Sunday, November 16, 2014

Within Bonnie & Clyde History-- Why Won't Some Gate Keepers Open The Door??

Most who love this history, can't help but question-- when those with supposed Bonnie & Clyde historical secrets, whether fairly benign or of the more  "earth-shattering" variety-- work so hard at "not" revealing them.  Or somehow-- "can't" bring themselves to share knowledge with others for reasons best self-understood-- where "deciding" it's somehow right to withhold secrets, seems strangely more important than the revelations themselves. 

Or worse-- if "control" of these secrets cannot be assured-- well then, no one will learn of such privileged info.  Some sort of self-fulfilling blackmail.  "Hey-- thanks a lot".  Fortunately for this history-- those with maniacal intent, are few and far between-- and have no place within this realm.  But then too-- you get the feeling no one would go to such trouble to risk a rouge to that extent, if they truly had something worthwhile.     

Then there are the books-- oh, the "vaulted" books, which never seem to make it to paper or e-book-- cherished ideas with untold "wealth potential" never brought to fruition.  But surely there's $$ in Bonnie & Clyde books??  Well maybe for hired-guns with major league distribution, who claim historical credibility-- although their most prolific literary expressions have concerned a beloved & mythical Christmas icon.  I wonder how many potential Bonnie & Clyde authors, have taken the time to contact, those who have published respected Bonnie & Clyde historical efforts-- to politely ask for advice and candor concerning the reality of advancing new books, which should they contain useful revelations-- would surely be welcome within this history, at least by those of us with open minds.  

To me-- Bonnie & Clyde History has "much" more to do with love of history, than money or any other vice-- and advancing knowledge within this history "can" indeed be it's own just reward.  Thus when I receive enticing e-mails concerning new Bonnie & Clyde revelations-- the 1st thing I do is make a point to communicate at length, with those touting their wares-- to get a sense of where "people are at" re: positive historical motives or the lack of them.  "Yep"-- when those potentially wonderful e-mails show up-- it pays to slow the process a bit and dig, as if researching Bonnie & Clyde revelations themselves.  And for some who say they love and respect this history-- how ironic.  Seems to me, concerning Bonnie & Clyde History as in life-- one can only hope goodness of heart, wins out over greed and personally directed motives.

Some of us who comment on this history based on love, knowledge, an open outlook concerning new information and a quest for honesty and genuineness at every turn-- are sometimes "given the business" so to speak, seemingly based on loyalty to a few.  I've learned that sort of thing goes with the territory which is Bonnie & Clyde History.  A more than pretty polarizing experience this historical landscape.    

For what it's worth-- having uncovered useful Bonnie & Clyde revelations-- I've utilized this forum to publicize new information without delay or redaction.  I believe that's what all deserve-- who enjoy, and take this history seriously.  So whether it concerns Bailey Tynes, Mary O'Dare, Nellie Parker Stamps, Bonnie & Clyde's signatures, The Wellington incident,  Blanche Barrow,
W.D. Jones, Lester Kindell, revelations from Billie Parker,  etc.. I do my best to make whatever difference I can, whenever I can.  "Many thanks" to so many for your kind comments, which mean so very much-- help stoke the creative process and reaffirm research and work joyfully spent.   

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bonnie Parker's Iconic Sweater Dress-- Are It's True Colors Known??

So many wonderful photos exist from the 1930's.  Color photography of course did exist-- but as this "true-life" medium wasn't yet quite ready for inexpensive public consumption, true color photos from this era are rare.  So too-- the photos of Bonnie & Clyde, and almost all to do with this history-- remain frozen in time, within the stark non-reality of black & white.  Thus when the question comes up concerning Bonnie's famous sweater dress, as to it's colors and make-up-- not much is known.  Except as I understand it from one source-- Ted Hinton. 

Now for those of us who know him-- when you talk with Ted's son L. C. "Boots" Hinton, you never quite know what revelations will be advanced.  Plus unless asked-- revelations are not always voluntarily forthcoming.  Sometimes, when some new piece of info is learned from this lovable and sometimes brutally frank individual-- it's asked "hey, why haven't you revealed this before"-- to which perhaps a simple "because no one's ever asked" will be the straight forward no nonsense response. 

Well one day a few years back, when it was asked of me what color Bonnie's sweater dress was, I did pay a phone visit to the overseer of Bonnie & Clyde History in Gibsland.  "Boots" told me Ted said he saw the dress, which he described as being black, with red, yellow and light green stripes.  I never have known how Ted witnessed the dress?? 
Did he perhaps witness it, through an encounter with Bonnie prior to her Bonnie & Clyde escapades??  Was she wearing it during a lawman's near miss with the heavily pursued pair, as seen from near or far while being chased by the law??  Or was this dress simply found among Bonnie's clothing, seized after the ambush at Sailes??

