Monday, August 31, 2015

Open Letter To Those Within The Self-Proclaimed "Bonnie & Clyde Family".

You know-- I really do try my best to deal with all the personalities within this historical journey fairly as they surface from time to time.. and I respect many of them.  But since this Gibsland thing I've been reporting on has seemingly hit "critical mass" among it's participants-- it appears that challenge is much greater now. 

To be polite to folks perhaps unfamiliar with what will be discussed here-- a preface is important.  The self-proclaimed "Bonnie & Clyde Family" is a kind of club where a Bonnie & Clyde History family member or 3 are involved.. but mainly, this group consists of those who like, or wish to be like, or think it's cool to know, or just wanna say with pride they are part of this group along with family members.. a kind of "in crowd" or "in the know" grouping within this historical community. 

Problem is.. some view this bunch as perhaps not so "in the know"-- but in reality, sometimes closer to a "head in the sand" focus-- as the family perspectives although valuable, are what they are.. and realistically can present limitations concerning expansion of knowledge historically.  These group doings are usually conducted within private message boards or on social media. 

Or to put it another way-- some might say the Status Quo group.. who seem uncomfortable with stretching the boundaries of this history when new knowledge is uncovered.  As such, I have done my best over time-- to distance myself from such doings.  More on this later.

So anyway-- as some now see fit to subject Tom Methvin, myself and others/ genuinely loyal to Bonnie & Clyde History for the right reasons-- to ridicule and personal attack on their mighty Facebook pages.. I see fit to respond here on this forum without boundaries.  I feel it unfortunate that some good people so intimately involved with Bonnie & Clyde History have apparently been "snookered" by the likes of those following "wrong"-- and led it seems by some wanting of self-importance "el grande", in touting those who've allegedly misled their way into the hearts and minds of those with once truer conscience and character. 

Also for some to have seemingly had their way with such a good man in L. J. "Boots" Hinton-- to me is "despicable".. plain and simple.  There are many of us who genuinely love "Boots".. and feel uniquely saddened by his circumstances now.   

There is little doubt in the minds of many-- that some now misrepresent farce for Bonnie & Clyde History.. supported by allies substituting character blindness for genuine caring.  This history has sunk to a low level, not because of those like Tom, myself and so many caring souls who proudly defend "integrity and right" in Bonnie & Clyde History ("Many thanks to all")-- but seemingly due to the actions of some without heart, a complacency for deceit.. and some sadly insatiable need for egocentric "self-stroking". 

I find it curious that not that long ago-- at least one of these folks very close to Bonnie & Clyde History was expressing disgust for this history to the point of being "done with it"-- because of the very attitudes she now seemingly lends her good name to.  Many who believe they care more, than some who should care at least as much.. feel that deception has seemingly replaced this history within the actions of some, with greed and ego as perceived motivations.  Also that keen historical knowledge "should" exist-- within those who long for Bonnie & Clyde historical respect in Spades-- but apparently that shallow ability, may better resemble a knack for whittling their way into the psyches of those who should know better.

As far as comments concerning jealousy, as some sort of odd motivation-- for myself and others to rock the Bonnie & Clyde boat that some say we're not wanted in.. "Oh, no"!!  And I don't know why that keeps coming up??.. perhaps that need for self-importance again??  But please know I don't give a shit about that-- and I hope I'm making myself clear to all.  For who in their right mind, would care to be involved amongst those.. where integrity has seemingly evaporated, like drops from a 5 minute rain on a 100 degree day. 

Not me.. for as some groups are comprised now, there's not enough good in them-- not enough honesty.. and I surely don't have time in life to play games with those still "wrastling" with their characters.  Seems to me, with some people's characters as they exist today within this history-- at some point, a lack of honesty and goodness will leave them short in life.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Good is good and bad is less desirable.   

As I've said many times, but apparently some haven't taken note-- I feel in order to maintain independence and objectivity within this history, I "deliberately choose" to distance myself from those who slant this history to their own liking-- revel in mutual admiration.. and rarely wish to question the status quo.

And as far as my wanting to own some touristy kind of thang, within a sleepy once vibrant town..  I had my chance at that, and turned it down.  Glad I did-- for I know way too much about that reality from the Master.  If some think historical compromises are being made now when the Summer crowds should've been good-- just wait until February.  Then perhaps, tours of Bonnie & Clyde's hideout in Agra, could be offered for all who wish to attend.  BTW.. those bricks are white and made of Marble. 

What??.. a little satire within an opinion piece is alright, isn't it??  'Seems few have a sense of humor anymore.

Oh-- but I do have a quick question please for Rhea Leen Linder, which no one can get an answer to.  "Hello" Rhea Leen.  Are you the Parker family source in Dallas, for the Bonnie vest owned by James Howard.. of which swatches are being sold as authentic pieces of Bonnie & Clyde History??  One would think, if this item's owner had you as his provenance.. he would've acknowledged that backing.  So.. are you willing to publicly defend this alleged Bonnie item as being authentic??  "Many thanks".. and despite your comments concerning me/ influenced I'm sure-- I still respect you and hope you are well.           


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t o m said...

well, all this is just silly. There is evidence of fraud with the Otis Cole bricks, and the reply we get is some childish slanderous crap about not being part of the B&C Family? Why on earth would any sane person want to be a part of some B&C Family? I have a family already. My family has a rich history, which is what led me to delve deeper into this one single branch of Methvins, and the ambush of B&C. Anybody who knows me at all, knows I do not give a single fig about romantic robinhood fictional bullshit. But I guess that's the problem; This nice lady doesn't know a single thing about me - except for the lies coming out of Perry and Freda.

Who is upsetting Boots? Who is upsetting Rhea Leen? You two liars are doing that. Do you think just because you got some nice lady (who happens to be Bonnie Parker's niece) to spout the lies you told her is the final word? All it does is infuriate me that you would bother her and Boots.

Still nothing about getting Boots to sign his name on fake bricks and crap. Nothing ever about the accusations that are very clearly on the table. Just bullshit about being upset we are not part of some B&C Family. I got into all this because of my interest in history; not some swoon fan club for two depression era hoodlums.

Since Freda thought it was a good idea to drag you into this, maybe you can answer some questions about the vest. I cut ties with Perry when he had me add the fake ricks and vest swatches to the stupid website. The bricks we have discussed a lot. The vest is something you may know about. The description on the vest swatches say the vest was Bonnie Parker's. It says the vest came from a Parker family member in Dallas. Are you the source of this vest? Do you know what Parker family member the vest came from? You are signing off on the nefarious actions of this Perry Carver guy, so do you endorse this vest? Do you even know about this vest? Do you care?

The vest swatches and bricks were for sale on ebay saying they were from the 'private collection of Boots Hinton' I have proof of this. The vest swatches and bricks were on the museum's website for a while. I know this because I am the one who added the garbage to the website.

I guess no answers will be forthcoming about this vest, or the bricks , or anything else. The only thing coming from Freda & Perry is a lot of lies, lies on top of lies. I hate that they involved you in this mess. Thanks for asking for my side of the story before you drag my name through the dirt.