Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Many Thanks To The National Museum of Crime. Good Years & Good Times.. For The Love Of History.

Just returned from Washington, D.C.-- where I've now removed my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts from display at The National Museum of Crime and Punishment.  As that stellar museum dedicated to the history of crime, is closing-- and after a great 7 year relationship.. it's time for my Bonnie & Clyde pieces to move on.  And they will, to Dallas-- to be displayed once again at the Dallas Historical Society Museum at the Hall of State/ Fair Park.  The same museum, where they began their public display in 2007-- for the enjoyment of all who look for Bonnie & Clyde History within Dallas.  And thus-- soon "a fitting return" for some unique Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.. and with the selection to be expanded even more, should new exhibitions pan out over the next couple of years.

Bonnie & Clyde Signatures when displayed along with Steve Haas' "The Street Girl" Bonnie poem. 

I wish to thank Janine Vaccarello, Rachael Penman, Larissa Viall and all at the Crime Museum-- for their professionalism, attention to detail, staunch protection of my artifacts and for conducting their approach to imparting history-- in the way it "should" be conducted.  Perhaps lessons others could learn from.  My profound "thanks" as well to Paul Burns, an historical facilitator-- or museum/artifacts matchmaker if you will.. for reaching out to me in the 1st place all those years ago, to gauge my interest in having my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts displayed in Washington. 

In the end, I had a number of Bonnie & Clyde pieces displayed within either the public or private tours-- including the signatures, a Bonnie poem, Billie Jean's manuscript-- along with Blanche pieces, which included the Christmas card with handwritten expression and Blanche Barrow signature-- and other personal effects from her prison years.  

Crime Museum entrance-- 7th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

It's most unfortunate, the Crime Museum has lost their lease.. one thought secure for years to come, in that building on 7th Street NW in Washington.  But it seems the powers that be there, may have alternative goals for that lucrative spot near Chinatown in D.C..  Janine, Rachael and Larissa tell me, the Crime Museum will reopen again-- but with date and location as yet unannounced.

I have many pics I took within the Crime Museum-- when they had me there for that weekend Bonnie & Clyde Symposium a few years back.  And even though this museum, spanned perhaps 1500 years of crime & punishment, from Medieval times until now.. I have but space for a small # of photos as examples of doings there..

Now "that's" punishment..
Jesse James' actual notebook and replica gun.
Replica Dillinger wooden escape gun.

Actual Dillinger "death mask".
John Wayne Gacy corner.. with clown suits, clothing, paints, typewriter and artwork.  

Also unique interactive exhibits.  I never did crack that safe.. but it was cool to try.
And concerning Murderabilia.. this museum could back it up-- with many originally owned possessions from famous murderers.  Ink sketches from Manson, a signed Gacy clown painting (visible in this pic).. a David Berkowitz birthday card.. personal effects from David Desalvo (the Boston Strangler) etc.. 

Of course, if you have a Guillotine-- you just have to have a Gas Chamber.. a "real" one.
Type of crowd I encountered at the Bonnie & Clyde Exhibit, when I was there.
At some point, I will announce firm plans and timing for my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts in Dallas.  Alan Olson, Curator at the Dallas Historical Society Museum is not only a "Pro's pro" when it comes to preserving and displaying history-- but a friend as well, who I trust implicitly with my collection.  And I'm sure, others who own Bonnie & Clyde artifacts-- have an equal respect for Alan.. as Alan coordinated the fondly-remembered and highly-regarded Bonnie & Clyde Exhibition there in 2001. So you can rest assured-- whatever he has cookin' in Dallas historically concerning a re-visiting of Bonnie & Clyde.. will rival the best BBQ Dallas has to offer.  And for those who live it-- both history and down-home BBQ, are quite serious business in Bonnie & Clyde's hometown.

Hall of State, Fair Park, Dallas.  Magnificent Deco structures, artwork and history.

So for all the good times, and wonderful opportunities those interested in Bonnie & Clyde from all over got to experience-- in being able to view a nicely displayed selection of Bonnie & Clyde items including Ken Holmes' Bonnie & Clyde movie car-- "Thanks to all".  Maybe we can do it again.  Some have asked me where the movie car is going??  I've heard a couple of possibilities-- but as of now, know of no decision to report on concerning that.

