Saturday, May 30, 2009

U.S. Bureau of Investigation Special Agent L.A. Kindell

I promised you new and unseen photos, of some of the historic individuals I reported on in my talk at Gibsland. I hope this was worth the wait. This is a photo of U.S Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Lester A. Kindell-- taken in January of 1930.

As always, my profound "thanks" to FBI Historian Dr. John F. Fox Jr.-- for being such a great friend to the history of Bonnie & Clyde, and for providing me with this wonderful photo. I think some of these photos being unearthed now at the FBI, are even rare to them. So much so, after John found this photo for my use in Gibsland-- he said he was planning on posting this pic on the FBI's website. In addition to Kindell, I had asked John for photos of Dallas SAC Blake and New Orleans SAC Whitley-- so perhaps more pics will be forthcoming. As information on Kindell is quite hard to come by, I couldn't be more pleased-- that this great olden photo of Special Agent L.A. Kindell still exists.

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ted1933 said...

hello winston, if you can find out any info on mr kindell please let us know.hope all is well, and thank's. best wishes to you, ted & karron.