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The Bonnie & Clyde Carlsbad Incident-- "Say Hello" to Nellie Stamps.

As Joe Johns liked to tell the story (and perhaps with the same eye toward protecting Mrs Stamps as when Bonnie, Clyde & Ray Hamilton wanted to double back and kill her for attempting to turn them in)-- it was good police work on his part, in spotting the strangers' car in town and following it to the Stamps residence.  Or if the more likely account of neighbor and cantaloupe farmer Bill Cobb is correct-- after showing him packs of money and bloodstained clothes, Mrs Stamps devised a plan to alert the law under the guise of going next door to help Mr. Cobb water his melons.  Regardless of the details (but now more clearly defined, based on the account you're about to read)-- Nellie Parker Stamps owns a unique place in Bonnie & Clyde History.  

However unlike the Barrow family, where over the years much has been divulged from within-- the Parker family has done an admirable job of protecting their own.  As such, little is known about Bonnie's father Charlie Parker or Aunt Nellie-- who according to Billie Parker, was one of 7 Parker siblings on her father's side-- the others being Ed, Annie, Laura, Roxy and Floyd.  And now based on good evidence-- at this point I feel confident we know, Nellie's name was never Millie-- as the families seemingly doled out a healthy helping of literary license within "Fugitives" to "protect the innocent". 

Nor to my knowledge, has a photo of Nellie Stamps ever been seen by those loyal to this history-- until now.  One of my favorite aspects of examining Bonnie & Clyde History, is the opportunity through often challenging research (and admittedly with a little luck along the way)-- of working with family members of those from the saga of Bonnie & Clyde, who along with my heartfelt thanks-- have placed their trust in me to tell their stories accurately and without bias.  I feel fortunate, to have experienced this trust and historical
camaraderie on a number of occasions.  As such now too-- I can thank a member of the Stamps family, for aiding a history fraught with missing pieces, rumor and innuendo.  

Also as a related aspect of these investigations, there's often the  added bonus of uncovering stories never previously revealed to the public-- based on family accounts passed down through the years as witnessed by contemporaries of Bonnie & Clyde.  So with "many thanks" to Catherine Queen, a wonderful 1st photo and new info concerning Nellie and Melvin, her husband at the time of the August 13th, 1932 Carlsbad incident.  In addition-- an intriguing story never before known concerning Bonnie & Clyde's fateful visit to New Mexico.

Contrary to some tales told-- Nellie was never killed by Bonnie & Clyde as retribution for her actions.  Rather it's believed Nellie was born on April 25th, 1882 and passed away in 1944.  She had been married once before and was the former Nellie Parker Wagman.  Also as now confirmed by both the Parker and Stamps families, Nellie had a daughter from her 1st marriage-- although the name of her daughter remains unknown.  Nellie met Dorsey Melvin Stamps (born September 22nd, 1895) in Corsicana, Texas in the 1920's-- with the couple moving to Mexia, Texas after being married.

Melvin was a butcher by trade, and as such Nellie & Melvin operated a Hotel with grocery next door in Mexia during this period.  In the early '30's they moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico, where Melvin remained employed within his profession.  After Nellie's death, Melvin married Elsie Roswell and relocated to Winaka, Oklahoma.  He would re-marry once again, and passed from this Earth on February 8th, 1975.

Concerning Bonnie & Clyde's visit to New Mexico-- the Stamps family provides insights not known before.  According to the family-- Bonnie had contacted Aunt Nellie by telephone to arrange their visit to Carlsbad.  I've also learned Nellie wasn't the only Stamps relative to host/harbor Bonnie & Clyde.  Melvin's Aunt Mattie, who lived in various places along the Red River between Oklahoma and Texas-- was thought to have hosted Bonnie & Clyde visits as well. 

Here's a most interesting and formerly untold story concerning Carlsbad.  Apparently Nellie and Melvin weren't the only Stamps relatives present when Bonnie, Clyde and Ray visited in August of '32.  As told to me, Catherine Queen's grandmother Isa Teel along with her 3 children had driven from Wilson, Oklahoma to Carlsbad for a visit with her brother and wife Melvin and Nellie.  Cathy's mother Jesse "Muriel" Teel (aged 10 at the time)-- was one of the 3 children present/ one being 3 years older and one 3 years younger.  

