Monday, October 26, 2009

A Time For Vigilance

Who ever said participating in B&C History was easy?? It "should" be easy to discuss history without some sort of hate and venom being advanced-- "and" without the distractions necessitated by these issues. But unfortunately, within the B&C community-- that's not always the case. Those who know of my passion for this history, know of my aversion to those who make hate filled rants an art form-- in turning apparent inabilities to cope, into creative and cruel attacks on others. This attempt at poisoning the B&C historical waters through the use of lies, manipulation and deceit-- can be a vicious and pathetic display of needless rhetoric.

In the past, I have voiced my condemnation of those who would attempt vile character assassinations-- and called for those who proliferate such activities, to be sanctioned. Despite such calls for reason, I have been witness to a number of good people being targeted in heinous and self serving attacks. Sometimes those in question, will go to great lengths in expending deplorable behavior to hurt others.

Recently, I've found myself the focus of such an attack. I believe I was targeted, because I rejected a former friend, in taking issue with his unsavory actions toward others. But it's hard to tell, as sometimes in this person's mind it seems there can be issues present-- which in reality, aren't reality. Whatever reasons were chosen, the recent attacks on myself and The B&CHB have been particularly hurtful-- in that they "were" advanced by someone I once called a friend. But lost friendships are no excuse for vitriol. It became apparent early on, that the target of these salvos was my reputation-- just as the reputations of others have been targeted by this individual, so viciously in the past. As I take both this history and my reputation seriously, I was in no mood to compromise either-- in resolving this issue in any other way, than to put down this hatred.

Those who lie so easily to promote themselves and hurt others, are the worst kind of offenders-- in that they use misinformation to sway people's opinions away from the truth, and into a narrow game of deceit. Based on this person's considerable talent in expounding hate, I might suggest he seek out a job within a vengeful and heated political campaign, where unfortunately-- character assassination is an accepted form of warfare. But within this historical context, there is "NO" room for this sort of despicable behavior.

Message boards can be places where harmful expression is allowed to fester-- as those mediums for discussion create the perfect harbor, for those who lie in wait to dispense hate. Just this year, I commented at length as Blanche's Hangout-- a good B&C message board went down by the bow, based on hateful expressions. But within my outcry in deploring hate there, I had it wrong. The cause was just, but unfortunately-- I misidentified the antagonist. I as others were fooled by this clever manipulator, who seemingly works hard at causing harm to others. After the hurt and lies leveled at me this go round, I am convinced this was the case in the past.

Now this same individual who has attempted to malign me here, is spouting his lies and hatred on another message board. There are many good people on that forum I call friends. I trust these good folks will do all they can, to make sure they don't fall victim-- to the same maliciousness that brought down Blanche's Hangout. I hope those on the side of good-- will remain vigilant. For some who are holdovers from Blanche's Hangout, this sort of thing must seem all too familiar-- as it's apparent the same individual, always seems to be at the center of these controversies. And for those who have seemingly embraced the "evil cause", and feel it is I who am FOS-- I would say patience is a virtue. Just wait-- and you'll see.

I for one won't be silent, in the face of abhorrent behavior which continues to afflict B&C forums including my own. There is good in the world and there is bad-- there is right and there is wrong. I will continue to side with the truth, and stand by those who believe in what is good about this history. I will leave it to my detractor-- who is now the nemesis of enough individuals to be an historian's club, to lay example of what not to do in life. On a positive note, it's my sincere hope-- that will change.

But as my detractor would have some believe he is not proliferating this exercise in terror-- for the record, I've received 14 new insulting e-mails from him in the past 2 days-- all before I completed this post. Those are in addition to a flurry of activity, over the past week. Normally I might say thanks for caring, but in this case-- could this much activity be considered an obsession with hate?? As someone wise once said-- enough is enough!!

A special note: As it's been said by he with little regard for the truth, that my apology to Debbie Moss is somehow fake and insincere. I want it to be known, my apology couldn't be more sincere. But as my gesture also reveals my feelings concerning the true nature of this hurtful individual, I'm not surprised that even an apology-- would be targeted by hate. I hope you are well Debbie, and I wish peace to all.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Latest B&C Polls-- A Walk In the Park or Daunting Task??

