Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bonnie & Clyde History Notes

The history of Bonnie & Clyde inspires impassioned comment & investigation worldwide-- as evidenced by those who've now visited this blog, from "188" countries and growing.  As such, Kiribati, Gambia, Swaziland and Liberia are the latest to join the The Bonnie & Clyde History League of Nations.  "Welcome" to all.

Here you can explore a myriad of historical posts, research, photos, comments and media applications of Bonnie and Clyde History-- as told with "the truth" as the guiding principle concerning all that appears on this site.  

What's new on the blog??  In addition to the Dallas Morning News article concerning Bonnie's death glasses now up for auction-- I've now added a post, with links to the upcoming RR auction of her glasses and numerous other Bonnie & Clyde related items. Long-time followers of the blog, will recall our looks into Bonnie's death glasses.. and the news article that "made the difference" concerning authentication.  All now available for re-visiting.     

As "Spring has Sprung"-- I hope all are well.  Please look for new posts coming soon on The Bonnie & Clyde History Blog.  

And don't look now-- but the 'ol B&CHB is just 5 countries away, from being visited by Bonnie & Clyde aficionados from every country on earth.  A remarkable thing-- but so is this history.  

For those less familiar with me-- among my Bonnie & Clyde expressions, I've provided talks and historical programs for a variety of premier Bonnie and Clyde forums-- including The Authentic Bonnie and Clyde Festival Gibsland, Louisiana-- The Dallas Historical Society and The National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington D.C.  I've contributed to Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout and authored a slew of historical articles here on The B&CHB.  More complete bio << blog left.  

Many of my authentic Bonnie & Clyde historical pieces,
 including The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures, Bonnie's poem "The Saga of Bonnie and Desperate Clyde", Billie Parker's manuscript and numerous items owned by Blanche Barrow-- housed for many years at The National Museum of Crime and Punishment.. are headed once again to Dallas.  So look for further info, concerning this redeployment of B&C artifacts soon.     

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Please view an extensive selection of archived posts here concerning this history-- along with my thanks for visiting The Bonnie & Clyde History Blog.

Always keep Frank Ballinger in your prayers as he progresses in breaking the grip of cancer.  Visit Frank's wonderful Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout whenever you can.  Link << blog left. 

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The RR Auction-- Some of This.. Some of That.. and Some "Stellar" Bonnie & Clyde Artifacts Changing Hands.

Had a very pleasant conversation with Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President of Boston's RR Auctions.. concerning the more than exiting upcoming auction of some "Premier" Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.  Of course, Bonnie's death glasses are the featured item, but other stellar artifacts of note will be offered as well-- including the original Clyde to Raymond Hamilton "So Long" letter, likely penned by Bonnie.  

I'm attaching link here to the auction, for all around the world who may be interested in bidding-- to have a go at Bonnie & Clyde historical greatness.   Please delve into the RR website, to make note of the dates and rules involved if you plan on participating.  

Any questions concerning stated provenances and particulars should be addressed please to RR Auctions. Of course, I am always available to run your questions by-- concerning my knowledge or opinions of items or their provenance.

Again, I'd like to state my hope.. that whomever purchases Bonnie & Clyde artifacts from this auction, will graciously share Bonnie & Clyde History with all-- in offering these items for display in future Bonnie & Clyde public events.  

Additional pics-- 

Dallas Observer article/more items and images--

Bonnie & Clyde History is "Remarkable" history.. so jump in and enjoy!!   "Oh"-- And why use the Bonnie & Clyde "kissing" photo for this post?? Well, while others are busy picking over their stuff.. I just thought it right to provide an image of them, un-bloodied and within a moment of happiness. 

My best to all.. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Endgame To Poignancy.. Bonnie's Death Glasses Come To Auction

"It's Deja Vu all over again".  With Bonnie's death glasses now coming to auction.. please view the current Dallas Morning News article concerning this remarkable event.. as well as links to both articles as published here on the blog, referenced within the Dallas article regarding Bonnie's glasses.

I'm so sorry to hear Steve from Massachusetts is no longer with us. I'm sure all who care for Bonnie & Clyde History "Thank" Steve immensely.. for his long-term preservation of Bonnie's glasses. Hopefully.. whomever purchases the glasses, will provide the same good stewardship of this uniquely remarkable artifact-- and be willing to allow display for all to view.  

I would think Bonnie's glasses, the only Bonnie & Clyde artifact sans the Death Car seats (well worn now).. and Clyde's death clothing, long ago laundered and with some cut into little swatches-- to possess DNA from Bonnie & Clyde.  I don't know about you-- but just as with John Lennon's blood-stained glasses.. in viewing Bonnie's preserved blood, splattered and frozen in time from the instant she was killed in May of "34.. that realization, is at least thought-provoking-- and for many, more than mesmerizing in it's poignancy and emotion.. regardless of personal impressions concerning the immortal West Dallas desperadoes.

Is any history more demanding and enjoyable than Bonnie & Clyde History??  I would think not.. for all who dare to delve into it.   

The Dallas Morning News article link..

To view both prior blog articles concerning Bonnie's death glasses referenced by the Dallas Morning News.. go to blog search engine (blog left near top)-- and enter Bonnie's glasses.  Both articles will appear.

My renewed thanks to Jason, for having contacted me with news that he had the issue of the Shreveport paper from May of '34.. with seemingly the only reference to Bonnie's glasses in stunning detail-- which provided both hammer and nail, to nail down provenance for the glasses. Jason was most gracious, in wanting scans of this key article posted on The B&CHB for benefit of the glasses and history.    

My thanks as well to friend and Civil War Historian Tom Burke.. for sending the Dallas article to me. I'm sure other news outlets have covered this.. but of course it's the Dallas view, most who focus on this history will be interested in.  BTW-- As this is both a serious and heart-felt effort on my part.. I always and very much appreciate, whenever The B&CHB is acknowledged. 

Also I think it good, when Dallas remembers Bonnie & Clyde (not done much anymore). Not that this history necessarily be prideful for the city sprawling upon the banks of the Trinity River-- but surely, history shouldn't be ignored and "swept under the rug".. but rather remembered with eyes wide open, for the reality it was-- complete with all it's human lessons and consequences.