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For Blanche Barrow-- Animals Held A Special Place Within Her Heart & Soul.

One of the more fortunate occurrences for yours truly within this history, and surely concerning artifacts-- was my being offered most remaining items from Blanche's estate.  Among these numerous personal and insightful Blanche possessions, are  a slew of photos-- with fortunately, a good number inscribed by Blanche (as was her habit)-- so as to provide explanation concerning pics she cherished.  And when perusing these images from various times in her past, it becomes quite apparent-- Blanche held a particular fondness for animals of all types-- Dogs, Cats, Horses, Barnyard animals, as well as having a particular penchant for Thoroughbred Horses and Horse racing.  As such-- I happily share with you, a selection of Blanche's animal acquaintances from my collection.

Blanche with Snowball.. and handwritten explanation of Snowball's loss at Joplin.

Most familiar with the history of Bonnie & Clyde-- know the story of Snowball.. Blanche's stark white pup-- who as a  matter of circumstance and harsh necessity.. unfortunately, was left behind in Joplin.  For it likely already a daunting task, to keep The Barrow Gang mascot fed, walked and corralled-- within the everyday dealings of such a high profile criminal enterprise on the run.. much less make sure the dawg was in the car, when it was "time to go".  But as fate would have it.. when the gang made it's hasty escape in April of '33 from 3347½ Oak Ridge Drive on the south side of Joplin-- Snowball did too.. likely living out it's life within that area of Missouri.  

.."and" Snowball, standing like everyone else.  A rare photo, including Jack & Artie from '32.  Writing is Blanche's.

However, after prison time served in Jefferson City, Missouri-- Blanche married Eddie Frasure (April 19th, 1940)-- and moved on within her life beyond the boundaries of "Buck" and her Bonnie & Clyde adventures.  And within this time-frame.. another pooch stole Blanche's heart-- a "barkless" Dog, bred in Africa to help hunt Lions.. a Basenji named Valentine.


For beginning with Valentine from the 1940's and onward-- it seems for the remainder of Blanche's life-- she always appeared to have at least one Dog.  And for Dog owners including many of you and myself included.. that sort of 4-legged love is both familiar and fulfilling.  As Valentine dates from the period after Blanche's release from prison and WWII-- it seems this dark and white Basenji.. was the next pup noted after Blanche's loss of Snowball. 

There are a number of photos of Valentine.. including with Blanche's father Matt.. as well as with Blanche, in being considered a valued
family member.     

Matt Caldwell with Valentine.

Blanche with Valentine, as sent to husband and Navy man Eddie Frasure during WWII.  Inscription reads.. "Together we stand waiting & Longing for you Dear-- your family".   

Then as the years went on.. there are a variety of other Frasure family pooches, seemingly leaving one to believe Blanche and Eddie were rarely if ever, without multiple Dogs. 

Dobie Central.. plus friend.  You don't often see a Doberman's ears left uncropped-- but sometimes do.

And then there's this pair.. seemingly both contemporaries of the Dobermans.. as the little pup was seen in the previous pic with them.
"Buddies".. I think Tina?? (hard to make out the name)-- and Tiny.  Tiny's the larger of the 2.  Photo says 1970. 

And proof positive, with one of the Dobies.. I believe named Dacey sharing the couch with Eddie in 1957. "Hey-- where's your spot??"  

And the other, guarding the Chickens.. or trying to figure them out?? 

Then, there are the larger animals..
Cows have a most direct way of checking you out.  I don't know about you-- but when a Cow looks like this.. it's probably best to take a step back, and stop wondering what the Cow is thinking.  

Eddie Frasure standing proudly, with a proud Horse. 

Very few photos of Blanche later in life and with animals in hand seem to exist.. but with better quality surely desired-- this is one.  And at some point, many would figure to see a Cat in the mix somewhere.. and "hey"-- "there's one".  

Well, thanks for watching this episode of what could be called "Wild Kingdom"-- Blanche's love for animals.  And we didn't even get to Blanche's love for Horse Racing.  Another post for another time.  And honorable mention to the other animals evident within Blanche's pics.. the Geese and Turkeys and baby Chicks and all-- who too, played a role in Blanche's life. 

My thanks to Jan Petrozzella, Bonnie & Clyde stalwart and Basenji owner-- for inspiring this post. 


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BarefootOkieGal said...

I have a little white dog who looks a lot like Snowball - I like to think that he lived out his life somewhere happily, with someone who found him!