When they arrived at Melvin and Nellie's home in Carlsbad, the kids were firmly advised to stay on the floor of the car and completely out of sight-- as Isa was both confused and terrified by what she saw.  Isa had walked past the strange car with no one visible, only to spot a variety of weapons of differing sizes on the backseat and floor.  Being unhappy at this turn of events, she and her brother Melvin exchanged words through the screen door.  His eyes were telling Isa to go, but after driving all that way for an expected visit-- she argued to stay, and for whomever else was visiting to leave.  At that point she whispered as did he.  Isa then raised her voice to say she was going back through town to get some pop-- and if she didn't see the car leave town, she wouldn't be back.

Isa then returned rapidly to town, got gas and waited-- until finally seeing the strangers' car exiting.  Upon returning to Nellie and Melvin's, and with the kids in bed-- the conversation concerning what had occurred, lasted well into the night.  It was agreed, that Melvin and Nellie would contact the authorities in Carlsbad regarding what happened.  Then after staying the night-- Isa left and never returnedLate the following day, Bonnie, Clyde and Ray returned to see Nellie.  Apparently  they had camped in their car just outside of town.  And the rest as they say is history-- with Deputy Joe Johns being tipped off, surprised at gunpoint-- kidnapped and later released.

So as Paul Harvey would say-- "And now you know the rest of the story".  BTW-- in never having seen a photo of Charlie Parker, but now in seeing his sister Nellie-- I find Nellie's resemblance to Bonnie remarkable.  In viewing numerous pics of Emma Parker representing the Krause side of the family, and now one of Nellie Parker with which to compare-- I believe we now have a clearer idea of the family mix, in order to arrive at the looks of the Parker children.

My "thanks" once again to Catherine Queen, and also the Oklahoma Historical Society for not giving up in search of photos of Nellie and Melvin Stamps.  I welcome your comments.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Bonnie & Clyde Historical Site Now Gone-- Stringtown Dance Hall Seccumbs To Fire.

I'm sad to report yet another Bonnie & Clyde historical site is now gone.  With many thanks to Rusty Steed-- I've learned the former dance hall site, forever linked to the Stringtown incident where Undersheriff Eugene Moore was killed in August 1932-- burned to the ground in early June of this year.  For the past 10 years, the famous building had been used as a fruit and vegetable stand-- and was purchased just 3 years ago by the same owners who had previously rented it.

Not much else to say-- except as time marches on, so too does the likelihood that at some point, almost all Bonnie & Clyde historical sites will be gone.  As such I renew my call that historical status be pursued for all Bonnie & Clyde locations.  But alas, such focus takes a remarkable level of caring and strong resources-- in wanting to influence the preservation of historical sites.  Unfortunately-- 'don't see much of that any more.  

Again with thanks to Rusty-- before and after shots of Stringtown.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde History Amended-- Mary O'Dare Found After 77 years.

Some historical figures within the saga of Bonnie & Clyde, have never been lost.  Indeed many of this history's best known characters, have been "so" well documented-- they and their families have had to fight for any semblance of privacy, as throngs of the Bonnie & Clyde faithful have done their best to scratch & claw and pick apart their lives.  But unlike some with greater notoriety-- a few key players within this history have seemingly been lost to time-- with rumor substituting for fact, and question marks the only symbols of their well being.  Thus has been the case for Mary O'Dare.  For 77 years, since her conviction at the 1935 Bonnie & Clyde harboring trial, it's seemed no one's had nary an inkling of what happened to her??  Among rumors swirling around Mary, was a particularly cruel story-- which had her dying from a drug overdose while in prison-- among other illicit tales with no way to prove any of them.

However these days, the reach of the Internet can be a game changer.  In January 2011, I published an article here on The Bonnie & Clyde History Blog focused on Mary O'Dare-- which in part asked for assistance, should anyone know of her post Bonnie & Clyde years.  Thankfully, my plea for historical clarity was answered by e-mails from 2 members of the Chambless family-- they themselves, unaware of Mary's link to Bonnie & Clyde History until decades after the fact.  As Mary apparently led a life far removed from her 1930's reality-- for many next generation Chambless relatives, the truth concerning Mary's  Bonnie & Clyde past was only learned of in 1981-- and for some just a short 12 years ago.

