Thursday, August 20, 2015

Within Bonnie & Clyde History-- Wrong Begets Loss.. and Mindless Following Begets Mindless Following

A quick post to say I am buoyed by the comments and understanding of key individuals within Bonnie & Clyde History-- who have expressed concern and dismay regarding alleged shenanigans, deception and callousness now exhibited by some within this history, and the noting of those who support such goings on. 

History should be about truth and the expansion and preservation of knowledge for future generations-- "not" egos and misguided longing for acceptance within private groups-- who's comments within "the big picture" and sans the airing of views in public where all can see and scrutinize them.. seem relegated to nothing more than exercises in group egocentric self-stroking.

Those of us who genuinely care for this history.. are watching hour by hour, day by day-- to assure that what is newly-wrong within Bonnie & Clyde History isn't expanded to become even more wrong.  Period.  

Seems the entity is controlling group leaders.. and the leaders are controlling the followers.. and all are marching toward the cliff.  It would be nice to see some on the wrong side of things find their hearts and character-- and stand up to wrong, not beside it.  However it seems at least for now-- those hearts and character are controlled by others-- and no longer reside within their rightful owners.  Hopefully, that will change-- for the renewed betterment of this history.

"Speak out you got to speak out against the madness.. You got to speak your mind if you dare"-- Crosby, Stills and Nash

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