Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yes.. There's Redemption In Bonnie & Clyde History.

Last evening, I sent a link to the last post here on The B&CHB-- re: the alleged Bonnie Swatches to James Howard.. the gentleman offering the swatches for sale.  I am pleased to report, that quite graciously-- Mr. Howard has removed his eBay offering of the swatches, pending a more thorough examination into the swatches' provenance. 

Also, that a healthy exchange of views between James and myself, resulted in the following expressions from Mr. Howard-- which he has allowed me to post here..

"I am trying to locate Joe to get the proper names. Unless I had been lied to which over time I have come to understand it is hard to authenticate but the size of the vest and shirt were quite small. I would never let anyone try it on but only one woman could fit her hand in the cuff. It was dated properly and quite rotten. I care very much about history and as I said I mainly collect history and movie pieces. I will share the info I gather with you and until then I will take the swatches down."


"I am sure if all of my proper homework but to me it seemed they were very secretive over giving out information.  And I was not asking about anything to do with B&C.  The information was given to me that he was a distant relative and his grandmother had these pieces.  Which then took 2 years to get to me after seeing pictures and asking questions.  Once again I understand and do not argue the fact."


"I never aimed to take anyone for a ride or anything of that nature.  But again I need to find out this absent info.  Thank you for your help as well. It is appreciated."  --James Howard 11/16/15 


I know some have asked "What else can be done"??-- concerning dealing with inequities in Bonnie & Clyde History.  Well with some folks- perhaps little can be done to sway them into the "Court of Reasonableness and Change" for the good of this history.  However with some such as James Howard-- at least James was willing to listen and adapt for now.. with an eye toward the future and good of history in general.  I think I can speak for Bonnie & Clyde History.. at least for those for whom this has been an issue.. and say "Thank you" to James Howard-- for acting in a way, many would think he wouldn't. 
And for those who've also worked so tirelessly on this issue-- "many thanks" to you as well.         

Hopefully-- there will be more to come re: the Bonnie swatches and search for their truth. 


Sue said...

This blog, of late, is bereft of comments. Is there no interested soul out there?

A. Winston Woodward said...

Hi Sue.. Have wondered about this myself, although I don't worry much about it. I actually get many more questions & comments through e-mails than posted on blog. And as such, often will exchange thoughts with others behind the scenes. Dunno why more not expounded on here?? I have one theory-- involving some not wanting to go on record within a public forum. I know some prefer the anonymity of private chat rooms and such. But I'm an "on the record" kinda guy.. and don't much understand the logic of the secretive stuff. What good are comments almost no one can see?? Some say tough to post comments here (that Google member and password thang)-- but that's the way it works on Blogger, so have little choice. I do hope more will comment here when they get the hankering.. for this history deserves it. Many thanks for your comment.

Sue said...

Thank you for the blog, Mr. Woodward. I loved it when first I found it and marveled at the hard work and honest research that had gone into it and the dogged, determined spirit that made it all possible. It's a goldmine. This is an "open history" of Bonnie and Clyde, one where new, credible ideas and leads can develop from uninhibited discussion. B & C deserve that. So do Ralph, Ray, WD and the rest of the gang and their associates and their descendants.

Tons of good stuff "on the record" here and I thank you for it.

A. Winston Woodward said...

"Thank you" Sue.. I appreciate your comments greatly.