Then of course, my mind raced back to the '30's magazine cover which can be viewed on Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout, the web page.  The Minerva Style Book-- with a similar multi-color design of vaguely similar sweater dress modeled on it's cover.  

In most colorized versions of Bonnie wearing her quite stylish rendition of '30's woman's casual wear-- this dress is often assumed to be red-- as many know Bonnie seemed to favor the color red for a number of her witnessed outfits.  But are the "true colors" of Bonnie's most famous article of clothing, as Ted Hinton described??  Well unless some other credible account surfaces-- it seems Mr. Hinton's account is the best we have to go on. 

Seems too-- someone's been paying attention to this description-- for Bonnie Parker as portrayed on the latest TV movie, sports a Bonnie sweater dress "close" to the Ted description-- but perhaps with an added touch of elegance, via golden accents rather than light green and yellow one's.

Regardless of it's perceived colors-- Bonnie Parker's sweater dress, 1st seen via the film captured and developed from the Joplin Hideout-- is one for the ages-- and a wonderful historical mystery, with it's true colors believed known.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Does "Bearing a Resemblance" to Bonnie & Clyde or any Historical Figure -- Make a Difference to History??

The short answer is "No" and it may be fun to fantasize-- but seemingly when it's perceived there's $$ to be made-- a whole lot of wannabe Bonnie & Clydes surface, in supposed artifacts and photos said found everywhere from Timbuktu to Tanzania.  The person depicted in the split image with President Abraham Lincoln, has just claim to his resemblance-- a 3rd Cousin named Ralph C. Lincoln.  And although "Honest Abe" also perished tragically-- where President Lincoln is concerned, at least there exists a cornucopia of historical material including photographs.       

However with Bonnie & Clyde-- unfortunately based on the times in which they lived and family circumstances-- there has existed a quite finite pool of mostly family-held possessions which survived them.  We now know for example, what happened to almost all of Bonnie Parker's personal effects-- burned by a Parker Aunt over a dispute with Billie.  What an incredibly sad reality.  The  majority of personally-held items held within the families for decades-- have largely been dispersed via auction to private collectors or the public.  Although some of these items (particularly photographs) have been known to re-surface through resale-- it's not often that the "real thing" finds the light of day once again.   

Through my work on this history-- it's been my good fortune, to know a couple of most interesting and sweet ladies associated with the Parker and Barrow families-- and over time to have been given the opportunity to own a number of Bonnie & Clyde related personal effects and artifacts.  So when others believe they may have items of interest possibly connected to this history-- sometimes when I open my e-mail-- I'll find an approach by someone asking for assistance in verifying their items.

As part of my investigation into these approaches-- I always ask about the motivation for trying to discern authenticity of supposed Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.  Sometimes, it's purely historical-- which I view as "a breath of fresh air" concerning these inquisitive journeys.  However more often than not-- there's a back story and financial goal to be achieved, whether it be helping family members or in the case of one approach recently-- helping a local animal shelter (a cause near & dear to my heart).  So often, good and admirable goals-- however this desire or need for money, often taints what should be an objective approach with results kindly accepted-- whether the answer be an honest "yea or nay".

Then there are the attitudes expressed based on these inquiries-- often having to do with peoples graciousness (or lack of it) in accepting disappointment-- when items are deemed non-authentic (unfortunately and usually the case).  Within my old-school experience-- gracious people remain gracious regardless of circumstance.  It would be nice if that wonderful human trait could remain constant-- as constant as the sometimes selfish and illogical expressions made, when things don't go exactly as some people would prefer. 

As always-- I remain loyal to the truth concerning Bonnie & Clyde History.  As such, I appreciate the kind words expressed to both myself and other equally loyal, kind and knowledgeable souls like Frank Ballinger among others-- who put their caring on the front lines of public access to this history day in and day out.  Along with this access, sometimes comes the need to sort the wheat from the chaff-- and be straight-forwardly open and politely blunt, about historically relevant issues. 

Bonnie & Clyde History can be both wonderfully fulfilling and emotionally nerve-racking-- and sometimes simultaneously.  Bless all those committed to truth within this history-- for "unlike" the famous Gordon Gekkoism-- no, "Truth is Good".

A postscript-- Speaking of Frank Ballinger-- upon reading this post, he sent along a link to a new feature on The Hideout concerning Bonnie & Clyde History lookalikes.  A "fun thing" to enjoy.  Frank and I have both fielded serious requests recently, to verify photographic Bonnie & Clyde's-- which have resulted in less than polite reaction, from those unwilling to let go of obsessions they apparently cannot reconcile.  Thus on a lighter note-- please enjoy this link from Frank. I must say-- I would wholeheartedly support Ed O'Neal to play "Uncle Bud" Russell in some future Bonnie & Clyde movie effort.  Man-- would he add a wry sense of humor, toward enforcing his own brand of prisoner conveyance.  Also, the H. D. Murphy/Julian "Buck" Blagg comparison is downright "remarkable".