Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum-- Are Alleged Issues Now Exposed As Charged?? You Be The Judge.

You know-- this Gibsland stuff just keeps getting stranger and stranger.  So what am I supposed to do, when this image is posted publicly on The B&CHB Facebook page??  Seems its time for more comment.   

When Ted Prince 1st came forward with allegations of impropriety at the New Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland-- some raised eyebrows of disbelief.  Perhaps, because such allegations were beyond most people's awareness of wrong within Bonnie & Clyde History.  However, for many of us who've been around the block and seen numerous stunts pulled over the years-- along with the polarization which can occur in this history, odd occurrences are actually nothing new.  I will say though-- the boldness and arrogance within this Bonnie & Clyde Gibsland debacle, and because of the entity involved-- is unique.

In having been intimately involved with the museum's transfer of ownership-- among Ted's observations, were those involving the museum's new owner Perry Carver and alleged creation of non-authentic artifacts.  As bravely told by Mr. Prince in trying to uphold caring and proper standards for this history-- it was said Mr. Carver was attempting to inspire sales by crafting Bonnie & Clyde artifacts claimed as authentic from common non-authentic sources and participating along with another individual-- in offering swatches of a claimed Bonnie Parker article of clothing without adequate provenance. 

Also that a gun on loan to the museum, which played absolutely no role in the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde-- was being touted as an ambush weapon.  And even that an olden wooden wall telephone on display there-- was portrayed as having been the very pay phone Frank Hamer used to notify Lee Simmons from a filling station in Gibsland.. after Bonnie & Clyde had been killed.  But you know.. a once functional metal phone with the ability to accept coins-- would be a much better candidate to be the "real McCoy".   

In short-- "tall tales" concerning a plethora of seemingly rare items, which apparently had magically appeared (some in inexplicably large numbers)-- and of course, most for sale.. items which couldn't or wouldn't be backed with any public declaration of provenance, which true historical items would possess in claiming authenticity.

That's when I got involved in reporting on all this-- based on a call for assistance fueled seemingly by frustration, over a lack of alarm by some within the Bonnie & Clyde historical community to these allegations.  But in fact by then, battle lines had already been drawn-- with some of the "cliquey clique" folks adamantly yet blindly backing the new museum and ownership.  But why would some back wrong in history??  My take is-- this lack of historical character amongst those more into egos than history.. is of the "usual variety" displayed in previous Bonnie & Clyde related roues.  Only this time-- the battleground was the newly transferred museum, snatched up.. when health concerns necessitated a hiatus from the museum by it's long-term steward L. J. "Boots" Hinton.

So for the past months, I along with others close to Bonnie & Clyde History, have scrutinized goings on at the new Ambush Museum-- and I must say, those into merchandising and photo ops.. might be better served if they explained for all "why" the buildings they are standing in front of are important for this history-- rather than just gloating, in having been photographed at a famous Bonnie & Clyde site. 

Callousness and a lack of respect for this history, does not Bonnie & Clyde History make.  And concerning provenance-- this "prove our artifacts aren't real" approach is an ass-backwards and unacceptable standard, seemingly blown out of the water.. by the publishing of the photo above.

Throughout a call for accountability, expressed publicly to both Mr. Carver and James Howard owner of the vest claimed worn by Bonnie Parker, from which swatches are jointly sold through the Ambush Museum and via James' ebay moniker "Photoboy1988"-- I feel a fair and polite attempt has been made, in allowing these folks a boundless chance to defend themselves.  My offer still stands-- for either or both to use The B&CHB as their vehicle of expression with my blessing.  I have yet to hear a word from either gentleman. 

However what little response has been forthcoming to anyone who's asked good and logical questions-- has involved a combination of insults and silence.. to me, precisely the wrong approach to allow for truth to be learned-- and closure for this issue.      

Also intensely disturbing to many of us who've known L. J. "Boots" Hinton for years-- was an ebay sale sponsored by Photoboy1988-- consisting of a package of items from the Ambush Museum including a "Boots" Hinton Red Crown bullet.  That bullet along with some of the items offered, were said to be from the "personal collection of "Boots" Hinton, at the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum". 

But problem was.. Mr. Hinton had been contacted by a trusted friend to confirm that indeed none of his personally owned items had been offered for sale.  "Boots" had also expressed the same reluctance to sell any of his Bonnie & Clyde artifacts to the American Pickers publicly-- within the Pickers episode involving him.  So concerning that well-documented ebay offering-- the question became, if indeed "Boots" didn't know of that auction.. how did it come about-- and who would benefit from any sale??    

With continued public calls for explanations by Mr. Carver and Mr. Howard, but none forthcoming-- fast forward to now, or should I say back a bit-- when Mr. Carver was said to have taken bricks from The Otis Cole House in Sailes, allegedly slated for sale as Bonnie & Clyde Hideout bricks.  But you see for Sailes Hideout bricks to be so-- they would have to be from The John Gardner Cole House.. long since gone, without remnants left as witnessed by many Bonnie & Clyde Historians (including myself)-- and truth-seeking aficionados who've visited sites where credible accounts have identified the spots, one of which where that house likely stood.