Mary (center) with Brother Joe Chambless Jr. and Niece Lois in N.J.  The red vegetables  in the bushel containers are hot peppers-- a Chambless crop and  family favorite. 

But as sometimes the case with "deep dark" family secrets-- it takes a death bed admission to reveal the truth, even among those who've "thought" they've known an individual all their lives.  Such could've been the case concerning Mary within the Chambless family.  But as it turned out-- Mary was still alive when revelations concerning what many consider her "sordid past" were made known among those she loved.  This clash of realities, apparently led to contentious moments-- when a still fiery Mary unwilling to re-visit her prior liferesponded to such approaches (even when made by those she trusted)-- with stalwart fits of anger and rebuke. 

This is where we'll pick up the story.  
With many thanks for the kindness of one of Mary's Nieces, who'd known Mary for nearly 60 years and another Chambless family member (who by choice prefers to remain publicly anonymous)-- I'm pleased to say much more re: Mary can now be toldThus the woman who Bonnie & Clyde seemingly despised, and played a pivotal role in the split between Clyde and Raymond Hamilton-- will finally have her more human side revealed.

I've often thought should Ray have remained partnered with Clyde-- The Barrow Gang's ruthlessness in also having added Joe Palmer and Henry Methvin, would've been a formidable force. And skipping to the chase-- for those wishing to answer the searing question of how long Mary lived-- it now appears clear Mary outlived every member of The Barrow Gang, if not every person directly associated with Bonnie & Clyde History.  Mary who was born May 24th 1915, lived until just shy of her 95th birthday-- passing from this world just 2 years ago on May 16th 2010 in Bakersfield, California. 

It seems after her Depression Age jaunts involving 4 early marriages and Bonnie & Clyde, "and" with 2 of her siblings having moved West-- Mary did as wellMary settled in Hesperia, California and operated a business in Crestline-- within the realm of her love for antiques.  Indeed it seems Mary was a known authority on olden treasures-- with Fenton lamps and firearms being of particular interest.  Her final husband (reportedly her 6th)-- Chuck Collins, was a real estate developer who owned shopping malls among other ventures. 
Thus Mary's final married name was Mary Collins. In addition to her California holdings, it's said Mary also owned land in New Mexico.

Mary's home in Hesperia, California.

Known as an astute business woman, Mary was intelligent, good with money and adept at always wanting to look her best.  Thus Mary's reputation for her heavy use of make-up and extravagance followed her into later life.  So too did her demeanor-- in sometimes being let's say, more than a bit ornery.  But for those she loved-- the fiercely private Mary had a softer side too.  An example of this was Mary's taking in and caring for her ailing Sister late in life.  Indeed despite Mary's reputation for having been so uniquely mean and disagreeable to many-- for those closest to her, she could leave some with the more measured impression "she was always nice to me". 

 Mary's home-- interior.

Speaking of Sisters, and since more than one Chambless influenced Bonnie & Clyde History-- it might pay to note the Chambless clan. Mary's Mother was Elmira Morris and her Dad Joe Chambless Sr.  One of her Grandmothers a woman named Princess, was said to be a full blooded Cherokee.  As such Mary's middle name was Princess.  Mary had 8 brothers and sisters-- Joe Jr., Arlie, Odell, Arnold (also known as Shorty)-- T.P., Mamie (a brother)-- Ruth and Gloria.  As longevity seems happily rampant within the Chambless family-- at least 2 of Mary's siblings are still living, with one brother's fate and whereabouts unknown.

 Mary's home-- patio.

Odell Chambless who holds a key place within Bonnie & Clyde History, as the man for whom the January 6th, 1933 Lillie McBride sting was intended-- and where an unwitting Clyde Barrow walked into the wrong trap, and killed Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis-- Odell's story too is an interesting one.  Apparently Odell didn't serve much of his Bonnie & Clyde era prison term.  Instead he was offered a "Dirty Dozen" style agreement with the Army-- where if he survived front-line duty in Europe, he would be pardoned.   