Main room, Hall of State, used for many functions.. including historical exhibits.

Spectacular wraparound hallway, where additional displays are housed during exhibitions.
There's already talk of my coming to Dallas again when all this shakes out, to do a return speaking thang at the DHS-- but this time.. modeled after the one I did in Washington.  'Liked that much better than the more formal variety.. in just placing me with the Bonnie & Clyde artifacts I know so well, and interacting in whatever way those interested wish to.  An informal and "off the cuff" exchange, concerning questions and the like.  As that worked so wonderfully well in Washington.. "let's do it again"-- and all join together in Dallas to celebrate this history in the near future.

Monday, September 21, 2015

For Bonnie & Clyde History, Questions "Still" In Gibsland-- But Now Enter An "Old And Patient" Foe.. Water.

Although understandably tiresome to some, here's an update on Gibsland-- which to those in the thick of this history.. has become a stark and principle-driven battleground for truth, justice and the Bonnie & Clyde way.  The more I hear of happenings concerning the newly re-tooled Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland.. the more I find it remarkable, the museum's new owner apparently has neither the desire nor fortitude, to openly address prudent questions re: reported "historical" misdealings at the museum.

However to my way of thinking, and having reported on this historical tug-of-war for a while now-- in defending what's right with this history.. I would think Mr. Carver should feel a keen obligation, to answer all reasonable questions concerning historical integrity, and address charges levied against him by many from the Bonnie & Clyde historical community.  That would seem only right for history, and goodness-- also concerning reputation.. when reputation is linked to history via a most visible and now scrutinized entity.  

And I don't know about some.. but I don't consider surrogates crafting self-serving propaganda via YouTube-- equal to an owner taking  responsibility for his actions.. especially when some in focusing such a remarkable amount of energy concerning yours truly.. lied.  And as such, I have every right to comment.  Mr. Hinton told untruths for whatever reasons of his own-- (perhaps the museum at all costs??.. including striking down friendships, not only mine)-- and thus has lost my respect both personally and as a spokesperson for this history. 
If only this sign told of a real Louisiana State historical designation for Rosa's Cafe, that was it's name.. not Ma Canfield's. Then long ago, the building would've been restored to it's 1934 splendor.. and the roof not an issue.

Concerning goings on in Gibsland-- others have spoken of everything from counters claimed as having been from Rosa's Cafe.. to dinnerware having come from Bonnie & Clyde's last meal together (that's a good one).. to a replica Frank Hamer gun seemingly represented as the original (or was it??).  Oh-- if only that museum person had better computer skills, in order to word that Hamer gun description differently.  So.. shoddy computer skills eclipse basic knowledge & caring for truth??  What a "disgrace" of an 'esscuse, masquerading for historical diligence.  I do wonder though.. if museum displays in general, are worth more in revenue realized.. when ambiguity is the standard employed concerning truth??..   

To a wooden non-weathered, non-pay pay phone, having been "the" very Gibsland filling station pay phone Frank Hamer used to telephone Lee Simmons after the ambush..
to supposed swatches of Bonnie's clothing sold for $200 a pop, in conjunction with an eBay business acquaintance specializing in horror memorabilia-- but without adequate provenance, to prove that alleged Bonnie article of clothing, as being  from any source other than perhaps a 2nd hand store??  Now which Bonnie relative in Dallas, will back that supposed Bonnie clothing??  Come on now.. let's hear it.  As John Lennon said.. "Just Gimme Some Truth".. 

To bricks and a screen door-- apparently represented to be from the John Gardner Cole House (Bonnie & Clyde's Sailes hideout) with photos of such attached.  But rather than some accepting that as reality-- those who know better (and they do)-- have fought back for the honor of this history, by reporting eyewitness accounts and even posting hard evidence.. in the form of a video now released on YouTube-- proving parts of the Otis Cole House "were" removed (no doubt about it) by some museum owner and at his direction.. just as alleged. 

