinating figure from Bonnie & Clyde History.

Bailey Tynes revelations, info and photos--
©2009 by A. Winston Woodward, The B&CHB and the Tynes family with all rights reserved.  Thank you.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Black Eye For Bonnie & Clyde History And Affront To A Legend??

Recently, it was pointed out to me by someone I respect greatly-- that up until not many years ago.. Bonnie & Clyde History was frequented by those who conducted themselves with civility and honor.  Oh, we may have disagreed vehemently on things historically defined.. however, most expressed themselves in ways both commendable and with the future in mind.  But how times have  changed.  And how dramatically, the definition of character has changed within this history.  

Case in point-- a number of us close to Bonnie & Clyde History, have been concerned in having seen "Boots" Hinton items for sale recently-- when those of us who know him, have known for years, there was little or no chance of "Boots" parting ways with his Bonnie & Clyde treasures.  So it came as news to us, when this same individual and great friend of "Boots" who many trust implicitly.. said according to fresh info from "Boots" Hinton-- none of "Boots" personal items have been offered for sale.  "Boots" himself, also said the same to the "American Pickers" publicly not that long ago.   Thus a question for those who participated in crafting the following ebay offering.  

"So what was this”??

For those unaware of the displays there-- the image shown within this ebay listing.. is from the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland.  The .45 caliber bullets shown in this photo, along with other items-- are possessions of L. J. "Boots" Hinton.  So now apparently-- at least one of "Boots" Red Crown bullets has been offered for sale.. along with "location pieces" which to my knowledge, he's never owned.  Seems this ebay auction doesn't lie.. but also seems "Boots" doesn't know??  Could that be true??  "Hmmmmm"..

But "there they are".. the same rocks, bricks and swatches, at least some of which now called into question concerning their authenticity-- along with a bullet from "Boots" Hinton's personal collection.. all neatly packaged and offered for sale within a medium Mr. Hinton rarely frequents.  And for just $1200.  And for those who support the renewed Gibsland "museum" and some might say new way of doing things, along with alliances perhaps questionable for this history-- I suppose all is fair (and benign) in love and Bonnie & Clyde History??

Well, not for those who truly care about this history.  Not by a long shot. 

And like a bunch of shameless Elmer Fudds.. some people's reaction is "Shhhhh.. Be very, very quiet".. for apparently, some would rather turn a blind eye, both ears and their character-- rather than face truth, concerning fair questions asked-- and to date, non-defended actions so boldly wheeled out in the presence of all. 
Description accompanying ebay auction.

Different lead page used for same ebay items.  Photoboy1988 is the seller.
Seems it's time once again, to evoke the spirit of Ricky Ricardo-- in saying some may have some serious "esspainin" to do.   As this is a valid Bonnie & Clyde forum, and to be fair to both gentlemen, my offer still stands-- for both Perry Carver and James Howard, to please provide specific and valid provenance here on The B&CHB, for their high-ticket items claimed to be authentic from Bonnie & Clyde History.  And now also explain-- how personal items said not for sale (and supposedly under the cloak of diligent care)-- have been paraded for sale on the Internet?? How is that possible.. unless something is really askew in Bonnie & Clyde Land?? 

Fair questions have been asked.. but without answers forthcoming.  And as honor begets honor-- don't some think it's time to ante up, for the benefit of right??  For while some seem content lining up Facebook friends, in what could be an attempt to limit descent and create what is seemingly a dwindling group of "likers"??-- others of us are focused on important human elements, like loyalty
, respect and honor.  And on behalf of this history-- truth.  Some it seems, feel they can just ignore questions concerning provenance.. but it's much harder to wish away a reality such as an ebay auction, with records kept to prove a conflict with a respected man's expectations. 
Bonnie & Clyde History-- Often a "Big Bang Grand Adventure" in Dysfunctionality

Within Bonnie & Clyde History, unfortunately at times-- people choose up sides as if some epic pick-up basketball game was about to break out.  Concerning this latest B&C debacle-- it's remarkable to me, how anyone could end up on the wrong side of this grandiose snafu historically??-- by choosing misplaced group praise over history, and apparently dissing a Bonnie & Clyde History family member who deserves people's best.. not their worst.  But I guess all in all-- with the lack of reason and civility exhibited within this history in recent years-- it's not surprising.

