Saturday, May 30, 2009

U.S. Bureau of Investigation Informant Bailey Tynes

Also as promised-- here is likely the very 1st photo, of Barrow cousin and Bureau informant Bailey Edwin Tynes Sr. ever released to the public. This photo of Bailey was taken in Waco, Texas. My sincere thanks, to the Tynes family, and in particular Laura, Mark, Daryl and Dennis-- who have been "so kind" and helpful-- in contributing family info and photos of Bailey and others. I will soon post "remarkable" family held revelations, "not" found within the FBI files-- concerning this now known and most intriguing figure, from the history of Bonnie & Clyde. Hold onto your hats, because to paraphrase Paul Harvey-- just wait until you hear "the rest of the story".

Bailey Tynes photos Copyright
© 2009 by A.W. Woodward, with all rights reserved. Tynes photos may be reproduced only by permission-- along with credits given, to the Tynes family and A. Winston Woodward. Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding, concerning these historic photos.

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