So those who know Odell survived the Bonnie & Clyde years-- now know he survived his front-line challenge, and while in Europe met his German born wife Katie.  After military service, Odell and Katie entered the U.S. through Philadelphia-- 1st passing through New Jersey, then onto Texas, next to California and finally settling in Washington State.  Odell passed in January 1994-- with Katie following in February '96.

 Mary's home-- interior.

Within this article, I'm including photos of Mary's Hesperia, California home and surroundings-- to give all a sense of Mary's style and personal tastes.  Among other things I've learned concerning Mary, is the unfortunate possibility that Mary's alleged stint at prostitution in the '30's-- may have been as a result of family need.  A statement has been attributed to Mary, which says she wasn't proud of what she did then-- but many have no idea just how bad things were.  So like Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker and scores of folk within this saga-- Mary seems to have experienced The Great Depression and it's remarkable hardships in personal terms.

View of California mountains from Mary's home.

Another thing I've learned from Mary's niece, who'd known her since the early 1950's-- was past the time of Bonnie & Clyde-- Mary wasn't known to have used narcotics.  Just as with many in life who've experience "wild" younger days-- Mary's reported drug use in the '30's may well have had a stark basis in truth.  This impression has been strengthenedby the belief that Raymond Hamilton became a "hop head" as reported by some close to him.  But when it came to Mary's middle years and beyond-- apparently earlier missteps in this regard, had no lasting consequence. 

Mary it seems had many friends-- and even a beloved Poodle named Pepi, who Mary loved to the point she had an obituary published for her pooch-- and a burial for the dog, which surpasses what many people do for their pets.  Another personal insight into Mary-- was that she retained her alertness late into life, drove until her final years and was said to be "sharp as a tack" until a throat ailment took her quickly just shy of age 95. 
But make no mistake-- Mary wasn't exactly known as a patient person, and often exhibited her trademark mean and quick temper-- apparently still in good form from earlier years.  She did however show great affection for some family and friends-- such as her beloved Brother Joe Chambless Jr. and family.

                    Mary with Niece Shirley-- another of 
                     Joe Chambless' daughters.

It's surely outstanding, that much remarkable truth is now better known-- concerning Mary Chambless O'Dare Collins.  But for those looking to dig for more-- such as locating Mary's headstone, let it be known there isn't one.  For perhaps in a final stroke of privacy and petulance-- Mary's ashes were carried aloft in a plane and scattered over the California mountains she loved.  Thus the woman knocked by many, but now viewed through the lens of a nearly 100 year life-- with family and career and seeming remorse for her past-- perhaps Mary will finally be seen as an historical figure with more to offer, rather than just her brief moment in the Bonnie & Clyde Sun-- so long ago.

My profound thanks go out to the Chambless family, for their kindness, willingness to aid history-- and trust they've placed in me.  

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R.I.P. Ken Holmes

Bonnie & Clyde History has lost a good friend.  I've been notified by L. J. "Boots" Hinton that Historian Ken Holmes has passed away.  Ken who owned The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum and operated Southwestern Historical Publications and Tours in Dallas, has been a key friend and source of valuable insights into this history for many years.  

Those of us who knew him, will miss his matter of fact manner, fun loving spirit and great sense of humor.  And as a mainstay in helping organize the Authentic Bonnie & Clyde Festival in Gibsland, LA each year-- his loss will surely be felt within that community as well.  I and The B&CHB send heartfelt condolences to Ken's family and others closest to him.  

For those who wish to pay their respects-- Ken was laid to rest at Grove Hill Cemetery-- Samuel Blvd, Dallas.  When I 1st met Ken, he was kind enough to take me on an all day Bonnie & Clyde tour of Dallas and surrounding historical locations, such as Grapevine etc.  The photo above, was one I took of Ken standing behind the old Hargrave's Cafe, where Bonnie worked.  He told the story of Bonnie exiting the rear door behind him, to run and take orders from Chinese laundry workers-- who apparently rarely left their posts to take lunch.          

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Bonnie & Clyde History Q&A-- What Ever Happened to Bonnie & Clyde's Love Letters??

The fate of numerous love letters exchanged by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, have been a point of keen fascination, contention and wonder for decades.  While liberally quoted from within Fugitives (the families' 1934 expose' concerning Bonnie & Clyde)-- the physical whereabouts of this revealing & heartfelt batch of correspondence has remained a mystery. 

