Thursday, April 13, 2017

The RR Auction-- Some of This.. Some of That.. and Some "Stellar" Bonnie & Clyde Artifacts Changing Hands.

Had a very pleasant conversation with Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President of Boston's RR Auctions.. concerning the more than exiting upcoming auction of some "Premier" Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.  Of course, Bonnie's death glasses are the featured item, but other stellar artifacts of note will be offered as well-- including the original Clyde to Raymond Hamilton "So Long" letter, likely penned by Bonnie.  

I'm attaching link here to the auction, for all around the world who may be interested in bidding-- to have a go at Bonnie & Clyde historical greatness.   Please delve into the RR website, to make note of the dates and rules involved if you plan on participating.  

Any questions concerning stated provenances and particulars should be addressed please to RR Auctions. Of course, I am always available to run your questions by-- concerning my knowledge or opinions of items or their provenance.

Again, I'd like to state my hope.. that whomever purchases Bonnie & Clyde artifacts from this auction, will graciously share Bonnie & Clyde History with all-- in offering these items for display in future Bonnie & Clyde public events.  

Additional pics-- 

Dallas Observer article/more items and images--

Bonnie & Clyde History is "Remarkable" history.. so jump in and enjoy!!   "Oh"-- And why use the Bonnie & Clyde "kissing" photo for this post?? Well, while others are busy picking over their stuff.. I just thought it right to provide an image of them, un-bloodied and within a moment of happiness. 

My best to all.. 

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