Seems some people caught taking things that don't belong to them, and publicly claiming them as things they're not-- long for respect within this history.  But you know, history or not-- that's a quite tall order to strive for-- when "truth" and reality stand in it's way.  Seemingly with each brief period that passes-- some new "bonanza" of remarkable and formerly unknown Bonnie & Clyde artifacts are donated by some anonymous individual or within some story of a magical sort.. in hopes some "fine museum" will find a home for them, and of course add them to an inventory of already tall-tales without proper substantiation.  

On behalf of Bonnie & Clyde History, "Oh please".. and enough non-supported dishonor for this history!!  But old proverb say-- "He who keeps posting evidence of suspect dealings for others to use as fuel.. may get burned."  "And you know"-- some guy, I didn't catch his name.. brought that proverb over, and just left it at my door.  'Sure am glad to have it though.

Screen door with photos of John Gardner Cole House attached (Bonnie & Clyde's Sailes hideout long gone)-- with Facebook comment, saying an old local man was responsible for this find said to be from the "Cole House"..with exclamations!!!.. and then comment "No it's from a hideout".  Problem is-- good history is about specifics.. and for those of us who know the Otis Cole House well, and can document this screen door via personal experience and photos as having been attached to the front door of the "Otis" Cole House, which many of us have walked through.. well remarkably-- "Busted again".  BTW-- Otis Cole's house is not known as a hideout concerning this history.. no matter how cleverly worded some people's ambiguity is.      


"Put up or shut up" they say..  OK-- 

"Otis Cole House", Sailes, LA.  'Took this photograph myself.  "Man, that front screen door sure looks familiar".  It's a shame this house is now being carted away in pieces-- apparently with questioned-intent concerning this history.  

But now comes word the museum's roof, which has leaked like a sieve for years and without suitable repair-- could put an end to the Ambush Museum in Gibsland.  If that happens, which could occur as soon as October 1st or October's end-- seems Atlanta of all places, could  be the Ambush Museum's new home.  But as Atlanta makes little sense concerning ambush proximity, Arcadia would be better-- that's apparently been discussed too.. along with other more dramatic scenarios re: museum control and the building it sits in-- which not all are privy to.. (wink).  Guess we'll just have to see how this all plays out. 
Someone asked me recently, whether I would rather see the Ambush Museum continue with the problems it now shoulders-- or close, for any of many reasons.. for which an inadequate roof and monsoon-like leaking would surely qualify??   

At this point and with my focus on truth and the integrity of this history, my response  is-- I like water.. and have no issue with it.  

And you know what??  I'll do it.. "Thank you" John Lennon..

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

For Blanche Barrow-- Animals Held A Special Place Within Her Heart & Soul.

One of the more fortunate occurrences for yours truly within this history, and surely concerning artifacts-- was my being offered most remaining items from Blanche's estate.  Among these numerous personal and insightful Blanche possessions, are  a slew of photos-- with fortunately, a good number inscribed by Blanche (as was her habit)-- so as to provide explanation concerning pics she cherished.  And when perusing these images from various times in her past, it becomes quite apparent-- Blanche held a particular fondness for animals of all types-- Dogs, Cats, Horses, Barnyard animals, as well as having a particular penchant for Thoroughbred Horses and Horse racing.  As such-- I happily share with you, a selection of Blanche's animal acquaintances from my collection.

Blanche with Snowball.. and handwritten explanation of Snowball's loss at Joplin.

Most familiar with the history of Bonnie & Clyde-- know the story of Snowball.. Blanche's stark white pup-- who as a  matter of circumstance and harsh necessity.. unfortunately, was left behind in Joplin.  For it likely already a daunting task, to keep The Barrow Gang mascot fed, walked and corralled-- within the everyday dealings of such a high profile criminal enterprise on the run.. much less make sure the dawg was in the car, when it was "time to go".  But as fate would have it.. when the gang made it's hasty escape in April of '33 from 3347½ Oak Ridge Drive on the south side of Joplin-- Snowball did too.. likely living out it's life within that area of Missouri.  

.."and" Snowball, standing like everyone else.  A rare photo, including Jack & Artie from '32.  Writing is Blanche's.

