Saturday, August 29, 2015

Within Bonnie & Clyde History.. Guesswork And Greed Should Never Be The Standards Upheld.

It seems in defending a Bonnie & Clyde entity accused of wrongdoing and now apparently "busted" to prove it-- some within the Bonnie & Clyde historical community are grasping at straws, in search of a viable defense for callousness under fire.  As such, I saw a comment posted on a Bonnie & Clyde message board, that espoused "interpretation"-- as the standard by which history should be practiced.  The actual quote was "History like religion is all about interpretation.  NOBODY knows EVERYTHING about anything historical".  Man-- so many absolutes within that statement.. sure sounds familiar. 

Apparently in trying to deflect attention from some with the spotlight firmly affixed upon them-- others are now taking a page from the Jeff Guinn school of historical reasoning.  Many will recall, when "Go Down Together" was released-- a number of prominent Bonnie & Clyde Historians questioned Jeff concerning his source material leading to sensational "interpretations" within his book.  My questioning of Jeff via an e-mail exchange, resulted in the now famous quote "All written history is ultimately best guess, and clearly you and I have guessed differently in some instances". "Yeah man".. and there are those absolutes again.

A couple of things many may realize about me.. are that I'm not shy and I don't mince words.  Just as I went after Mr. Guinn's wholly and sadly remarkable statement-- I now too, take exception to this latest clone of that reasoning.  What a ludicrous, slanted and intellectually reaching statement to make-- concerning history and it's ethical fiber.

There "are" indeed facts in history including Bonnie & Clyde History.. irrefutable facts, garnered from knowledge documented by credible sources at the time this history was lived.  So let's test this "interpretation" premise.  Since The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum is in the news these days, and since that museum is housed in the space once occupied by Rosa's Cafe, the last public place Bonnie & Clyde were known to have stopped before being ambushed-- let's try a test concerning interpretation.

Rosa's Cafe was located on Main Street in Gibsland, LA on the last day of Bonnie & Clyde's lives.. and Rosa Canfield is buried along the very route Bonnie & Clyde took leading to their demise.  Either Bonnie or Clyde was said to have entered Rosa's on the morning of May 23rd, 1934-- prior to their being waylaid, about 7 miles down what at the time was known as the Gibsland-Sailes Road.  And within the Bonnie & Clyde death car-- remnants of their last meal from Rosa's were found after the ambush.  So concerning that statement.. little interpretation is  needed.. for I'm not sure many would dispute that account.   

Some may wish to say Rosa's Cafe was located elsewhere.. and traipse there to remove "artifacts" from another location without justification-- however too many historical accounts exist concerning Rosa's being in Gibsland for an alternative story to somehow be so.  So interpretation seems dependent upon some foundation of fact-- however surely not all facts are dependent upon interpretation.   

And "of course" it's true, no one knows everything about history-- but there are some who know quite a bit-- including info many are not privy to.  Surely not a knock on those who don't know some things, but rather just an historical reality-- concerning research having been conducted.   

Let me say this for the record.. I know or have heard of no one-- who feels the Otis Cole House in Sailes, was Bonnie & Clyde's last hideout.  For there are references by witnesses at the time and maps having been published-- identifying the John Cole House as having been the hideout.  Some may wish to tout modern-day remembrances from here there & everywhere-- as having the Sailes hideout being some other house convenient to borrow from toward questionable purpose.. but historically, that's not likely the case.  So enough with the smokescreens and futile nonsense.

And one more comment here & now-- those accused of impropriety along with those who for whatever reasons, are lending support in backing wrong.. need to "step away" from spreading lies and innuendo concerning personal circumstances and incidents which in truth, they know nothing about-- for use as linguistic weapons in apparently trying to impress their friends and deflect attention from themselves.  What a childish display of immaturity-- but for some, apparently consistent with character lacking. 

However-- I guess that's what's left for some.. when staring down the barrel of truth.

Editor's Note:  In a previous version of this post, reference was made to Olin Jackson's comments from an interview held in Gibsland some years back.  A review of notes and recollections from that interview, could not substantiate a statement made concerning Rosa Canfield's race.  In fact, it seems a period census lists her racial orientation as White.  A review of Mr. Jackson's comments reveal that from his viewpoint, Rosa and her husband were sympathetic to those of color-- and may have risked their lives in support of a black man accused of a crime locally, by supplying a weapon to this man for use as protection while escaping town.  As a stickler for accuracy in history-- I wanted to make sure to set the record straight, and hope this revealing story as told by Mr. Jackson-- will be of interest concerning Rosa Canfield.                 


t o m said...

I guess since Perry knows very little actual history, he feels it is ok to just make it up as he goes, so long as he can make a fast buck. He thinks most folks don't know the details or the difference between the Otis Cole House and the John Cole House, so why not haul away the Otis Cole House piece by piece? Enough people coming in the museum won't know any better, and if someone does know and say something - then just attack them. Most museum proprietors welcome questions. You ask the wrong (right) questions to this goober, and you get anger.

We have photos and maybe even video of this liar coming out of the Otis Cole House with an armload of bricks. We have Ted's version of events. On the other side, we have nothing but P Carver's word. I can attest to the fact that P Carver's word is worth less than zero

t o m said...

oh no, I am not part of the B&C family? My heroes. I didn;t even know I wasn't allowed any where to begin with, but I am not going to debate this with Rhea Leen.

All I'll say is this you Freda and Perry are the liars. I have proven my side of the story. Now you are lying to this nice lady and filling her head full of crap.

Go to hell, Freda & Perry

I had my say , many times. I offered up photographic proof.

Be assured, I in no way care about being part of some B&C family. I made the friends I made. If some are not the friends I thought they were, then no problem, and that goes for anybody, no matter who is their aunt or uncle.

It is a disappointment these two, freda & perry, would pile lies on top of lies, and lie to this lady like that. Who is up there bothering Boots, you are, Freda. Bothering him and calling Rhea Leen over lies, just to protect perry and his lies, not to protect Boots.

You may think you have won, but you have not. I have the truth on my side and what's right is right. And of course it is not just Winston Woodward and myself alone.. Others are speaking up, people are not stupid.

also know that there is not a thing anybody can say that will stop me from calling both of you out if i see more bullshit. Sell your fake bricks, put Boots' name of that crap. If that is fine with the "B&C Family" then go nuts. But I am not changing. I am watching both of you asshats. This will not shut me up. All it does it make me madder than I already was. Now you're lying to Rhea Leen, using her for your own selfish bullshit.

Rachel Canfield said...

Regarding comments of Rosalee's race, she was Caucasian. Her husband, John Bartow Canfield was Caucasian. Her son, D C Canfield was Caucasian and his son, Bill Canfield - Caucasian as well. With further regard to the statement of the location of the cafe, I can say with certainty that location (as shown to me personally by Billy Roy Canfield) is in fact the present location of the ambush museum at Gibsland.
With only verbal recollection from F C Canfield (in conversations with his mother- Rosalee) I can say that Clyde Barrow entered the cafe the day of his death.
Truthfully, A B Canfield