John Gardner Cole House in better times, later abandoned for 4 years when B&C may have stayed there. I say may have, as I'm not sure anyone can attest that Bonnie and Clyde actually hid there. For Jesse Ann Cole (John Cole's wife) and 2 sisters had died there from Tuberculosis.. an "ain't no foolin' around" malady in the '30's, which often resulted in houses being burned rather than rehabilitated. The John Cole House was considered a "dog run" house-- as it's 4 bedrooms were split by a long center hallway, which allowed dogs to roam the house.
So could it have been true, that bricks from John's son's house (The Otis Cole's House)-- were removed and called hideout bricks??  My understanding is, that from the Museum's viewpoint-- the Hideout bricks source story has changed and evolved over time.  That's why I've felt it important (for their benefit)-- they comment directly and publicly to that question.  However if taken from Otis Cole's place, no one will know right??  Oh, but some will-- and herein lies the rub for those who for reasons of their own, have shunned logical reality-- to instead support the newly-renewed Museum, that seems to place a greater emphasis on merchandising than history. 

But surely Bonnie & Clyde beer koozies, shot glasses, belt buckles, bobble heads, hand fans, hand towels, removable Tattoos, key chains, pencils, stickers, cups, buttons, magnets, mouse pads, playing cards, coffee cups, coasters, T-shirts, tote bags, photos, posters, DVDs and CDs, hats, bandannas, books and more (I'm not kidding)-- are tantamount to history being imparted with any sort of caring or accuracy.. Right?? 

Otis Cole House, Sailes, LA
So what's the crime here.. and why is this issue such a big deal to Bonnie & Clyde History and those who care so very much for it?? 

Because history should be about truth.. not farce.  It should be about integrity.. not iffiness.  History should be about caring, transparency and the accuracy of history-- not some shallow focus on apparent greed and inflated egos.  Seems those who back others who stroke egos to the point of egomania-- have forgotten about the history their egos were hewn by.   
So what is to be made of this photo posted publicly on my B&CHB Facebook wall??  Sure seems like the owner of a Gibsland Bonnie & Clyde Museum carrying bricks both in hand and pockets from the Otis Cole House.  I and others who know-- can attest without reservation-- that "is" the Otis Cole House in Sailes.. no doubt about it.  So again in reporting on behalf of this history-- what is to be made of this most recent evidence which matches assertions previously declared??  Seems bricks were removed from this location on more than one occasion.. and on this occasion, remarkably-- a photographic record was made of the act in question.  "Wow"!!-- what a damning revelation to surface within this mess.   

For now.. all I'll say about this photo, is that it's not the only record of this visit by Mr. Carver to the Otis Cole House.  One would think, when on a quest of this nature-- care would be taken not to involve witnesses and surely not to allow a visual record to be made.  I hardly know what to say.. except based on this, it seems high time some who've been reluctant to support right within this issue-- now support right over wrong.  And for some.. surely apologies to Ted Prince would be appropriate.  For Bonnie & Clyde History surely deserves better, than has been exhibited recently-- by those seemingly hellbent on garnering attention for themselves.. rather than defend history for history's sake.

To all who continue the "fight for right" concerning Bonnie & Clyde History.. "Bless you". 


taronda schulz said...

What was once a reputable and awesome museum has become a joke. Passing things off as authentic when they aren't, and charging admission to see those things is disgusting. One example is a replica pistol being displayed. You would think from the description that this gun is in fact Frank Hamer's famous pistol Old Lucky. It's easy to tell its just a cheap replica, and most would know that Old Lucky was purchased for a small fortune years back and is in the hands of a private collector. But why display things under false pretenses?? It cheapens the history and is an injustice to not only Ken Holmes and Boots Hinton - but also to unsuspecting visitors paying good money for admission.

t o m said...

There is nothing left to be said. If a photo of Perry Carver coming out of the Otis Cole house with an armload of bricks is not proof enough, then there is no hope for this little band of lying half wits. Any person who knows even a little bit bout the ambush knows this is the Otis Cole house and not the John G. Cole house. That is not even in dispute. Then you have this con man coming out of the Otis Cole house with an armload of bricks? It's like the famous Rex says, "Case Closed"

All this childish talk of people being jealous is idiotic. Nobody is jealous of you. Any fool could waste money somebody else worked hard for. Who wants to be stuck every day, day in and day out in Gibsland Louisiana? Jealous of your relationship with people? No, look how you treated Pam and Ted.

The fake bricks are important because it is a perfect example of your bullshit. In fact, when you asked me to add the fake bricks and fake vest swatches to the website was when I knew I had to cut ties. I can't be a part of lies and fakery. You get Boots Hinton to sign his good name on these fake bricks, that matters. Selling crap on ebay and saying they are from 'the private collection of Boots Hinton' matters too. Photographic evidence of that too. Never any explanation from you about any of this.. No, just attacks and silly talk of people being jealous. I woudn't trade places with you for all the tea in china.

The worst thing is using people and then bad mouthing the same people you used and discarded. You don't even do it yourself , you get your little merry band of half wits to do it. Oh Ted this Ted that, now it is Oh Pam this Pam that. I hear what you say about me. All of us tried to help you, and you used each of us for as long as you could. Now the bad mouthing starts, the lies.

and finally I m glad to see Boots doing well physically. He stays in the rest home place everyday, so of course he is doing better. He is doing better, but not because of you, Perry Carver. You put his good name on bullshit fake bricks, you sell crap on ebay from his private collection, you post pics of him sleeping in a wheel chair as if that shows you are taking care of him? More bullshit.