It's been quite some time since so few votes were cast for the B&C Polls. This led me to wonder whether this wasn't too hard a batch?? Yet, the 1st person who e-mailed me concerning the poll contest ran the table-- in getting them all right!! Nicely done. As there's only one way to know how challenging these queries were-- here we go.

As usual, there were multiple sources used for the poll questions-- and Joe Gunn was the key to question 1. On February 12th, 1934 at Reeds Spring Missouri, Joe Gunn was walking to town for his weekly groceries. A car full of people stopped, saying they were lost. They "encouraged" Joe to get into the car, which he noticed was full of guns. In helping B&C, Raymond Hamilton and a man they called Gibbons find their way toward Arkansas-- Gunn inadvertently helped them run straight into a roadblock of Galena Sheriff's officers. After an exchange of gunfire, they piled back into the car-- only to be pinned in from behind by the Reeds Spring Marshall and another deputy. After firing on the later group, they drove right at the lawmen in front of them. According to Gunn, as they drove around the officers' car-- Bonnie and Raymond Hamilton showered their car with bullets as they drove past. Joe Gunn noted that Bonnie had cursed a lot, during this expending of lead.

The next question involved the triple gas station robberies at Fort Dodge, Iowa-- which preceded the Red Crown incident. The 3rd robbery of 3 said committed within about 10 minutes time, was Leon Chavalier's Texaco station. As the Barrow Gang started off, Clyde took Justin Chevalier's keys-- to make sure they wouldn't be followed. Justin asked Clyde, if he wouldn't mind throwing his keys out the window down the road-- so he wouldn't need to get another set. Clyde apparently obliged. After these robberies, the gang drove 250 miles south-- and found themselves at another service station about 6 miles south of Platte City, Missouri. Delbert Crabtree was working the pumps, when Clyde asked him about the cabins across the street at the Red Crown Tavern. Although that service station was operated by Kermit Crawford and his sister, it was apparently Crabtree that Clyde asked first, concerning renting the Red Crown cabins.

Ted Hinton can be thanked, as the source for a couple of this round's questions. According to Hinton, Oklahoma license plate 485-370 was spotted during B&C's likely robbery of the McMurrey Oil Refinery at Overton, Texas on November 8th, 1933. After Jim McMurrey was robbed, he notified Dallas Sheriff "Smoot" Schmid, who sent Ted Hinton out to McMurrey's home. After hearing descriptions of the 2 men and tiny good looking woman, Hinton showed McMurrey photos of Bonnie and Clyde. The refinery man, said he was sure B&C were the robbers, and that he would be willing to swear to it in court. That is, until Hinton showed McMurrey the names on the backs of the photos. McMurrey then told Hinton he'd rather just take his lumps and go about his business.

Hinton was also the source of the story of Henry Methvin, being identified as the man who was waiting for sandwiches and soft drinks at the Majestic Cafe in Shreveport, LA-- when he noticed a car outside drive away. It was said Methvin hurriedly left, without his sandwiches. Ted Hinton interviewed the waitress who served Methvin, who identified him from a grouping of photographs. In apparently a related account, Alcorn, Hamer, Hinton and Gault, who were all staying at The New Inn Hotel-- were called down to the Shreveport Police Chief's office to be told about a car, which the police had "spooked" and chased away from the Majestic Cafe that same evening.

