Saturday, May 9, 2009

Current Polls Ending Tonight
Playing it Safe??

Just a reminder-- voting for the current crop of B&C poll questions ends tonight (May 9th) at 10:00 PM eastern time/US. So all who still wish to try their hand at this eclectic group of queries, please give it a go. It's interesting, so many are shying away from some of the zinger questions-- even though only a small group are involved so far in the poll contest?? I would encourage all to vote "and" record your votes, at Someone's going to win a nice B&C prize every month. There will still be enough questions posted, to qualify for the minimum of 10 votes cast for May's contest. I'm having as much fun making these questions fun and challenging, as many of you have told me you're having fun answering them. So onward gang to more questions.

Ah, but those who think they know some things for sure, may be surprised come about 11 tonight. There may be a pattern emerging??-- an MO so to speak, in my forming many of these questions. I wonder if some will figure it out?? I'm not one, for always liking things to be as obvious as they seem. Another clue for you all, the Walrus was Paul-- or was he??

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