Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Brand New Day-- (Now w/Video Link)

Unfortunately with Blogs-- sometimes troublemakers try their best to spoil the fun. Recently a former friend of mine decided to be disruptive, by posting crass and inappropriate comments repeatedly-- not in the spirit of B&C History-- but instead aimed at me, in an attempt to be caustic. As this person has a history, of being disruptive in similar ways on other B&C forums-- and after being given fair warning on more than one occasion, I've made it known I feel this individual should no longer participate or comment here.

Also since this person is apparently capable of unsavory activities, up to and including issuing threats to myself and others-- I'm really in no mood to humor this individual's seeming desire, for venom, attention and control. I will not have this blog affected negatively, by such issues. Therefore I have enacted the following change. Comments are encouraged as always. However, all comments will now be monitored for inappropriate content prior to posting. This means when you post comments, they go to me first-- and then I post them. This will still allow for your wonderful comments to be viewed on The B&CHB, but also help assure-- that hateful comments can be avoided.

In response to this individual's attacks on me both personally and via the internet, let me respond by saying in my view-- being arrogant, scheming and untruthful-- is no way to go through life. Good people abide by their word-- and friends don't threaten friends. Also-- I see no reason to go elsewhere to banter, over perceptions of things of which I am already aware of the truth. Often one's own words and actions, speak volumes in revealing one's true nature-- and such I believe is the case here. Some can also project their issues upon others, in a attempt to hide issues which really should be addressed. Hate filled obsessions cannot be good-- and I leave it to others to judge for themselves-- what unfortunately I've already experienced.

I am sorry, this scurrilous behavior occurred here. As all can participate openly on The B&CHB-- I trust in the goodness of each participant, to maintain decorum, civility and politeness within this B&C forum. As it appears my affiliation with this individual is now over, I don't anticipate further issues of this sort going forward-- but I will be diligent in guarding against any recurrence of these events. I wish to say I appreciate the expressions of support I've received, during times I've needed to act such as this for the betterment of all-- and for the integrity of the blog. It's always my aim, to make The Bonnie and Clyde History Blog the best resource of it's kind concerning Bonnie and Clyde History-- and make this a welcome place, where all can enjoy sharing the history we love. "Thanks" as always for your continued support. Please look for more posts concerning B&C History soon.

I hope for a peaceful resolution for this circumstance. My thanks to Sting, for the inspiration for the title of this post. Here's a video link, to hopefully make all feel a little better--

A special note-- I also wish to offer a public apology to Debbie Moss, for my wrongful defense of a certain individual-- who caused upheaval on the Blanche's Hangout message board. This wasn't always true, but was true enough. Some may feel this apology long overdue, however in my defense-- sometimes it takes time to sort out the truth. This gesture, is about doing the right thing.


Shelley said...

The comment section of this blog is intended to be a forum in which we, B&C historians, can discuss this fascinating history and share our thoughts and opinions in a civilized, adult manner. It is NOT intended to be a place for us to hurl venomous insults at one another.

That being said, I for one am very pleased by the new changes now being enforced. Boundaries of common decency should and MUST be
maintained in order to keep the peace. This is supposed to be about history, not perpetuating some ridiculous grudge match with mindless mud-slinging. So keep up the good work, Winston!

Dave said...

Hey Winston, it's been awhile since I have posted here or anywhere else for that matter. hope you are well. I just want to say welcome to the hateful e-mail club. I had to change my e-mail address to stop it. you are one of us now, lol. Dave Otis

A. Winston Woodward said...

Hello Shelley and Dave. Thanks for your comments and support. As I blocked 6 comments yesterday from my detractor, who visited the blog 14 times-- I am not convinced his stated wish for a truce is sincere. I suppose the proof that things are better, will be when this person's activities cease.

As I need to get back to the business of the blog-- I will no longer acknowledge my detractor. He says he's watching me. I suppose that could be considered a threat. I'm not surprised.

Shelley said...

Threats? Oh, yes indeed! That is all a part of the usual pattern.

It starts with snide insults, degrading ridicule, and hate-filled rants - posted for all the world to see. This quickly escalates into constant, obsessive harrassment behind-the-scenes that never lets up. Whether you fight back - or choose to try and ignore it, the final result is the same: you inevitably become the target of bone-chilling threats that are not to be taken lightly.

Others before you, including myself, have had to deal with the same experience. It is all a part of his agenda. In fact, one might even go so far as to call this a "diabolical" agenda!

OF COURSE you are not surprised by this behavior. After all, you have witnessed it time after time. Having been a primary target myself, I am certainly not surprised in the least. However, I do find it all to be nonetheless put it mildly.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog and I am enjoying all the additional information and comments that are not addressed in many of the books I have read. Looking forward to this one!