It was the photo of Clyde holding Bonnie on his shoulder, that Bonnie reportedly told Emma Parker she liked best-- at the May 8th, 1934 family meeting with B&C. Also Frank Clause, was the burglar Nell blamed-- for sending Clyde down a more serious road of crime, during the time Clyde was dating Gladys. And last but not least, Dexfield Park, opened in 1915. The park included a merry go round, Ferris wheel, go carts-- as well as other rides, a dance hall, cafes, baseball diamonds and the large brook fed swimming pool-- so often depicted. Many thanks as always for your participation in the B&C Polls. And thanks to Winston Ramsey, for the Dexfield Park pic-- and for some info used in this edition of the B&C Polls. Look for another group of polls to be posted, in time for another round prior to the end of October.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Brand New Day-- (Now w/Video Link)

Unfortunately with Blogs-- sometimes troublemakers try their best to spoil the fun. Recently a former friend of mine decided to be disruptive, by posting crass and inappropriate comments repeatedly-- not in the spirit of B&C History-- but instead aimed at me, in an attempt to be caustic. As this person has a history, of being disruptive in similar ways on other B&C forums-- and after being given fair warning on more than one occasion, I've made it known I feel this individual should no longer participate or comment here.

Also since this person is apparently capable of unsavory activities, up to and including issuing threats to myself and others-- I'm really in no mood to humor this individual's seeming desire, for venom, attention and control. I will not have this blog affected negatively, by such issues. Therefore I have enacted the following change. Comments are encouraged as always. However, all comments will now be monitored for inappropriate content prior to posting. This means when you post comments, they go to me first-- and then I post them. This will still allow for your wonderful comments to be viewed on The B&CHB, but also help assure-- that hateful comments can be avoided.

In response to this individual's attacks on me both personally and via the internet, let me respond by saying in my view-- being arrogant, scheming and untruthful-- is no way to go through life. Good people abide by their word-- and friends don't threaten friends. Also-- I see no reason to go elsewhere to banter, over perceptions of things of which I am already aware of the truth. Often one's own words and actions, speak volumes in revealing one's true nature-- and such I believe is the case here. Some can also project their issues upon others, in a attempt to hide issues which really should be addressed. Hate filled obsessions cannot be good-- and I leave it to others to judge for themselves-- what unfortunately I've already experienced.

I am sorry, this scurrilous behavior occurred here. As all can participate openly on The B&CHB-- I trust in the goodness of each participant, to maintain decorum, civility and politeness within this B&C forum. As it appears my affiliation with this individual is now over, I don't anticipate further issues of this sort going forward-- but I will be diligent in guarding against any recurrence of these events. I wish to say I appreciate the expressions of support I've received, during times I've needed to act such as this for the betterment of all-- and for the integrity of the blog. It's always my aim, to make The Bonnie and Clyde History Blog the best resource of it's kind concerning Bonnie and Clyde History-- and make this a welcome place, where all can enjoy sharing the history we love. "Thanks" as always for your continued support. Please look for more posts concerning B&C History soon.

I hope for a peaceful resolution for this circumstance. My thanks to Sting, for the inspiration for the title of this post. Here's a video link, to hopefully make all feel a little better--

A special note-- I also wish to offer a public apology to Debbie Moss, for my wrongful defense of a certain individual-- who caused upheaval on the Blanche's Hangout message board. This wasn't always true, but was true enough. Some may feel this apology long overdue, however in my defense-- sometimes it takes time to sort out the truth. This gesture, is about doing the right thing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who Was the Sowers Informant??-- Round 2

After quite some time without comment, 2 comments were recently added to the July 18th post concerning the Sowers Informant.

Anonymous said-- I followed with great interest your comments regarding accusations against Bonnie Parker and the harm that may be done to family etc. by suppositions and innuendo. Yet you have done the very same to Joe Bill Francis. What sources are you quoting when you imply he may have been the informant? If Marie, there is good reason to have suspicions about her point of view. In all this time, I still wait to here from those who should know who that informant was. Both Boots and Buddy should know and even though this was a closely guarded secret the evidence has always stared everyone right in the face. I use both the historical evidence from after the fact to personal information related to me by the last person I know of who in some way was involved. If Joe Bill was the person, would he have remained a close friend to the family for the rest of their lives? Would Clyde still have had contact with him and trusted him? As for the reason for not contacting the Dallas Sheriff it is a little more obvious than the tale you paint. All I ask is the same consideration for the families. There are still stories yet untold by those who were there, but were taught to remain silent, "because nothing good would ever come of telling--"

Then Tom said-- Good points. Everybody is so worried about upsetting the Barrows and Parker families-- but little regard is given to other families involved.