Those who find it hard to defend this man and the man standing as an image behind him.. perhaps would benefit from knowing more-- as stories thought by some to be less than plausible, may be reconciled "and" in some instances.. dual stories could both be judged true with the addition of more detail.  Gotta think outside the box and have respect..  "Ah respect"-- yes, that's important too. 
From my viewpoint, those who support murkiness, alleged deception, possible misuse of an iconic Bonnie & Clyde History family member, and proliferation of alleged unsubstantiated artifacts-- are "NOT" the "good guys", as I've seen it said-- just because some who admire games of admiration say so.

Yes unfortunately within Bonnie & Clyde History-- a variety of games are sometimes played with the "twisted fun" of vengeful schoolchildren.  I figure as long as there are "cliquey leaders" and misguided followers of those leaders, where adulation means more than history-- and anonymity is often used to spread hurtful and childish gobbledygook.. there will continue to be issues such as this to contend with.  

And BTW-- if I want mudflaps-- I'll buy a pair for my car and have some pretty female mechanic install them.  That way-- I'll know the mudflaps are doing a respectable job-- and not just wallowing in the muck.

The bottom line to many good questions having been asked, in trying to ferret out the truth concerning a whole new focus on "historical marketing" with unknown scruples within this history-- and sometimes countered by those with seemingly nothing better to do than attempt a "defense of the less than defensible".. for what??-- the stroking of egos??.. is a simple one.  Just like with any circumstance.. ask "What is right"??.. and "What is wrong"??

For our purposes, what's right-- is to support truth in history, and unique and loyal stewards of this history as they face the Autumns of their time with us.  What's wrong-- is to support selfishness, an apparent void in honesty and violation of human trust and dignity.  And I surely have no good feelings for people, who praise and make excuses for those who by accounts logical do wrong-- and cannot defend their actions straight up.        

Oh-- and related to the effects of Bonnie & Clyde cliques-- for the benefit of anyone still wanting answers concerning the famous case of the Clyde Luger pic-- please read my comment attached to this post.  It doesn't seem right devoting a post to that issue now-- but perhaps approaches made to me, will help some sort out queries still wondered about.  Happy to help.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bonnie & Clyde Summer 2015 Rewind-- The Wellington Incident, You've Never Known

Post 2 in this Summer's rewind series.. this one concerning Wellington-- one of the great Bonnie & Clyde stories.  Link to this May 2010 article is here.. "enjoy".

In Bonnie & Clyde History.. When Is A Brick Not A Brick??

And a wanted poster not a wanted poster.  And a gun not a gun??  And a swatch not a swatch?? And a "true story"-- not even a true telling of lore?? 

When not substantiated by reliable provenance-- a basic criteria of historical proof.

The recent debate concerning a newly-transitioned entity and it's perceived woes in Bonnie & Clyde Land-- just goes to highlight an ongoing problem concerning all history including Bonnie & Clyde History-- where artifacts are sometimes sold as authentic without adequate proof of such.  Years ago, it seemed harder to justify bogus articles of history marketed as real.  This was because legitimate auction houses, especially of the major-league variety-- insisted on solid provenance, before offering people's articles for sale under the good name and auspices of the auction house.

However, the proliferation of "quick-sale" services such as ebay and Craigslist, have seemingly altered the landscape of historical sales.. in that they allow for provenance to be assumed and not proven, prior to sale upon sale of fee derived offerings.  So apparently as long as everyone benefits (except in some cases, those buying suspect items)-- all is good.. and the term "buyer beware" takes on an air of importance, beyond the words which occupy that now quite necessary phrase.

And why is it important truth reign, concerning the authenticity of historical artifacts-- regardless of which history they come from??  Because without truth-- everything touted as real could be judged "suspect" or false, and thus meaningless from an historical viewpoint.  Then instead of tracing history and it's realities-- we would spend needless time.. just trying to determine "what's what" and ask fairly, why people would cheapen history for a buck-- with perhaps the added perception of their own self-importance as peddlers of historical magic??

So no matter the history or sales outlet-- why do some shamelessly cheapen history??  Could it be greed??  Or ignorance??  Or a lack of character.. or all of the above??  I vote for all of the above.  For those within historical circles who could easily "do the right thing" and insist on truth within history, but instead-- support human failings, or aid in the raping of historical worth, by contributing "suspect" items for sale within any historical marketplace-- do history in general and for our purposes, Bonnie & Clyde History a disservice.

And then, for some to lend their misplaced energies behind the scenes-- in lambasting those who have the will to speak out concerning historical shenanigans-- well, how dare those people-- and what little character (historical or otherwise) they too seem to possess.  I surely do not understand, those who support wrong over right-- while claiming to love the history they demean.  For history is not about the adulation or mindless following of "group leaders".. it is about the good of honest history for all-- who wish to learn of and contribute to it's cause.