Monday, October 26, 2009

A Time For Vigilance

Who ever said participating in B&C History was easy?? It "should" be easy to discuss history without some sort of hate and venom being advanced-- "and" without the distractions necessitated by these issues. But unfortunately, within the B&C community-- that's not always the case. Those who know of my passion for this history, know of my aversion to those who make hate filled rants an art form-- in turning apparent inabilities to cope, into creative and cruel attacks on others. This attempt at poisoning the B&C historical waters through the use of lies, manipulation and deceit-- can be a vicious and pathetic display of needless rhetoric.

In the past, I have voiced my condemnation of those who would attempt vile character assassinations-- and called for those who proliferate such activities, to be sanctioned. Despite such calls for reason, I have been witness to a number of good people being targeted in heinous and self serving attacks. Sometimes those in question, will go to great lengths in expending deplorable behavior to hurt others.

Recently, I've found myself the focus of such an attack. I believe I was targeted, because I rejected a former friend, in taking issue with his unsavory actions toward others. But it's hard to tell, as sometimes in this person's mind it seems there can be issues present-- which in reality, aren't reality. Whatever reasons were chosen, the recent attacks on myself and The B&CHB have been particularly hurtful-- in that they "were" advanced by someone I once called a friend. But lost friendships are no excuse for vitriol. It became apparent early on, that the target of these salvos was my reputation-- just as the reputations of others have been targeted by this individual, so viciously in the past. As I take both this history and my reputation seriously, I was in no mood to compromise either-- in resolving this issue in any other way, than to put down this hatred.

Those who lie so easily to promote themselves and hurt others, are the worst kind of offenders-- in that they use misinformation to sway people's opinions away from the truth, and into a narrow game of deceit. Based on this person's considerable talent in expounding hate, I might suggest he seek out a job within a vengeful and heated political campaign, where unfortunately-- character assassination is an accepted form of warfare. But within this historical context, there is "NO" room for this sort of despicable behavior.

Message boards can be places where harmful expression is allowed to fester-- as those mediums for discussion create the perfect harbor, for those who lie in wait to dispense hate. Just this year, I commented at length as Blanche's Hangout-- a good B&C message board went down by the bow, based on hateful expressions. But within my outcry in deploring hate there, I had it wrong. The cause was just, but unfortunately-- I misidentified the antagonist. I as others were fooled by this clever manipulator, who seemingly works hard at causing harm to others. After the hurt and lies leveled at me this go round, I am convinced this was the case in the past.

Now this same individual who has attempted to malign me here, is spouting his lies and hatred on another message board. There are many good people on that forum I call friends. I trust these good folks will do all they can, to make sure they don't fall victim-- to the same maliciousness that brought down Blanche's Hangout. I hope those on the side of good-- will remain vigilant. For some who are holdovers from Blanche's Hangout, this sort of thing must seem all too familiar-- as it's apparent the same individual, always seems to be at the center of these controversies. And for those who have seemingly embraced the "evil cause", and feel it is I who am FOS-- I would say patience is a virtue. Just wait-- and you'll see.

I for one won't be silent, in the face of abhorrent behavior which continues to afflict B&C forums including my own. There is good in the world and there is bad-- there is right and there is wrong. I will continue to side with the truth, and stand by those who believe in what is good about this history. I will leave it to my detractor-- who is now the nemesis of enough individuals to be an historian's club, to lay example of what not to do in life. On a positive note, it's my sincere hope-- that will change.

But as my detractor would have some believe he is not proliferating this exercise in terror-- for the record, I've received 14 new insulting e-mails from him in the past 2 days-- all before I completed this post. Those are in addition to a flurry of activity, over the past week. Normally I might say thanks for caring, but in this case-- could this much activity be considered an obsession with hate?? As someone wise once said-- enough is enough!!

A special note: As it's been said by he with little regard for the truth, that my apology to Debbie Moss is somehow fake and insincere. I want it to be known, my apology couldn't be more sincere. But as my gesture also reveals my feelings concerning the true nature of this hurtful individual, I'm not surprised that even an apology-- would be targeted by hate. I hope you are well Debbie, and I wish peace to all.


Shelley said...

There are a number of people out there, I'm sure, who are puzzled and dismayed by the conflict that has recently reemerged on this blog. This is understandable, as it is not always easy to discern who, exactly, is to blame.

