Monday, September 21, 2015

For Bonnie & Clyde History, Questions "Still" In Gibsland-- But Now Enter An "Old And Patient" Foe.. Water.

Although understandably tiresome to some, here's an update on Gibsland-- which to those in the thick of this history.. has become a stark and principle-driven battleground for truth, justice and the Bonnie & Clyde way.  The more I hear of happenings concerning the newly re-tooled Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland.. the more I find it remarkable, the museum's new owner apparently has neither the desire nor fortitude, to openly address prudent questions re: reported "historical" misdealings at the museum.

However to my way of thinking, and having reported on this historical tug-of-war for a while now-- in defending what's right with this history.. I would think Mr. Carver should feel a keen obligation, to answer all reasonable questions concerning historical integrity, and address charges levied against him by many from the Bonnie & Clyde historical community.  That would seem only right for history, and goodness-- also concerning reputation.. when reputation is linked to history via a most visible and now scrutinized entity.  

And I don't know about some.. but I don't consider surrogates crafting self-serving propaganda via YouTube-- equal to an owner taking  responsibility for his actions.. especially when some in focusing such a remarkable amount of energy concerning yours truly.. lied.  And as such, I have every right to comment.  Mr. Hinton told untruths for whatever reasons of his own-- (perhaps the museum at all costs??.. including striking down friendships, not only mine)-- and thus has lost my respect both personally and as a spokesperson for this history. 
If only this sign told of a real Louisiana State historical designation for Rosa's Cafe, that was it's name.. not Ma Canfield's. Then long ago, the building would've been restored to it's 1934 splendor.. and the roof not an issue.

Concerning goings on in Gibsland-- others have spoken of everything from counters claimed as having been from Rosa's Cafe.. to dinnerware having come from Bonnie & Clyde's last meal together (that's a good one).. to a replica Frank Hamer gun seemingly represented as the original (or was it??).  Oh-- if only that museum person had better computer skills, in order to word that Hamer gun description differently.  So.. shoddy computer skills eclipse basic knowledge & caring for truth??  What a "disgrace" of an 'esscuse, masquerading for historical diligence.  I do wonder though.. if museum displays in general, are worth more in revenue realized.. when ambiguity is the standard employed concerning truth??..   

To a wooden non-weathered, non-pay pay phone, having been "the" very Gibsland filling station pay phone Frank Hamer used to telephone Lee Simmons after the ambush..
to supposed swatches of Bonnie's clothing sold for $200 a pop, in conjunction with an eBay business acquaintance specializing in horror memorabilia-- but without adequate provenance, to prove that alleged Bonnie article of clothing, as being  from any source other than perhaps a 2nd hand store??  Now which Bonnie relative in Dallas, will back that supposed Bonnie clothing??  Come on now.. let's hear it.  As John Lennon said.. "Just Gimme Some Truth".. 

To bricks and a screen door-- apparently represented to be from the John Gardner Cole House (Bonnie & Clyde's Sailes hideout) with photos of such attached.  But rather than some accepting that as reality-- those who know better (and they do)-- have fought back for the honor of this history, by reporting eyewitness accounts and even posting hard evidence.. in the form of a video now released on YouTube-- proving parts of the Otis Cole House "were" removed (no doubt about it) by some museum owner and at his direction.. just as alleged. 

Seems some people caught taking things that don't belong to them, and publicly claiming them as things they're not-- long for respect within this history.  But you know, history or not-- that's a quite tall order to strive for-- when "truth" and reality stand in it's way.  Seemingly with each brief period that passes-- some new "bonanza" of remarkable and formerly unknown Bonnie & Clyde artifacts are donated by some anonymous individual or within some story of a magical sort.. in hopes some "fine museum" will find a home for them, and of course add them to an inventory of already tall-tales without proper substantiation.  

On behalf of Bonnie & Clyde History, "Oh please".. and enough non-supported dishonor for this history!!  But old proverb say-- "He who keeps posting evidence of suspect dealings for others to use as fuel.. may get burned."  "And you know"-- some guy, I didn't catch his name.. brought that proverb over, and just left it at my door.  'Sure am glad to have it though.

Screen door with photos of John Gardner Cole House attached (Bonnie & Clyde's Sailes hideout long gone)-- with Facebook comment, saying an old local man was responsible for this find said to be from the "Cole House"..with exclamations!!!.. and then comment "No it's from a hideout".  Problem is-- good history is about specifics.. and for those of us who know the Otis Cole House well, and can document this screen door via personal experience and photos as having been attached to the front door of the "Otis" Cole House, which many of us have walked through.. well remarkably-- "Busted again".  BTW-- Otis Cole's house is not known as a hideout concerning this history.. no matter how cleverly worded some people's ambiguity is.      


"Put up or shut up" they say..  OK-- 

"Otis Cole House", Sailes, LA.  'Took this photograph myself.  "Man, that front screen door sure looks familiar".  It's a shame this house is now being carted away in pieces-- apparently with questioned-intent concerning this history.  

But now comes word the museum's roof, which has leaked like a sieve for years and without suitable repair-- could put an end to the Ambush Museum in Gibsland.  If that happens, which could occur as soon as October 1st or October's end-- seems Atlanta of all places, could  be the Ambush Museum's new home.  But as Atlanta makes little sense concerning ambush proximity, Arcadia would be better-- that's apparently been discussed too.. along with other more dramatic scenarios re: museum control and the building it sits in-- which not all are privy to.. (wink).  Guess we'll just have to see how this all plays out. 
Someone asked me recently, whether I would rather see the Ambush Museum continue with the problems it now shoulders-- or close, for any of many reasons.. for which an inadequate roof and monsoon-like leaking would surely qualify??   

At this point and with my focus on truth and the integrity of this history, my response  is-- I like water.. and have no issue with it.  

And you know what??  I'll do it.. "Thank you" John Lennon..

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