Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Bonnie & Clyde Historical Site Now Gone-- Stringtown Dance Hall Seccumbs To Fire.

I'm sad to report yet another Bonnie & Clyde historical site is now gone.  With many thanks to Rusty Steed-- I've learned the former dance hall site, forever linked to the Stringtown incident where Undersheriff Eugene Moore was killed in August 1932-- burned to the ground in early June of this year.  For the past 10 years, the famous building had been used as a fruit and vegetable stand-- and was purchased just 3 years ago by the same owners who had previously rented it.

Not much else to say-- except as time marches on, so too does the likelihood that at some point, almost all Bonnie & Clyde historical sites will be gone.  As such I renew my call that historical status be pursued for all Bonnie & Clyde locations.  But alas, such focus takes a remarkable level of caring and strong resources-- in wanting to influence the preservation of historical sites.  Unfortunately-- 'don't see much of that any more.  

Again with thanks to Rusty-- before and after shots of Stringtown.


rusted said...


I was able to speak again with the owner and have more info on the fruit stand. They opened up on Good Friday and the building burned early the following Monday morning. The owner first told me "about twelve weeks ago" and that was what I told you. Sorry about the misinformation. No cause has been determined. I'll try to stay in touch with the owner and will let you know of any new info.


reggie13 d. said...

When my best friend and I stopped by a few years ago in 2012, the stand was closed. We took some pictures and visited with the "ferocious" guard cat playing with us through the window. Sad to hear it burned down....I hope the cat made it out.