Monday, November 9, 2015

Although Some May Revel In It-- Shameless Merchandising Does Not Bonnie & Clyde History Make.

Almost everyday on eBay-- one can find a wide array of Bonnie & Clyde "related" items for sale.. merchandise apparently targeted at unsuspecting fans of Bonnie & Clyde History, longing for any warm & fuzzy closeness they can get their hands on.  Some items are admittedly replicas-- although not always clearly defined.. while other items are claimed authentic-- but often without adequate provenance to justify even a 2nd glance, by those who surely know how incredibly rare authentic Bonnie & Clyde items are. 

Then there are the arrogant and "all mighty" power sellers or even once reputable entities, who offer a "myriad" of hapless items thought worthy of someone's idea of important I guess-- but in reality, have little if anything to do with this history.. besides the desire for public accolades, based on self-touting fluffatudes.  Now of course, fluffatudes isn't an actual word-- but it outta be.. as it seems to fit so well within this context. 

Re-creations of wanted posters, reprinted photos, novelty currency, dioramas, pendants, money clips, belt buckles, Photoshopped fantasy images which never existed in real life, DVDs, nightclub visors, Halloween costumes, comic artwork, jewelry, Racer Back Tank Tops, figurines, decanters, tee shirts, supposed physical location pieces like building materials and swatches of clothing without adequate provenance.. hats, towels, hand fans, key chains, Beer Koozies, cups, stickers, buttons, magnets, mouse pads, tattoos, coffee cups, shot glasses (that one you'll need, after dealing with some of this stuff).

Playing cards, coasters, posters, pencils, tote bags, bobble heads, pieces of supposed historical places and even Bonnie & Clyde "dirt" I suppose-- if some were bold enough to sell bags of it, in saying it was from some hallowed Bonnie & Clyde sight then or now.  And the latest entry.. lunch boxes.  Who in the hell uses a lunch box any more?&$!#??  Man some who sell this stuff, seem to have just about everything else.. so I'm waiting to see when Bonnie & Clyde "personal items" hit the market.  Bonnie & Clyde body spray and Condoms anyone??  Too far-fetched??  Oh I don't know.. for all this "historical creativity"-- seems to be leading to some penultimate Bonnie & Clyde item of some sort.

Ladies and Gentlemen.. the Bonnie & Clyde lunch box, with "borrowed" picnic idea.  Saw that on a Tom Methvin Tee Shirt once.. in fact I own one.  Clever idea.  Too bad others can't come up with their own ideas.    

There never seems to be a shortage of marketing schemes, for Bonnie & Clyde.  I wonder what Clyde & Bonnie, would think of all this stuff-- peddled to the masses concerning them??  

So my question is.. Where is the "History" among all the hawking of items people just "gotta have"or think they do.. based on someone making them and throwing 'em out there, in order for some to enjoy Bonnie & Clyde History??  'Don't know where some will find history in a Beer Koozie??  Maybe they'll ponder this history while dropping a few??  However, all this "fluff 'n stuff"-- to me, highlights the greed among some who apparently see only dollar signs.. where helping to impart Bonnie & Clyde historical knowledge, could better occupy their time.

Hopefully, there's a Bonnie & Clyde book in one of those boxes.

Lunch boxes??.. really??  So do the 1st 50 callers get a replica of Bonnie's sandwich from the ambush.. neatly packed inside??  Or maybe some lucky reveler, will get an old moldy mass, with someone claiming it's the real sandwich.  And I just love when some of these folks and supporters pose smiling broadly, at historical markers meant to memorialize the ending of life within this history.  "Everyone smile".. so you can post and share your callous camaraderie on social media. 

Trinkets and disrespect-- seem to go hand-in-hand for Bonnie & Clyde History now.  But don't forget to all buy your lunch boxes. Someone commented, that now some will have a place to keep their unsubstantiated bricks.  I thought that was fair and creative.     

And so it goes.  

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