I must say I find it interesting, both of these comments seem aligned somehow in either supporting the families or appearing detrimental to them. Strangely, the first comment appears to both support the families-- and knock Marie at the same time?? I would make a suggestion to the anonymous individual who's made many claims, but offers few details-- to please identify yourself, and provide "specifics"-- as to why you believe what you do. There are a multitude of stories and rumors bandied about concerning Bonnie and Clyde, which unfortunately cannot always be substantiated-- with many claims lacking credibility or provenance. But they amount to B&C stories none the less.

In stating "Boots" Hinton or Buddy Barrow Williams "should know" the truth concerning the Sowers informant-- I'm not sure that's the case. And with all respect, making so many veiled claims without the benefit of detail or objective analysis, to me cannot be considered very meaningful. If anyone has reliable information concerning the Sowers informant, let them speak up and lay their evidence out for all to see. In my view, if some reason still exists for secrecy in the minds of some concerning Sowers-- then at some point, these secrets will go to the graves of those unwilling to express what they know. I'll also state the obvious, that all individuals even indirectly involved in the Sowers ambush which occurred 76 years ago next month-- have been gone for many years. Thus at best, without first hand knowledge-- we are into 2nd generation information to sort through.

Often Parker and Barrow family accounts (particularly from the book Fugitives)-- are used to justify B&C arguments. But then seemingly, when doubt needs to be employed-- family accounts are disparaged, in being used for opposing effect. To me, "selective" use of B&C historical information-- is one of the most egregious offenses made within the telling of this history. Jeff Guinn used selectivity in Go Down Together, by touting Dr. Wade's expertise in describing Clyde's wounds, but then ignoring Wade-- in his analysis of Bonnie's wounds. Wade's observations you see-- didn't support the Hamer hate filled assassin theory. I view the longer comment above, as employing selectivity as well-- in rebuking Marie's opinion of the Sowers informant, in such an out of hand and disparaging way.

It doesn't seem to me, that anyone has the right to criticize Marie Barrow-- for having been an eyewitness to the Sowers ambush. Like it or not??-- Marie was there, and was said not to have put her head down, when the shooting started. As such, it's thought she witnessed both the ambush attempt and B&C escaping from the Sowers trap. She also held the opinion that as B&C had never met with the families at the same spot twice-- and since the meeting place on the 2nd night near Irving was known only to family members-- that she felt one of 2 individuals sold them out-- either Billie Jean Mace or her own husband Joe Bill Francis. And according to John Neal Philips, Marie's suspicions rested equally between them.

Marie as many, discounted reports that dairy farmer Charlie Stovall had witnessed suspicious people near his farm and alerted police in advance of the ambush. About 9 years ago, Stovall's daughter Mary Louise Stovall Wadsworth was interviewed for a documentary concerning the Sowers ambush-- and addressed stories concerning her father's purported participation in notifying the authorities. She said her father was a shy man, who wouldn't have paid much attention to the comings or goings of people near their land-- and was unlikely to have alerted the police.

And in fact, now that the Dallas FBI files have confirmed with little doubt-- that there "was" indeed an informant responsible for Sowers, I'm not sure the Charlie Stovall angle holds enough water to stand alone. We now know that based on Bob Alcorn's informant's information, Deputy Sheriff Alcorn and Sheriff Smoot Schmid observed "2" family meetings with B&C in preparation for Sowers. It's also obvious, the law knew the exact location of the 2nd Sowers meeting on November 21st-- which occurred just one day after Cumie's birthday celebration. Another clue to the accuracy of the posse's information, is that it was reported they parked their cars about a half mile away, and walked to the ambush location. It's also documented, that the U. S. Bureau of Investigation-- who was spying on Schmid and Alcorn who were spying on B&C (good informants all around)-- didn't act against Bonnie and Clyde at those earlier meetings even though they could have, out of respect for Schmid's upcoming ambush attempt.