It takes courage and integrity to speak up in the face of injustice, and Winston speaks only the truth here - no matter how unpleasant that truth happens to be. He is being more than charitable, as far as I'm concerned, in referring to the culprit in this scenario as being his "detractor". I would characterize this individual more as being a "victimizer" than anything else; he specializes in victimizing people. But lets just dispense of the niceties and openly identify this despicable character: Tom Methvin. He is the one person who is to blame for ALL the recurring trouble we have seen in the past, including two message boards and this blog.

Unfortunately, his malicious mischief has not been limited to derogatory postings for all to read. His evil-doings, I'm afraid, have been far more pervasive than that. And although Winston, Dave, and I have been the most visible, there are others who have also been the hapless targets of such venomous wrath.

This reprehensible behavior cannot be allowed to continue. We can either curl up and die and let him have his "fun" - or we can fight back and expose what we know to be the absolute truth. I choose to stand firmly by Winston's assertions and convictions, which I know first-hand to be 100% accurate. And I urge anyone else who values truth over lies to do the same.

We all see B&C's story from a different vantage point; this is true. Not everything is always black and white. But there is simply no excuse whatsoever for going after someone like a rabid pit-bull, just because they don't happen to share your particular point of view.

I sympathize with Bonnie and Clyde in many ways. They weren't all good, but they certainly weren't all bad, either. I don't approve of the way Frank Hamer put them "on the spot". And I most definitely do not like grits, and never will. The point is - so what?! These are my own opinions, and I am entitled to express them - without fear of threats or other forms of abuse. I don't deserve such treatment, and neither does anyone else.

Thank you Winston, for shining an illuminating light on the nefarious activities of one vengeful individual, and trying to put an end to this deplorable situation.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Methvin has no children, huh? Probably a good thing. Sounds to me like the old saying is true, "some people just shouldn't reproduce", and he's just making up for that fact by recruiting a board full of children. And just like any child, they too can't always tell right from wrong.
It's probably good that he has no biological children. If they grew up to be the sort of pathological liar and manipulator of people for his own demented cause, they would most likely at some time in their lives be subjected to some sort of harm.

Shelley said...

While it's nice to know that the spiteful and vindictive comments have subsided down in Boodletown, another senseless lynching has occured - and the damage has been done. I understand that this is a fairly tight-knit group of aficionados, and no one wants to jeopardize their standing within the discussion group. After all, any would-be defectors would most certainly be crucified in the same brutal manner. So why take any chances?

Even so, I must say that this whole situation is incredibly pathetic and sad. No one, apparently, even seems to be interested in questioning who the true instigator of all this animosity and malice really is. I suppose it would not be in anyone's best interest to 'rock the boat', so to speak, by even so much as entertaining the notion that that person just may NOT be Winston, after all!

But fear of being ostracized from the clique isn't a good enough reason to close one's eyes to the truth of the matter, in my opinion.

TM dwells in a parallel universe, where right is wrong, and good is bad. He only pretends to be a paragon of virtue, and that is all a part of his wicked web of deceit. Those of us who know him best, have ample evidence and proof to attest to this fact. It's just a dirty, rotten shame that others don't seem the least bit concerned with burdening themselves with such pesky details!

Be that as it may, my purpose here is not so much to condemn the Evil One, as it is to reiterate my support for Winston, who has been egregiously wronged. We all have our faults, and Winston is no exception. He does have a tendency, at times, to be perhaps a wee bit overly-agressive in his quest for historical truth. That's what he's all about - and unfortunately, he has ruffled a few feathers in the process.

But this does not in any way diminish his character, which is sterling. I know him to be generous, kind-hearted, fair, and above all - honest. And he also has demonstrated an extremely high level of tolerance for the pure bullshit he has been subjected to time after time. But guess what? We all have our limits, and Winston has finally reached his.

The fact that so many who professed to be friends so willingly ganged up on him in this deplorable act of misguided solidarity, only adds insult on top of injury. I know TM talks a good line, and can seem quite convincing. But the truth is not always that obvious, and before you stay hitched to that bandwagon, you should become better acquainted with the real facts.

Any questions? We will be more than happy to give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth....although I see little indication that truth is seen by many as being of much value. What a travesty! Again.