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Bonnie & Clyde History Notes

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What's new on the blog??  Important new info has been posted concerning the RR Auction of Bonnie's death glasses.         

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Many of my authentic Bonnie & Clyde historical pieces,
 including The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures, Bonnie's poem "The Saga of Bonnie and Desperate Clyde", Billie Parker's manuscript and numerous items owned by Blanche Barrow-- housed for many years at The National Museum of Crime and Punishment.. are headed once again to Dallas.  So look for further info, concerning this redeployment of B&C artifacts soon.     

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Bonnie Parker Death Glasses Pulled From RR Auction Pending Addt DNA Testing

Perhaps the best way I can report on this.. is to use Bobby Livingston's statement with permission and verbatim.  I credit Mr. Livingston and RR Auctions greatly, for their unique desire to test the Bonnie Death Glasses for a DNA match.. and Rhea Leen Linder (Bonnie's Niece)-- for providing a DNA sample for testing. Through Mr. Livingston, I have expressed my hope, the current owner of the glasses will pursue additional DNA testing.. both for history's sake and the sake of those who would like to carry on conservatorship of the glasses.

Is this a pointed disappointment for Bonnie & Clyde History and all involved with the auction??
"You bet".  

Is pulling the glasses hopefully pending further testing the right thing to do??  In my judgement.. Yes.

So for all interested.. here is Mr.  Livingston's statement from RR Auctions.  As always-- my best to all.

This item has been withdrawn and will be re-listed for auction pending further investigation. A preliminary DNA test of the substance on the glasses conducted by a leading university laboratory yielded an inconclusive result. Extractions from samples taken from three locations (right lens, left lens, and rim) recovered very low DNA quantities, and a small amount of male DNA was detected; this could very well be contamination from handling of the glasses after Parker’s death. The inconclusive results may also be due to degradation over the last 83 years.. Further testing would need to be undertaken to determine whether this is Parker’s genetic material. We have obtained a reference DNA sample from Parker’s niece for comparison in case additional testing is pursued by the consignor prior to re-listing the item at a future date. The original 1938 paperwork and transmittal envelope accompanying the glasses are not in question by RR Auction.