Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Human Reminder-- to Turn Up the Heat on B&C Research

The passing this week of our friend Olen Jackson, brings to mind just how wonderfully strong yet fragile human life really is. Living to age 98 as Olen did, represents a magical life and almost surreal existence. And in having maintained his keen mental faculties until the end-- well to me, that's an even more remarkable blessing. However regarding Bonnie and Clyde History, Olen's passing reminds us of a great concern. My view is, those who conduct research into this now 75 year old story (including myself)-- need to get at it, if we intend to uncover many more useful insights-- from those fortunate enough, to be able to relay 1st hand accounts of this history.

I understand, that concerning the end game for B&C in and around Northern Louisiana, there may be just one known survivor remaining-- who it's thought interacted with B&C. Then there are those such as Olen Jackson-- who were there that fateful day, and old enough to relay 1st hand accounts-- which to many represent priceless recollections. But unfortunately logic tells us, that time may be short as well-- for this group of valuable eyewitness observers.

As life rolls on, naturally we will lose our elders. But sadly, along with the passing of many wonderful lives-- so too we lose valuable windows into our past. Anyone interested in the Titanic, knows that this year-- the passing of Milvena Dean signified the passing of the last Titanic survivor. And with Ms. Dean's demise, has come the reality that no more 1st hand accounts can now be told-- and few if any new revelations are likely to come to light again.

I plan to redouble my efforts concerning my investigation into a rumored Bonnie Parker pregnancy. I sincerely hope those who are involved in other B&C research as well, will do their best to get back to those kitchen tables and front porches where the action is-- and where what's left of this history's stories lie-- to document whatever new revelations are still possible to be learned. Otherwise, just as with the Titanic disaster, life will take it's course-- the remaining B&C voices will be silenced, and at some point within that silence-- will be the harsh reality, of the end of new Bonnie and Clyde revelations.

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