While others have searched for any trace of these wonderfully insightful letters-- in working with the families, I too have politely inquired-- only to be told no one knows.  I would think Billie went a long way toward revealing the fate of at least Bonnie's personally held letters, with her telling of the Pat Plummer story.  Remember Aunt Pat was present along with Edith Clay Parker and Emma-- when a Dallas based reporter phoned on May 23rd, '34 to tell Emma Bonnie had been killed.  That Aunt Pat.  Well according to Billie, after Bonnie's death-- she entrusted Bonnie's possessions to Aunt Pat for safekeeping.  However based on a falling out between them, the unthinkable happened-- when Pat Plummer torched the shed where Bonnie's belongings were being stored.     

My feeling is, whatever letters Bonnie kept went up in smoke during that incident-- so one would think Clyde's letters to Bonnie are gone.  Now logically Bonnie's letters to Clyde, wouldn't have been included with Bonnie's possessions.  So it "may" just be-- some of those letters still survive.  There's one Barrow relative I haven't interviewed, who could know something about this.  And as this is one of those loose ends I've hoped to re-visit at some point-- perhaps there's no time like the present to give it a go.  Some research may be involved, in order to locate this individual to allow for an approach.  However, so many have inquired here concerning Bonnie & Clyde's love letters-- I feel an obligation to address this mystery further.  

Perhaps as it seems, these immortal pieces of Bonnie & Clyde History no longer exist-- except "fortunately" within transcriptions made in 1934.  "But hey, you never know"-- as some remarkable Bonnie & Clyde artifacts have surfaced within just the past few years.   

I'll keep you posted on any results.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Nellie" Stamps-- A Bonnie & Clyde Mystery No Longer

According to Bonnie & Clyde scholars and seemingly everyone else-- she was known as Aunt Millie Stamps.  However according to Billie Parker, Millie (as she's been inexplicably called for so long)-- was none other than Aunt Nellie, her father Charlie Parker's sister.  This curious contradiction surfaced within Billie's handwritten journal-- where she chronicled in detail, traits and idiosyncrasies concerning a whole slew of Parker family members.  

Although some have been critical of Billie's recollections (I believe "just" to be critical)-- in somehow doubting the person perhaps closest to Bonnie & Clyde, who "was there" at key times during this history-- and who knew Bonnie & Clyde's inner workings likely better than anyone-- I've sided with those who've had the unique privilege to know Billie, in choosing to believe in her accounts without much reservation.  And now "low and behold"-- when the resting place of Mrs. Stamps is located-- her given name of Nellie is indeed engraved on her headstone.  How about that!!  Now maybe Billie's account of the Sowers ambush attempt, will be taken more seriously.  You mean the Lawmen lied re: Sowers??  Say it ain't so.

Anyway, as can happen around here-- sometimes I'm approached by some with interesting historical info concerning Bonnie & Clyde.  With many "thanks" to James-- he has provided important info concerning Nellie Stamps, from sources in New Mexico. So whatever happened to Nellie??  Was she killed as rumored, by Bonnie & Clyde or Ray Hamilton for betraying them-- as Deputy Johns reported they discussed and which he apparently discouraged??  Apparently not.  According to her obituary-- Nellie passed from this world on October 5th, 1944 at age 63.  She is buried in the Carlsbad Cemetery.   

I'm working to obtain clear images of vintage news articles provided me, concerning the Nellie Stamps incident and kidnapping of Deputy Sheriff Joe Johns in Carlsbad on August 13th, 1932.  Again my thanks to James-- for being of valuable assistance to this blog and Bonnie & Clyde History.

Vintage pic of D.M. and Nellie Stamps property as it looked at some point after the Bonnie & Clyde Carlsbad incident. This photo was apparently taken from a Southeastern vantage point-- with the main house facing West.

A similar view of the old Stamps property in a recent photo.  Although the main house was thought removed in the 1970's or '80's-- the pumping station visible in the vintage photo, still stands off camera to the right.       

Another angle of property showing the original pumping station still hanging in there.

As more has been learned from credible sources in recent years-- in many instances, Bonnie & Clyde History has needed to be revised to accommodate knowledge lost for so long.  I can't say, why a wrong identity has been associated with Nellie Parker Stamps??-- although the families' portrayal of Bonnie & Clyde History within the book Fugitives comes to mind.  However I feel confident-- that now Nellie's true identity is indeed correct.  

