Monday, May 23, 2016

Now 82 Years Later.. What Does Bonnie & Clyde History All Mean??

It's been a long time.  So now, so many years later.. what does Bonnie & Clyde History mean and to whom??  Is it mostly about an "Oh, so passionate" tug 'o war between those who view Bonnie & Clyde as heroes-- and those who view lawmen who took them down as the "real" heroes-- modern-day Sir Galahads, who indeed finally succeeded in removing 2 prime examples of "murdering scum" (as some newspapers like The Shreveport Times via a man named M.L. Kilpatrick of Arcadia still refer to Bonnie & 
Clyde as) from the earth??  
"It shouldn't be"..

Or, is it about festivals and get-togethers.. and competing touristy trinket-laden muzeums (spelling intentional)-- and disrespectful less than caring charlatans.. who cause wars among the Bonnie & Clyde faithful.. which only inspire huge wastes of time, in order to perpetuate ego-driven desires.  "No"..

Or about those who write self-serving books, without adequate evidence to support their claims.. in hopes of gaining notoriety, although it be fleeting??  "I surely hope not"..

In my view, what this history should be about at this point.. is a renewed  commitment to research, by those who've done it best. To sort the wheat from the chaff, and find truth (as best it can be found now)-- where rumor and innuendo lay in the path of right and reality.  For although some strides have been made within the past decade or so-- based on the nature of this history being so reliant on human recollection.. many recollections along with conclusions they could lead to, so remarkably documented over the years.. need to finally be coordinated, preserved and released for the masses, not for just a few.

Those whom I'm talking of know who they are.. and none of us in positions to make a difference are getting any younger, don't 'cha know.

So to me-- with great respect for likely the best of the best.. it's time to "get with it", and make it happen for the good of Bonnie & Clyde History. For Facebook is good.. and squabbles are entertainment I suppose for some..  but for me and I know for many others, Bonnie & Clyde History holds a special importance.. and a meaning beyond human trials, tribulations and wranglings.

And those who hold key info, know I am ready and willing to help as I have in the past.. to advance this history and give those who love this history "really" much to talk about.

On this 82nd Anniversary of the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde.. my best to all.