Friday, May 8, 2009

"Remarkable" Unseen Photos

Thanks to the Tynes family, I already have photos of Barrow relative and Bureau informant Bailey Tynes to reveal at Gibsland. But now, thanks to FBI Historian John Fox-- I have within my e-mail in-box, a photo of Bureau of Investigation Special Agent L.A. Kindell as well. "Thank you" John, for coming through so magnificently-- once again.

"Ooh baby"--

As I've decided to unveil the rare images I've been searching for, at the Ambush Festival Historian's Meeting-- I'm sincerely sorry to tease you with this knowledge. But this "is" exciting news, which I just couldn't hold back. Sometimes things are well worth the wait-- and I'm sure this old adage will hold true, re: these new B&C related photos. So please stay tuned during the festival, as perhaps Tommy and I can post these images on the fly-- from the great Louisiana shindig, for all to see.

I have also asked John, to attempt to locate photos of SAC Blake from the Bureau's Dallas field office circa 1930's and SAC Whitley from New Orleans. He's working on this. So please rub the nearest B&C idol type thing you can find, and keep your fingers crossed. Good Karma-- good Karma.

All I have to say right now is "Thank you" John Fox--
along with "Hot Damn"-- and "Very Cool"!!

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