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Dallas Bonnie & Clyde Exhibition, Aims at Greatness Beyond 2001

For some time behind the scenes, Dallas Historical Society Curator and friend Alan Olson-- has had "big plans" on tap.  Plans to recreate the renown 2001 Bonnie & Clyde Exhibition held at the Hall of State in Dallas.  That Bonnie & Clyde extravaganza (remembered fondly to this day)-- ran that year for nearly 3 weeks during the State Fair of Texas, and featured the largest number of Bonnie & Clyde artifacts ever assembled under one roof.  

So how to top that Bonnie & Clyde "Plum" of an event??  Do it again!!  No small feat, considering Alan's daunting challenge of once again assembling B&C treasures-- many of which have have changed hands, been lost within Estates or who's whereabouts are now less than understood.  But as good fortune would have it-- in addition to well established Bonnie & Clyde treasures, a number of newly unearthed Bonnie & Clyde artifacts have surfaced within that past decade, which allow for new life to be breathed into this renewed effort at "historical bliss".

With many thanks to Alan, here's what I know at this point.  The Dallas Historical Society plans the new Bonnie & Clyde Exhibit to again be housed at the Hall of State-- Fair Park, Dallas, Texas.  With date TBA-- the exhibition will commence in May of 2013 and run through the end of the year or early into 2014.  So a good long run, for those interested in Bonnie & Clyde History-- to enjoy viewing rare Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.  And despite the proliferation of fakes, which plague this and other histories-- offered by charlatans to unsuspecting buyers within an age of "I don't care" mentality-- let me assure you, "true" Bonnie & Clyde artifacts are few and far between.  So a collection of Bonnie & Clyde historical wares of this magnitude, will be a "quite remarkable" thing to behold.  

As this is not an event to be missed if at all possible to attend-- I would encourage those who can, to keep a spot clear on your calenders, and make plans for what is sure to be an "unforgettable" wingding of a Bonnie & Clyde historical bash.  Alan has kindly asked many who own Bonnie & Clyde artifacts, to make loans to The DHS for this exhibition.  As such, I plan on providing a number of my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts for this "wonderful" cause-- and know of others who've most graciously offered to share their Bonnie & Clyde historical vestiges with Bonnie & Clyde aficionados for this remarkable event.    

Besides the Dallas Historical Society's request for artifacts of known location-- the search is on for whatever authentic Bonnie & Clyde pieces may be available for loan.  Thus an admittedly shameless plug towards aiding this search, in posting a DHS flyer aimed at finding authentic Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.  I would think nothing too small or at all remarkable-- concerning the outlaws or related history, would fail to be considered for exhibition.  So here's that info.

As I've also been asked to participate in this event, seems soon it will be time for a follow up to my 2007 talks at The DHS.  I surely look forward to that renewed experience.  For those who've not had the pleasure of visiting the Dallas Historical Society Museum, you're in for an exceptional treat.  The magnificent Art Deco Age building which houses their collection, is a work of art unto itself-- and "grand" locale for any historical viewing!!  Built in 1936 for The Republic of Texas Centennial, this exceptional building sits amongst a wonderment of 1930's structures perhaps unequaled anywhere.

So as the Beatles sang-- "Grab your coat and grab your hat"-- and plan your trip to Dallas in 2013 for what's bound to be a "gem" of a Bonnie & Clyde historical event-- the new Bonnie & Clyde Exhibition at The Dallas Historical Society Museum/ Hall of State, Dallas.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde Rumors-- Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex. Did I Mention Sex??

The news clipping above could well be real, as when those interested in Bonnie & Clyde surf the Net-- they're often armed with a variety of questions concerning America's most iconic outlaws.  And when visiting sites such as this-- sometimes those queries can be elevated to "burning questions" status.  It's usually apparent from keywords or phrases entered, which path of interest people wish to explore. Sometimes these keyword entries are poignant, sometimes insightful-- and sometimes seem laced with humor, whether intended or not by those who write them.

