Monday, November 2, 2015

Just Like "Video Killed The Radio Star"-- Seemingly.. Social Media Now Threatens Bonnie & Clyde History.

Lets try an experiment. Let's take 30 or 40 people.. lock 'em in a room deep inside a house marked "Private" on the door-- where they have spirited and passionate discussions about Bonnie & Clyde History.  Now let's go out into the street, and see what others know of these discussions??  Well.. others would know "nothing" about these grand debates-- for those outside the secret group, would have no way of knowing things they're not privy to.

Now let's make it interesting.  Instead of a house marked "Private".. let's make it a secret Internet discussion group.  Then let's take another secret Internet discussion group with opposing points of view, and people who don't like people in the 1st group.  And for a dash of intrigue, let's add spies friendly to both groups-- for how would one secret group know what the other secret group was doing without them??  Spies knowingly allowed to move about within both Internet encampments, so as to report back on comments, activities and battle plans.  So each secret group knows what the other is doing and saying, and is fed info (consciously or not)-- in order to fuel incendiary comment. 

Oh, and one more thing.. each group has troll-like people among them.. rude, crude, arrogant and anger-laden types-- who act much like "enforcers" in Ice Hockey or non-scoring Centers in Basketball.  For their job stoked by abusive comment, is apparently to incite combativeness, within monumental wastes of hate-driven time.. time better spent aimed at positive and meaningful commentary
for the betterment of this history.  That's of course, if anyone else could see what's happening-- besides just members of the "shhhh".. private groups.  

What an odd and twisted reality huh??  So far fetched-- it couldn't be an actual reality.. right??.. could it??  Oh yes it could-- and unfortunately, this underground world  that thrives within social media outlets-- is where many of Bonnie & Clyde History's best and brightest, have chosen to spend their time "enjoying" this history.  Which of course, could inspire comparison to a now iconic saying.. "Houston, we have a problem".

So whether it concerns spirited debate, over egocentric truth-defying antics within The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum.. or some far-fangled unsubstantiated tale, advanced by plain 'ol eccentric characters looking for Bonnie & Clyde historical attention without merit-- seems some now prefer private message boards to public comment.  This as if somehow magically-- secret comment could be converted to "guts and glory" out in the open showdowns.. like some Wild West encounter in 1888, which actually settled things.  But man, I don't think gunslingers of the Wild West-- would at all understand this Internet stuff.. with hot challenges from the safety of shadows??   

Well I'm not sure I do either.  Therefore, I've had to step away from social media applications of Bonnie & Clyde History which I was invited to (thank you though)-- and return mostly to a more fitting reality here on the blog.. where I know the result of my efforts for those far & wide, who for example are viewing this post now. 

One excessively rude fellow, even tried to tell me how non-respected blogs are in the scheme of things today.  Well with blogs such an integral part of legitimate and daily major media applications these days-- that's surely not true.  Perhaps this gentleman has spent far too much time within the dark recesses of short-lived respect.. where some defenders of nonsense and ill-repute within Bonnie & Clyde History reside-- along too, with those on the "good side" who staunchly defend right within this history.  One thing's for sure.. based on inconsiderate activities which I witnessed 1st hand-- I know now, some can even turn on their own.. to eclipse the tenor of why they're supposedly there in the 1st place. 

As a father and grandfather, I found the excessively rude fellow's hateful tirade against me both sad and remarkable.. in that his Facebook page shows him most often with his children.  Perhaps proof positive, that social media can bring out the worst in people.. who should have consistent values, to set as examples for themselves and others.  Or proof that playing in secret-- allows dark realities a vehicle for expression.. dark realities others may choose to be concerned about-- if only they knew.  I wonder whether this guy would feel comfortable, if his kids could view his hateful words-- and know it was their dad who said them??  I wonder.

So you know what??  Perhaps so many wonderful people worldwide (and I'm sure folks reading this)-- with a burning desire to learn of Bonnie & Clyde History fresh and new.. and without tainted views or hatred for anything or anyone-- may lay better claim to advancing Bonnie & Clyde History in the long run, than those who seemingly view this history as group related entertainment now.  For games are fine to play when you're a kid.. as that's what kids do well.  However when seriousness and historical resolve are called for-- to me, seriousness and historical resolve are the best traits for the best and brightest.. not anger, games and immaturity.
Those who know me well-- know I have little patience for immaturity and childishness within adult bodies.  For at my age, my feeling is what ridiculousness is that??  So I'll keep an eye on some of these sites, for they are good for learning of information sometimes available no place else.. and perhaps even comment there from time to time.  But I would ask what good is it-- when some of the best and brightest, reside in bastions of secrecy.. where their knowledge and usefulness is limited to conversations among themselves-- and where immaturity and blatantly abhorrent crudeness, can rear it's ugly head and have a home.. where that sort of thing is often tolerated or encouraged.

or their part-- I'm sure many within these cocoon-spun groups believe there is little harm to their private wars.  But as most of these premier, historically-astute & well-schooled commentators of Bonnie & Clyde History, now comment little if anywhere publicly-- while opting instead for the anonymity of private vehicles.. again I ask, what good is comment that cannot be seen by most??  Maybe being able to make pointed remarks and still remain "off the record" is the idea??  So why speak passionately at all.. if not on the record??

I do hope for the good of this history, some of these quite talented and seemingly caring folks (some of Bonnie & Clyde History's best)-- will view private message boards as a value added vehicle.. but revert to the light of public comment for the most part from here on out.  For this history deserves honest and open expression to be aired.   

Bonnie & Clyde History has a problem-- for often now, meaningful comment concerning this history has gone underground-- and is thus confined to small groups of people who battle each other with impassioned gusto.. in believing their path the right path to advance this history.  For what it's worth.. I don't.
And for blog detractors and non-believers.. I think I have just helped many around the world, learn about an important aspect of this history they would've never realized.. without a viable public forum to spread the word. 

My best to all who love Bonnie & Clyde History.

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