So I ask you, and those concerned as to why Joe Bill Francis and Billie Mace have been keyed on all these years, as perhaps being the Sowers informant-- who else, would be "more" likely as suspects?? I don't believe it was Billie, and I'll state why in a moment. If he or she who commented, says the truth has been staring us in the face for so long-- then please say why. Who else could it have been?? Who else could have known the family held location of the 2nd night Sowers meeting-- "except" the short list of family members present that night?? In fairness, I have evoked the name of Floyd Hamilton as a possibility-- as he was known to have driven the Barrows to some clandestine meetings with B&C. But in the case of Sowers, has it ever been said that Floyd was present or knew of the families' plans??

I'm not sure this "vaporous" link can be drawn-- in comparing my defense of Bonnie Parker against erroneous and baseless attacks, to my pointing out what logical analysis, family held beliefs and now independent documentation show to be likely, concerning the Sowers informant. Someone within the families, or on the outside-- someone close to the families with knowledge from a family member, would almost certainly have been the Sowers informant. And Marie's suspicions concerning this individual are important in trying to root this out. Marie was an insider-- she was an eyewitness-- she knew Joe Bill intimately and she was old enough to be well aware of the circumstances that night-- where apparently someone led authorities right to Bonnie and Clyde. Interestingly, if you take the FBI files at their literal value-- it's said the informant is someone close to the Parker or Barrow families. Thus to me, it wasn't an outsider.

With all respect to those who believe it was Charlie Stovall, or just good old fashioned police work that put B&C on the spot at Sowers-- I for one don't see that as true. I would also think criticism of Marie Barrow in this regard, would be more justified-- if she had led people "away" from her family-- and not right within it. Remember it was Marie who often blamed others for Clyde's faults and actions-- who had trouble believing Clyde did wrong. So why wouldn't she believe the Sowers betrayal, was due to outside influences?? Perhaps because it wasn't.

So what evidence points to Joe Bill Francis?? I as many, feel the preponderance of existing evidence points his way. I would ask, what evidence would exonerate him?? And if Joe Bill's innocence is advanced, I would ask what evidence would lead to another as being the Sowers informant?? My feeling is, that Billie in loving Bonnie as certainly she was known to-- would not have placed her sister, in a position to have been killed that November night. Does anyone feel Joe Bill Francis would have had any such similar regard-- for either Bonnie Parker or Clyde Barrow??

Remember Grapevine hadn't happened yet-- therefore the law couldn't use a trumped up capital offense, as leverage over Billie Mace. But also remember the Bureau exchange between Dallas Acting SAC McCormack and Director Hoover, concerning Joe Bill Francis. Now why would Joe Bill Francis be brought to Hoover's attention?? And why was it agreed, the Bureau would not let the Dallas PD know-- of the Bureau's request concerning Joe Bill's fingerprints?? Ever since the Dallas FBI files were released, I've wondered why a 2 bit hood like Joe Bill Francis-- would require a special request of secrecy to J. Edgar Hoover himself, regarding the Bureau's handling of his fingerprints?? I believe that memo, to be the smoking gun concerning the Sowers informant. It doesn't spell it out-- but is sure makes you wonder. Do you think perhaps, the Bureau knew something about Francis that made him special-- and therefore he was someone, who's interest needed to be protected?? I do.

I would welcome your comments.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Human Reminder-- to Turn Up the Heat on B&C Research

The passing this week of our friend Olen Jackson, brings to mind just how wonderfully strong yet fragile human life really is. Living to age 98 as Olen did, represents a magical life and almost surreal existence. And in having maintained his keen mental faculties until the end-- well to me, that's an even more remarkable blessing. However regarding Bonnie and Clyde History, Olen's passing reminds us of a great concern. My view is, those who conduct research into this now 75 year old story (including myself)-- need to get at it, if we intend to uncover many more useful insights-- from those fortunate enough, to be able to relay 1st hand accounts of this history.

