Sunday, November 16, 2014

Within Bonnie & Clyde History-- Why Won't Some Gate Keepers Open The Door??

Most who love this history, can't help but question-- when those with supposed Bonnie & Clyde historical secrets, whether fairly benign or of the more  "earth-shattering" variety-- work so hard at "not" revealing them.  Or somehow-- "can't" bring themselves to share knowledge with others for reasons best self-understood-- where "deciding" it's somehow right to withhold secrets, seems strangely more important than the revelations themselves. 

Or worse-- if "control" of these secrets cannot be assured-- well then, no one will learn of such privileged info.  Some sort of self-fulfilling blackmail.  "Hey-- thanks a lot".  Fortunately for this history-- those with maniacal intent, are few and far between-- and have no place within this realm.  But then too-- you get the feeling no one would go to such trouble to risk a rouge to that extent, if they truly had something worthwhile.     

Then there are the books-- oh, the "vaulted" books, which never seem to make it to paper or e-book-- cherished ideas with untold "wealth potential" never brought to fruition.  But surely there's $$ in Bonnie & Clyde books??  Well maybe for hired-guns with major league distribution, who claim historical credibility-- although their most prolific literary expressions have concerned a beloved & mythical Christmas icon.  I wonder how many potential Bonnie & Clyde authors, have taken the time to contact, those who have published respected Bonnie & Clyde historical efforts-- to politely ask for advice and candor concerning the reality of advancing new books, which should they contain useful revelations-- would surely be welcome within this history, at least by those of us with open minds.  

To me-- Bonnie & Clyde History has "much" more to do with love of history, than money or any other vice-- and advancing knowledge within this history "can" indeed be it's own just reward.  Thus when I receive enticing e-mails concerning new Bonnie & Clyde revelations-- the 1st thing I do is make a point to communicate at length, with those touting their wares-- to get a sense of where "people are at" re: positive historical motives or the lack of them.  "Yep"-- when those potentially wonderful e-mails show up-- it pays to slow the process a bit and dig, as if researching Bonnie & Clyde revelations themselves.  And for some who say they love and respect this history-- how ironic.  Seems to me, concerning Bonnie & Clyde History as in life-- one can only hope goodness of heart, wins out over greed and personally directed motives.

Some of us who comment on this history based on love, knowledge, an open outlook concerning new information and a quest for honesty and genuineness at every turn-- are sometimes "given the business" so to speak, seemingly based on loyalty to a few.  I've learned that sort of thing goes with the territory which is Bonnie & Clyde History.  A more than pretty polarizing experience this historical landscape.    

For what it's worth-- having uncovered useful Bonnie & Clyde revelations-- I've utilized this forum to publicize new information without delay or redaction.  I believe that's what all deserve-- who enjoy, and take this history seriously.  So whether it concerns Bailey Tynes, Mary O'Dare, Nellie Parker Stamps, Bonnie & Clyde's signatures, The Wellington incident,  Blanche Barrow,
W.D. Jones, Lester Kindell, revelations from Billie Parker,  etc.. I do my best to make whatever difference I can, whenever I can.  "Many thanks" to so many for your kind comments, which mean so very much-- help stoke the creative process and reaffirm research and work joyfully spent.   

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