Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Many Thanks To The National Museum of Crime. Good Years & Good Times.. For The Love Of History.

Just returned from Washington, D.C.-- where I've now removed my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts from display at The National Museum of Crime and Punishment.  As that stellar museum dedicated to the history of crime, is closing-- and after a great 7 year relationship.. it's time for my Bonnie & Clyde pieces to move on.  And they will, to Dallas-- to be displayed once again at the Dallas Historical Society Museum at the Hall of State/ Fair Park.  The same museum, where they began their public display in 2007-- for the enjoyment of all who look for Bonnie & Clyde History within Dallas.  And thus-- soon "a fitting return" for some unique Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.. and with the selection to be expanded even more, should new exhibitions pan out over the next couple of years.

Bonnie & Clyde Signatures when displayed along with Steve Haas' "The Street Girl" Bonnie poem. 

I wish to thank Janine Vaccarello, Rachael Penman, Larissa Viall and all at the Crime Museum-- for their professionalism, attention to detail, staunch protection of my artifacts and for conducting their approach to imparting history-- in the way it "should" be conducted.  Perhaps lessons others could learn from.  My profound "thanks" as well to Paul Burns, an historical facilitator-- or museum/artifacts matchmaker if you will.. for reaching out to me in the 1st place all those years ago, to gauge my interest in having my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts displayed in Washington. 

In the end, I had a number of Bonnie & Clyde pieces displayed within either the public or private tours-- including the signatures, a Bonnie poem, Billie Jean's manuscript-- along with Blanche pieces, which included the Christmas card with handwritten expression and Blanche Barrow signature-- and other personal effects from her prison years.  

Crime Museum entrance-- 7th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

It's most unfortunate, the Crime Museum has lost their lease.. one thought secure for years to come, in that building on 7th Street NW in Washington.  But it seems the powers that be there, may have alternative goals for that lucrative spot near Chinatown in D.C..  Janine, Rachael and Larissa tell me, the Crime Museum will reopen again-- but with date and location as yet unannounced.

I have many pics I took within the Crime Museum-- when they had me there for that weekend Bonnie & Clyde Symposium a few years back.  And even though this museum, spanned perhaps 1500 years of crime & punishment, from Medieval times until now.. I have but space for a small # of photos as examples of doings there..

Now "that's" punishment..
Jesse James' actual notebook and replica gun.
Replica Dillinger wooden escape gun.

Actual Dillinger "death mask".
John Wayne Gacy corner.. with clown suits, clothing, paints, typewriter and artwork.  

Also unique interactive exhibits.  I never did crack that safe.. but it was cool to try.
And concerning Murderabilia.. this museum could back it up-- with many originally owned possessions from famous murderers.  Ink sketches from Manson, a signed Gacy clown painting (visible in this pic).. a David Berkowitz birthday card.. personal effects from David Desalvo (the Boston Strangler) etc.. 

Of course, if you have a Guillotine-- you just have to have a Gas Chamber.. a "real" one.
Type of crowd I encountered at the Bonnie & Clyde Exhibit, when I was there.
At some point, I will announce firm plans and timing for my Bonnie & Clyde artifacts in Dallas.  Alan Olson, Curator at the Dallas Historical Society Museum is not only a "Pro's pro" when it comes to preserving and displaying history-- but a friend as well, who I trust implicitly with my collection.  And I'm sure, others who own Bonnie & Clyde artifacts-- have an equal respect for Alan.. as Alan coordinated the fondly-remembered and highly-regarded Bonnie & Clyde Exhibition there in 2001. So you can rest assured-- whatever he has cookin' in Dallas historically concerning a re-visiting of Bonnie & Clyde.. will rival the best BBQ Dallas has to offer.  And for those who live it-- both history and down-home BBQ, are quite serious business in Bonnie & Clyde's hometown.

Hall of State, Fair Park, Dallas.  Magnificent Deco structures, artwork and history.

So for all the good times, and wonderful opportunities those interested in Bonnie & Clyde from all over got to experience-- in being able to view a nicely displayed selection of Bonnie & Clyde items including Ken Holmes' Bonnie & Clyde movie car-- "Thanks to all".  Maybe we can do it again.  Some have asked me where the movie car is going??  I've heard a couple of possibilities-- but as of now, know of no decision to report on concerning that.

Main room, Hall of State, used for many functions.. including historical exhibits.

Spectacular wraparound hallway, where additional displays are housed during exhibitions.
There's already talk of my coming to Dallas again when all this shakes out, to do a return speaking thang at the DHS-- but this time.. modeled after the one I did in Washington.  'Liked that much better than the more formal variety.. in just placing me with the Bonnie & Clyde artifacts I know so well, and interacting in whatever way those interested wish to.  An informal and "off the cuff" exchange, concerning questions and the like.  As that worked so wonderfully well in Washington.. "let's do it again"-- and all join together in Dallas to celebrate this history in the near future.

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It's a shame the museum there had to close. I wish I could have visited the place. For the love of History, is what it should be about