I understand, that concerning the end game for B&C in and around Northern Louisiana, there may be just one known survivor remaining-- who it's thought interacted with B&C. Then there are those such as Olen Jackson-- who were there that fateful day, and old enough to relay 1st hand accounts-- which to many represent priceless recollections. But unfortunately logic tells us, that time may be short as well-- for this group of valuable eyewitness observers.

As life rolls on, naturally we will lose our elders. But sadly, along with the passing of many wonderful lives-- so too we lose valuable windows into our past. Anyone interested in the Titanic, knows that this year-- the passing of Milvena Dean signified the passing of the last Titanic survivor. And with Ms. Dean's demise, has come the reality that no more 1st hand accounts can now be told-- and few if any new revelations are likely to come to light again.

I plan to redouble my efforts concerning my investigation into a rumored Bonnie Parker pregnancy. I sincerely hope those who are involved in other B&C research as well, will do their best to get back to those kitchen tables and front porches where the action is-- and where what's left of this history's stories lie-- to document whatever new revelations are still possible to be learned. Otherwise, just as with the Titanic disaster, life will take it's course-- the remaining B&C voices will be silenced, and at some point within that silence-- will be the harsh reality, of the end of new Bonnie and Clyde revelations.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Olen Jackson-- Another B&C Original Now Gone

I'm most sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Olen Jackson of Gibsland, LA has passed away at the age of 98. Olen was known to many of us, through his loyal participation in the Authentic Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Festival-- held each year in Gibsland. He also helped to run the Authentic B&C Museum in Gibsland (yes Gibsland supports 2 B&C museums)-- and in addition, Olen was serving an elected term as a town Alderman.

For all who knew him or knew of him, Olen will surely be missed. I had spoken to "Boots" Hinton just last night, who told me of Olen's turn for the worse. Apparently Olen suffered a heart attack on Friday-- and passed away this morning. This upbeat man who didn't look his age, was always a most interesting person to talk with concerning B&C. Olen who was in his 20's at the time, was in a nearby field plowing-- when the ambush occurred. His recollection was, that the gunfire sounded like dynamite going off. He was also quite close to Rosa Canfield (Ma Canfield)-- and just this May, Olen and I shared a conversation concerning his memories of her.

There aren't many 1st generation folks left, who can speak with authority concerning Bonnie and Clyde-- not many such as Olen Jackson, who had stories to tell from being there that fateful day in 1934. I will never forget the upbeat mood, good nature and broad smile of the grand old man of Gibsland. May God rest your soul in peace Olen Jackson.

Friday, October 9, 2009

B&C "Controversial Quotes"-- Were Herbert Corey's Bonnie and Clyde Slanders Attributed to Hoover??

Try this "Controversial Quote" on for size. This comes from Herbert Corey's 1936 book Farewell Mr. Gangster! America's War On Crime. The foreword to this book was written by none other than J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover has been cited by many, for spreading rumors about B&C-- however, I've never seen any of these reported slights documented anywhere before. "Perhaps" this book, written by Corey with foreword by Hoover-- is the the source of comments attributed to Hoover?? I found this reference in the John Treherne book. Note comments perhaps linked to Hoover-- concerning B&C being unclean etc. I've heard that comment before, however-- no one seems to know where it came from. Perhaps it originated from Herbert Corey?? As Mr. Corey writes--

"Bonnie Parker was quite as devilish as Shoe Box Annie (a well-known thief, swindler and mistress, who showed great enterprise in the disposal of her victims' bodies) but with every will in the world to give her place on the big-time it must be admitted that she was a cheap and noisy killer. A scourge of the filling stations', someone called her. Not a kind word may truthfully be said of Bonnie Parker or her mate, Clyde Barrow. They were physically unclean. The woman boasted that she never took a bath. They slept in the cars they stole, hiding in the woods and fields. Their activities were possible through the kindness of the Governor of Texas, who not only granted them whatever a "general parole" may be, but also released Clyde's brother Buck to keep them company"

