Friday, August 12, 2011

Like Shooting Stars-- More Bonnie & Clyde Wannabes Gain Their 2 Minutes of Fame

Well these are certainly not your grandparent's Bonnie & Clyde days anymore. In possessing technology today which Bonnie & Clyde would marvel at-- law enforcement always seems to have the tools and resources needed-- to get the jump on and quickly hunt down criminals who make a big splash. Just as other recent outlaws who the media has ceremoniously & inaccurately ascended to the level of Bonnie & Clyde-- The Dougherty Gang-- Lee, Ryan and Dylan didn't last long on the run. Hell, it seems they were just witnessed buying their tent-- & barely had time to put the sticks up.

Bonnie & Clyde History is so much more profound than just the antics, crimes & passion of a love swooned pair-- most often viewed in polarizing terms, as either callous hardened killers or unfortunate characters of fate. Their history is "our" history-- as The Great Depression affected all, regardless of circumstance. Those remarkably tough times, manifested true hardship, heartache, legitimate desperation and class struggle.

Compare that to this trio of troubled kids, where the threat of one having to register as a sex offender-- was thought would hamper his ability to see his yet unborn child. That could well be true-- but I'm not sure modern problems of personal inconvenience such as this, measure up to the unmatched challenges and struggles a brave '30's populous had to endure.

Although the overall crime rate reportedly dropped during the Depression-- robbery based murder and domestic violence surged, as frustrations were stretched to the breaking point within many. Desperate times can lead to desperate measures, among those where hope flickers like a candle in the wind. I seem to do one of these posts, every time now Bonnie & Clyde are mentioned in comparison to whichever modern day misfits are on the run. I'm sure it won't be long, until this recurring historical inequity is exercised once again by the media-- in order to prompt a reminder, of what truly tough times & iconic criminals were really like.

Monday, August 1, 2011

When It Rains It Pours-- Bonnie & Clyde Movies That is

With thanks to Russ-- an interesting new development on the Bonnie & Clyde movie front.

However, the source book for this newly reported Burger and Sheldon effort is less than impressive-- at least to me. It looks like I'll need to re-sharpen the skewers once again, for yet another round of Jeff Guinn "historical" comment concerning this newly proposed film. According to this media account, should this additional Bonnie & Clyde movie be made-- it will key on the hype and sensationalism Jeff Guinn brought to bear (without historical basis)-- which seemed aimed at spurring on his book sales. It appears this portrayal, will include a telling of Bonnie's alleged foray into the world of Prostitution-- a claim Guinn has espoused, but can't back with any credibility. To view the damage Guinn has inflicted on Bonnie's reputation-- one only needs to Google the phrase Bonnie Parker Prostitute, to reveal how Guinn's handy work has maligned her.

Whether it be within the realms of politics or film-- as the truth doesn't seem important anymore, it appears this new Bonnie & Clyde movie will look to capitalize on today's successful formula-- of separating people from their $$ via the sensational. My take is-- the "true" story of Bonnie & Clyde if told correctly, is more interesting and poignant than any film portrayal to date. Based on Tonya Holly's passion and dedication to the truth concerning Bonnie & Clyde, it's my belief-- her portrayal will become the standard by which other are judged.

I've been in touch with Tonya, who says she's aware of this alternative Bonnie & Clyde movie effort. Last I've heard, Tonya's moving ahead with The Story of Bonnie & Clyde regardless of likened competitors. I as many-- feel Tonya will provide the saga of Bonnie & Clyde the historical truth these iconic outlaws deserve. I have no such illusion, concerning any effort which relies on Guinn's fantasy-laced interpretation of Bonnie & Clyde. Guinn, who's a "hired gun" contract writer anyway-- has moved on to topics unrelated to the history of Bonnie & Clyde, thus proving his lack of sustained interest in this history. In hearing of his association with this latest Bonnie & Clyde movie effort-- I can't say I'm disappointed.