However, after prison time served in Jefferson City, Missouri-- Blanche married Eddie Frasure (April 19th, 1940)-- and moved on within her life beyond the boundaries of "Buck" and her Bonnie & Clyde adventures.  And within this time-frame.. another pooch stole Blanche's heart-- a "barkless" Dog, bred in Africa to help hunt Lions.. a Basenji named Valentine.


For beginning with Valentine from the 1940's and onward-- it seems for the remainder of Blanche's life-- she always appeared to have at least one Dog.  And for Dog owners including many of you and myself included.. that sort of 4-legged love is both familiar and fulfilling.  As Valentine dates from the period after Blanche's release from prison and WWII-- it seems this dark and white Basenji.. was the next pup noted after Blanche's loss of Snowball. 

There are a number of photos of Valentine.. including with Blanche's father Matt.. as well as with Blanche, in being considered a valued
family member.     

Matt Caldwell with Valentine.

Blanche with Valentine, as sent to husband and Navy man Eddie Frasure during WWII.  Inscription reads.. "Together we stand waiting & Longing for you Dear-- your family".   

Then as the years went on.. there are a variety of other Frasure family pooches, seemingly leaving one to believe Blanche and Eddie were rarely if ever, without multiple Dogs. 

Dobie Central.. plus friend.  You don't often see a Doberman's ears left uncropped-- but sometimes do.

And then there's this pair.. seemingly both contemporaries of the Dobermans.. as the little pup was seen in the previous pic with them.
"Buddies".. I think Tina?? (hard to make out the name)-- and Tiny.  Tiny's the larger of the 2.  Photo says 1970. 

And proof positive, with one of the Dobies.. I believe named Dacey sharing the couch with Eddie in 1957. "Hey-- where's your spot??"  

And the other, guarding the Chickens.. or trying to figure them out?? 

Then, there are the larger animals..
Cows have a most direct way of checking you out.  I don't know about you-- but when a Cow looks like this.. it's probably best to take a step back, and stop wondering what the Cow is thinking.  

Eddie Frasure standing proudly, with a proud Horse. 

Very few photos of Blanche later in life and with animals in hand seem to exist.. but with better quality surely desired-- this is one.  And at some point, many would figure to see a Cat in the mix somewhere.. and "hey"-- "there's one".  

Well, thanks for watching this episode of what could be called "Wild Kingdom"-- Blanche's love for animals.  And we didn't even get to Blanche's love for Horse Racing.  Another post for another time.  And honorable mention to the other animals evident within Blanche's pics.. the Geese and Turkeys and baby Chicks and all-- who too, played a role in Blanche's life. 

My thanks to Jan Petrozzella, Bonnie & Clyde stalwart and Basenji owner-- for inspiring this post. 


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Has Bonnie & Clyde History Ever Heard An "Esscuse" More In Question??

Oh, lots of Internet comment-- concerning the explanation used to defend ambiguous labeling of supposed artifacts-- seemingly appearing out of thin air in increasing numbers at some Bonnie and Clyde museum in Northwestern, Louisiana.  Within a YouTube video released recently, the excuse of computer ineptitude-- was given as benign justification of apparent lax diligence in getting labeling correct within the museum.

My response is--
2500 years ago.. a museum curator commenting on a 4000 year old relic needed neither experience with abacus nor star patterns to "get it right" in describing the artifact correctly. All the curator needed was honesty, knowledge and a caring for history. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Think Reality TV Is Cool??.. Try Bonnie & Clyde History.

Before I move forward with this post-- I wish to say something in general and important terms.  Forget Bonnie & Clyde History for a moment-- or for that matter any history. Where I come from-- people are either honest or they're not.. ethical or they're not-- and caring or they're not.  There are no in-between nor grey areas.. for those middle-ground positions hold little purpose, in needlessly describing "almost" good people, or "what once were" good people-- in helping sort those with admirable characters from those with less than fine inner souls. 

