Friday, October 9, 2009

B&C "Controversial Quotes"-- Were Herbert Corey's Bonnie and Clyde Slanders Attributed to Hoover??

Try this "Controversial Quote" on for size. This comes from Herbert Corey's 1936 book Farewell Mr. Gangster! America's War On Crime. The foreword to this book was written by none other than J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover has been cited by many, for spreading rumors about B&C-- however, I've never seen any of these reported slights documented anywhere before. "Perhaps" this book, written by Corey with foreword by Hoover-- is the the source of comments attributed to Hoover?? I found this reference in the John Treherne book. Note comments perhaps linked to Hoover-- concerning B&C being unclean etc. I've heard that comment before, however-- no one seems to know where it came from. Perhaps it originated from Herbert Corey?? As Mr. Corey writes--

"Bonnie Parker was quite as devilish as Shoe Box Annie (a well-known thief, swindler and mistress, who showed great enterprise in the disposal of her victims' bodies) but with every will in the world to give her place on the big-time it must be admitted that she was a cheap and noisy killer. A scourge of the filling stations', someone called her. Not a kind word may truthfully be said of Bonnie Parker or her mate, Clyde Barrow. They were physically unclean. The woman boasted that she never took a bath. They slept in the cars they stole, hiding in the woods and fields. Their activities were possible through the kindness of the Governor of Texas, who not only granted them whatever a "general parole" may be, but also released Clyde's brother Buck to keep them company"

I need to find a copy of this old book. Does anyone agree, that with the tone of these comments concerning B&C-- that Herbert Corey's book from back in the day, may too have been a source of degenerate B&C rumor-- as put forth over the years?? Hmm


Anonymous said...

Cheap and opposed to expensive and quiet? It is so obvious by looking at the rolls of film that this woman has OBVIOUSLY never bathed.


And once again you see the negative comments mostly pointed in Bonnie's direction. I love the connotation of Clyde as her "mate" as if she is some devious black widow who ensnared him.

As ridiculous as these comments seem to us now- at the time they were a "true" story taken as fact...a scary omen for current works don't you think?

And apparently someone had a teensy issue with the Texas governor...

Anonymous said...

This link points to Amazon.