Bonnie & Clyde sexual rumors have captured the imagination of many over the years, who feel there may be something to them (or wish there was)-- even though seemingly no true evidence exists, to support lurid Bonnie & Clyde promiscuity in one form or another. As I respect fairness-- I surely won't pale from this issue or dismiss it, as some needless exercise which lives only within the minds of some.  But at the same time, I feel it important to stay focused in promoting factual Bonnie & Clyde history-- especially in dealing with unfounded rumors, which include Bonnie & Clyde sexuality.  

With that in mind-- every so often I'll poke some good natured fun at memorable keyword entries, to highlight unusual questions and comments made-- by those hoping to turn water into wine within their searches for Bonnie & Clyde sexcapades.  When true historical questions are asked-- I'll usually smile, and think "bless you".  However, you've gotta hand it to those "hellbent" on exploring Bonnie and Clyde sexual issues-- until by God, they learn the "sordid truth"-- and for the creative ways they phrase things.  

For research into this subject, more likely to "be" true-- please view the August 8th, 2009 post "Sordid Rumors and Innuendos Exposed" (link in Popular Posts << blog left, now re-edited.  I plan a follow up to this oft-read piece at some point, with newly researched info which could shed additional light on the source(s) of Bonnie & Clyde sexual rumors.  Some sources may surprise you-- and some may not.  But for now, please enjoy some Bonnie & Clyde keyword slings and arrows (aimed every which way)-- within a seemingly "insatiable" quest for Bonnie & Clyde sexual insights.  

Bonnie & Clyde couldn't perform sex    
"Finally" someone who knows for sure.

Was Bonnie a homosexual?  
So if Bonnie & Clyde were both gay??--  
"hell"-- it's B&C rumors overload!! 

Bonnie and Clyde no sex
"Nope, that's it"-- "No sex for you".

The Bonnie & Clyde effect.                       
Not a sexual comment-- but I like it.

Clyde Barrow impotent or gay?   

Blanche Barrow's dog Snowball
Blanche & Snowball would thank you.

Bonnie & Clyde movie gay                 
But some people liked it.

Bonnie and Clyde have sex
"That's better"-- more encouragement please.

Bonnie & Clyde bi-sexual
Someone knows their Statistics--
the most subsets.

What was wrong with Clyde Barrow sexually?     
I don't know-- but I'll leave it to you to ask him.

Bonnie Parker and Frank Hamer photo               
Don't believe everything you see in movies.       

Tijuana Bible-- Passionate Mother
I'm.. "not" goin' there.

Bonnie Parker was stripped nude.
Something we can all count on, when we pass.

Luckiest cop alive patrolman Polk Ivy 1934         
I want this person to title a book for me.  

Did Clyde Parker have sexual problems?               
"My new favorite"!! 

Buddy and Clyde
Eh-- ah-- "Oh".

Clyde Barrow sex preferences truth
Seems a "key" question in all the world 
for some.

Jeff Guinn Bonnie and Clyde movie
"No, no-- a thousand times no!!" 

Bonnie and Clyde du sexe                                    
Looks so much cooler in French. 

Bonnie Parker Moon's drive in 
Not sure what this means-- 
but didn't know that. 

Bonnie & Clyde sex movie                                    
"OMG"-- You Tube's gonna crash.

Bonny and Clide sex
Too many double entendres.

Bonnie Parker W.D. affair 
Most of these come from California,
but this one came from Texas.

Why couldn't Bonnie have sex with Clyde?
Why couldn't Clyde have sex with Bonnie?
Posted 10 minutes apart and from 
2 different places-- it's true!!

So there you have it.  Proof positive, the fascination with Bonnie & Clyde sexual rumors is alive & well. My challenge of many years-- remains as vital now as ever concerning this topic.  I've challenged anyone, to please produce real evidence (not innuendo or supposition)-- to support any Bonnie & Clyde sexual rumor.  You'd think after so long-- someone somewhere, would've been able to back these rumors if true.  The more time that passes, with accounts of those closest to Bonnie & Clyde still standing as testimony to these rumors being false-- the less likely it seems, scurrilous Bonnie & Clyde banter may ever be supported.  

I and others familiar with this history could be wrong-- but I still say "show me some evidence"-- or likely consider these rumors just that.  Keep those questions and keyword phrases coming in-- and seek "truth" in Bonnie & Clyde History.