Now-- over the past decade or so (yes, it "has" been that long)-- I've witnessed some remarkable things within Bonnie & Clyde History.. many of them good, but some not so wonderful.  For some Bonnie & Clyde in-fighting.. with both it's wildly passionate and sometimes utterly nonsensical expressions-- could easily remind some of today's reality TV shows.  For seemingly, if there isn't dissension to the point of pain and punishment-- what's the point of participating?? 

Fast forward to now-- with all the wrangling over the newly re-tooled Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland.. accused by many of wrongdoing and cheapening this history-- via what's said to be a quest for greed, rather than historical worth. 

I've reported on this tug-o-war between those who've "called out" the new museum and it's owner, and who "have" "Put Up" (sorry Mr. Hinton)-- pointed examples of which I must agree, seem to show everything from stretches of truth.. to apparent fabrication of said historical items-- along with distortion of history regarding displays, where cleverly worded ambiguity with apologies for a lack of computer savvy-- substitutes for straight forward dealings.  For honesty and diligence concerning history-- have nothing to do with computer skills.  How lame an esscuse is that??  So if these accusations are false-- then someone needs to step up and defend these alleged wrongs.. with "specifics" given, in order to detail provenance which to date is lacking. 

Ted Prince was the 1st to level accusations-- and based on his reputation, which no one I know would challenge-- has been the most convincing in reporting on all this.  For he was indeed there at the Museum's reformation, to provide eyewitness accounts of what he has contended were ploys of deception.  For Ted at one point, was a trusted ally of the museums new owner-- until Ted viewed doings he could not support in good conscience

Tom Methvin too also helped Mr. Carver-- in designing the museum's website-- until he was asked to post items for sale, which Tom (with his extensive knowledge of Bonnie & Clyde History)-- felt to be "suspect".  For you see unfortunately for Mr. Carver-- many who know a good deal about this fine history (including yours truly)-- have actually researched it on the ground and in the woods, and for example.. know the realities and non-realities of many Bonnie & Clyde locations and historical artifacts.  So just as Ted.. Tom cut ties with the new museum early on, out of conscience & caring for Bonnie & Clyde History.   

Then many others who care have followed suit-- in questioning the new museum in both polite and pointed terms (that can happen in Bonnie & Clyde History)-- in seeking answers to good and logical questions documented in a number of places now, including here.  For in having viewed museum displays and items offered for sale-- I too have asked the same good questions.  However those who find themselves in the spotlight of historical scrutiny, have chosen to remain silent-- and seemingly deliberately so, when asked for simple clarification and answers to questions it only makes sense to ask.  To me, silence is precisely the wrong approach to take in trying to defuse a firestorm of scrutiny-- but to each his own. 
Image challenged concerning eBay auction listing.
Also.. Certificates of Authenticity (COA's)-- visible in museum sales campaigns seem to be ambiguously worded.. and for example, tout bricks as witnessed taken from the Otis Cole House.. as coming from "the abandoned Cole House located in Sailes, Louisiana and also believed to be a hideout for Bonnie and Clyde".  Well forgive me-- but in making such a claim.. it needs to disclosed who exactly thinks that's true??  For I don't believe any reputable Bonnie & Clyde Historian would agree with that statement.  In fact, there is recorded history of pre-ambush dealings in Sailes-- which describe Otis Cole's interaction with Ivy Methvin, in having traveled from his home, to the hideout nearby-- to speak with squatters present there. 

Plus when a photograph of the John Gardner Cole house appears on somehow fluid paperwork accompanying that offering-- well, "how could that be" Mr. Carver??-- for your ambiguous abandoned house description, doesn't match your specific well-known and long gone house photograph.  Thus your collar doesn't match your cuffs.   

"Put up or shut up" they say..
But as it stands today-- all of this is coming to a monumental head within Internet threads.  With that the case.. I'm aware of no one, who's called Ted Prince a liar publicly nor denied with any specificity-- a host of said improprieties brought to light re: odd museum happenings.  These allegations are now backed not only by non-refuted eyewitness accounts-- but also by photographic evidence taken by yet another once trusted ally of the museum's owner, which for those who didn't know but do now-- comes from a video taken of Mr. Carver removing bricks from The Otis Cole House in Sailes, now posted online for all to see. 