I need to find a copy of this old book. Does anyone agree, that with the tone of these comments concerning B&C-- that Herbert Corey's book from back in the day, may too have been a source of degenerate B&C rumor-- as put forth over the years?? Hmm

Sunday, October 4, 2009

B&C "Controversial Quotes"-- Feel Free To Comment

"You make it sound as though Bonnie was completely innocent, and was dragged along by Clyde as a hostage. She loved the excitement of life on the run from the law. They were a team. It was equal between the two of them, they both shared in the spoils and the fame. If you see Clyde as a monster, than you must see Bonnie as one as well. She was thinking clearly in her own mind. She loved Clyde, and she loved the thrill that came with being an outlaw."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Latest B&C Polls-- Piece of Cake-- Or Sweetness Full of Surprises??

Don't look now, but it's that time again. Time to reveal the latest B&C Poll answers. So without further adieu-- here we go. The Winston Ramsey book, actually shows 29 of the rocky outcropping and wooded bluff pics-- said to be in their correctly developed order-- from the rolls of film found. I would add to that group, the rare pic of W. D. Jones laying on top of one of those bluffs-- as shown on the last page of that oh so wonderful book, and a "rarely" seen photo of Clyde (kneeling in front of their car, with his hat in his hand)-- which again, "looks" to have been from those same rolls of film. Thus it's my belief there are at least 30, but perhaps 31 such photos-- and therefore, 30 would have been the closest answer.

Hilton Bybee and Raymond Hamilton, were thought to have entered the 1st National Bank in Rembrandt, Iowa-- to rob it on January 23rd, 1934. The remainder of the enhanced Barrow Gang were said to have remained in the car. After the robbery of the Grand Prairie State Bank-- bank VP J. F. Waggoner was said to have immediately gotten into his car, and taken off after B&C alone. He followed the robbers, until Dallas and Fort Worth police responded. To my surprise, no one got the question regarding Clyde's "once documented" time in the glass industry. I felt some may have figured it out, by the way the question was worded. This conspicuously referenced account is of course incorrect, but none the less the answer was 4 years-- as documented on Clyde's death certificate.

$12.75 was said to have been the amount netted by Clyde and Ray Hamilton, from their 1st robbery in Grand Prairie, Texas on July 29th, 1932. In taking this small amount from the interurban office, Mr. Speer in checking his losses-- noted the robbers left $10.50 in another part of the drawer. Walter Enloe recalled Clyde entering the Grayson County jail to visit his brother L. C.-- who was being held there on suspicion of car theft. At the time, Enloe was helping chief jailer R. V. Graham feed the prisoners. It was felt Clyde was armed-- when he was witnessed backing out of the jail, with his hands in the pockets of the overcoat he was wearing-- after apparently being told, no one could visit while the prisoners were being fed.

The "We piled into her car and lit a shuck out of town" comment was attributed to W. D. Jones. This comment was from W. D.'s 1968 recollections of the killing of Doyle Johnson. And finally, in a fitting segue from one W. D. comment to another-- W. D. had noted that when Clyde counted the bullet holes in their car after the Red Crown incident-- he counted 14 or 15. Thanks as always, for your participation in the B&C Polls. I'll be posting more B&C Polls-- as well as the winner of September's B&C Poll Contest soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should They Have Knocked The Smile Off Bonnie's Face??

At one point, apparently due to Bonnie's facial muscles relaxing while in death-- her expression was thought to include a perceptible smile. This remarkable image was captured on film at Congers. The story goes, it was thought Bonnie smiling in death-- wouldn't have appeared good for the day, or perhaps the lawmen-- or memories of those who had died at the hands of The Barrow Gang. Thus Bonnie's expression was altered-- to appear as is known, and burned into the minds of so many.

Within the same spirit as "Controversial Quotes"-- a "Controversial Pic" and question for all. Should those at Congers or McKamy-Campbell, have changed Bonnie's expression as it had settled into place??

As an aside, this photo seems to show Bonnie's front teeth-- said by some to have been shot out-- as a result of one shot to her face or another?? So many stories-- so little truth.

I would welcome your comments.