Thus this record shows an individual who does own a local museum but does not own the Otis Cole House, removing bricks from it and orchestrating the removal of other items-- some of which can be viewed on display within pics of the same museum online.  Some good people including law enforcement, might call that theft-- and some who care very much for this history.. might just call that "proof positive" of wrongdoing.

In fact to my way of thinking, concerning such serious historical and ethical issues being brought to the fore-- and with evidence of museum knowledge of these concerns without question, based on Internet attacks and efforts to discredit those who have brought and reported on theses allegations (now backed by evidence supporting allegations made)-- this callous silence is tantamount to guilt.  For what other conclusion would a logical person reach, without objective evidence being offered to refute accusations??    

"Then"-- there are those who support the new museum and it's dealings, or should we call them a "glee club"-- who for reasons of camaraderie or ego?? express "glee" so vocally, in defending what seems indefensible.  These expressions have involved attempts to discredit others in various ways in defense of their cause-- which they apparently view as self-righteous.  So now-- they've posted this..

A video crafted to show L. J. "Boots" Hinton seemingly offering dismay-- at the accusations of those who would attack the museum.. and whether intentionally or unintentionally-- also apparently aimed, at providing scapegoats and shift attention away from museum "issues" unaddressed. 
And weaved within these "Boots" Hinton concerns, is a not so veiled attempt to discredit yours truly.  Whether "off the cuff" or carefully prompted to do so??-- Mr. Hinton keeps alluding to 'ol Winston repeatedly although not by name.  But make no mistake-- admittedly.. it "is" me "Boots" often speaks of here. 

As such, and unfortunately-- in defending my good name.. I need to publicly dispute Mr. Hinton's poor recollections of circumstances concerning me.

I've surely known "Boots" Hinton long enough to know the truth.. concerning a number of topics he misspoke of within this video.  In having viewed this video, it is my feeling either Mr. Hinton can no longer recall the truth concerning some events and concerning me-- or told untruths for reasons known only to himself-- and or those, who seem to offer him little in the way of objectivity concerning this situation. As such my response to Mr. Hinton's comments:

My tenure with B&C History goes back almost a decade now.  In March of 2016.. it will be exactly 10 years.  I purchased my dual Bonnie & Clyde signatures in 2006.. publicly spoke on them in Dallas in 2007-- attended and provided talks for the Authentic Bonnie & Clyde Festival in Gibsland in 2008 & 2009-- loaned artifact(s) to the Dallas Historical Society (2007), The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum (2008) and since that time, have had Bonnie & Clyde artifacts displayed in Washington D.C.  at the Museum of Crime.  

I have a letter provided by Mr. Hinton, from early on within our friendship-- concerning an element of proof re: my Bonnie & Clyde signatures-- along with correspondence from others well-known to this history from that time period.  Also records and recollections of public appearances I've made which are indisputable-- to contradict Mr. Hinton's not so polite snub of my tenure.  I've also provided Bonnie & Clyde truth "here" since 2009.

To my knowledge, "Boots" Hinton had nothing to do with the discovery of Dallas file 26-4114. There was no wooden filing cabinet in the FBI basement and no stellar police work involved. FBI Historian John Fox had been helping me re: authentication of The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures.  John contacted me around Christmas time the year of my main dealings with him.. and told me file 26-4114 had been found in Dallas. 

The story related to me by someone who should know-- had concerned that file having been discarded within a deliberate purging of old FBI documents within the Dallas field office.. taken from the trash by a caring FBI worker who in realizing it's value-- arranged a meeting with another FBI employee and returned it to the Bureau.  It was then declassified without redaction and later released.  The rest as they say is history.  If not for that caring individual who had thought of it's importance historically-- we would not know any of what we do now from that "oh so stellar" and vital file.  That is the reality as I know it, concerning Dallas FBI File 26-4114.       

Ken Holmes "absolutely" approached me offering me a partnership in the museum. This was when Ken parted ways with Charles Heard. 25K was the asking price, to both pay off Charles' share in the museum and pay off a bank loan due in Gibsland. I turned Ken down, after his calling me and speaking with me for over 2 hrs one evening. "Boots" knows this story well, however for whatever reason now-- has chosen to twist it around.  "Boots" told me not to let Ken know he knew of Ken's offer.  I never understood why that was important??.. but I honored his wishes.  Surely better than "Boots" has honored our former friendship now.  So sorry folks over yonder-- Ken "did" offer me a partnership.. I did not seek it.  Goodness no. 

Now the stuff concerning Rhea Leen really burns me up.  I have 26 e-mails sent to me by Rhea Leen Linder-- most from the period I helped her get at least some $$ due her, from a botched joint sale of family items of both Blanche's and Rhea Leen's-- which occurred before my knowing either Rhea Leen or Lorraine. An effort I took on based purely on caring.. and trying to make "some" difference for both ladies (who used to be friends)-- and "perhaps" succeed in mending fences in some small way between them. Man, did I ever get shit on for that-- by many who had no clue what was happening in reality within private dealings-- and jumped to remarkable and wrong conclusions. 

So f
or those who feel I did anything else but be helpful in this regard.. I'll let Rhea Leen's own words speak for themselves.  All quotes used here can be confirmed, by my sending copies of e-mails to all who ask-- which will match e-mails Rhea Leen should hold as well.  This quote-- from an email Rhea Leen sent me on March 6th, 2010..

"Hi again - I don't think Ken meant to cause all of that - it just boomeranged way out of reason - he has told me that he is sorry that he ever caused it - when he called that day I was real upset about what she was doing - and he got upset because I was upset - and everyone just added fire to it - I can only again apologize sincerely and wish it had never happened.  I again told him today how you have been helping me and trying to get her to do the right thing and he said he was glad, that he never wanted to get into something like that again."

And this one from another dated March 7th, the following day..

"If I were you - I would just forget about all this - she's going to do what she wants to do and that will not change ever.  I think you have found out about that - she is going to send 500.  and believe me she will consider that my part and there is really not anything either one of us can do - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done - believe me this much would not have been done if you had not pursued it as you have - but you need a rest and yes, it can consume you - and it is so frustrating because of the lies and here again there is not one thing can be done to change her. 

Please don't worry about it and take care of your other obligations- there is life after Lorraine and Rhea Leen and we will all survive. 

Take care and again thanks."

And concerning a long phone conversation I had with Rhea Leen one evening-- where I voluntarily inventoried items sent to me by Lorraine, in an effort to make sure none were Rhea Leen's-- a few items were Rhea Leen's but not many.  2 items of significance were discussed at length.  I keyed in on Bonnie's poem "The Saga of Bonnie and Desperate Clyde" which Rhea Leen said she was not familiar with-- so as such was Blanche's.  Also Billie's copy of her unpublished manuscript.. which was Rhea Leen's.  I tried numerous times within that conversation to return that item to Rhea Leen-- but she kept telling me to keep it, as she was tired of all to do with the auction matter. So after trying once again at the end of our call, to make sure she was sure.. I was convinced she was-- thanked her and moved on.  I even said, if she ever changed her mind-- just let me know.  'Haven't heard from her re: this since.     

It's really too bad any bad blood still exists from my helping Rhea Leen (an idea Lorraine initiated)-- for I would surely help in the very same way again.. even if I knew I would be rebuked for doing so-- by those with hearts that used to express their feelings with thanks, instead of vitriol.

There are other things I was surprised to hear "Boots" say-- such as his having introduced me to Alan Olson.. for that's not true-- it was Alan who referred me to "Boots".  Alan was the very 1st person I contacted concerning my signatures.. "Boots" was the 2nd.  I'm genuinely disappointed, Mr. Hinton chose to participate in such a fiasco of a video interview-- which in the end, some may feel places him in a bad light.



Speaking of placing Mr. Hinton is a bad light-- I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. as this photo and comments concerning "Boots" were posted publicly on Facebook. The poster is clearly identified.  Seems this photo accompanied by such jocular commentary-- really shows a high level of caring for Mr. Hinton, by those who take pride in using his services so readily.  Fine way to show you care folks.. really fine way to show it.