Monday, November 16, 2015

When It Comes To Bonnie & Clyde "Relics" For Sale Or Bonnie & Clyde Lore-- Don't Be Fooled By Those Who Apparently Don't Care.. If You're Fooled Or Not.

These days, it seems Bonnie & Clyde History can sometimes be deluged with "maybe" truth, "maybe somewhat" truth or out and out fabrications of truth-- backed by provenance only "The Invisible Man" can see.  And we've surely been through a lot of this in recent years-- from Jeff Guinn assertions backed by his "All written history" defense.. to the 7th man at the ambush.. to the torturing of Bonnie & Clyde and staging of a fake ambush.. to claims of Bonnie's children.. to bricks and rocks and windows and whatever else from "here, there and everywhere"-- having been "donated" (yeah, sure..) from Bonnie & Clyde's last hideout in Sailes, which has been gone for decades now.. to ?$!!#$%^*?!? 

And "ah"-- the Bonnie swatches are for sale again.  Based on others alerting me to this suspect offering-- months ago, I had offered James Howard who uses the moniker Photoboy1988 on eBay.. a forum here, to please provide proof of authenticity for his alleged Bonnie vest and swatches.. sold both through eBay and also through the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum.  He's never responded.  Mr. Howard is known to the Bonnie & Clyde historical community, as he has made the rounds with his "Bonnie vest"-- and also publicized this swatch offering not only on eBay.. but within his public Facebook page as well.

Alleged and "guaranteed" Bonnie vest.  As most likely know who follow this history-- Bonnie Parker was a quite petite woman, who stood about 5 feet tall.. and on a good day, weighed maybe 100 lbs.  She and Blanche, who was 5'1 and when captured, weighed 81 pounds-- were known to be able to wear each others clothes.  Now.. what size is this vest??

So when someone posted on another B&C site the other day, that the Bonnie swatches were back on eBay.. I decided to ask questions of the seller.  I don't think he knew it was me-- but as he didn't ask, I didn't tell.  So like any other member of eBay in having the right to ask questions-- I did.. hoping to understand what these supposed Bonnie swatches are, and where they came from?? 

I did find it interesting though.. that after having asked a number of questions of Photoboy1988 concerning this offering-- that eBay page still didn't register or show any questions re: the swatches??  I wonder if eBay should know about that??  Questions definitely made with responses forthcoming from the seller.. which don't appear for others to benefit from.  "Hmmmm".  

1st of all.. this is the offering.  In the screenshots ahead, my questions of Photoboy1988 appear right above the blue Reply prompt.  His replies can be read at top under Photoboy1988 moniker.  My additional comments for this blog post, appear below that same blue box.
The text above Bonnie Parker's head in the photo states.. "The attached swatch came directly from a vest owned and worn by Bonnie Parker.  This item is guaranteed authentic".
No where within this description, is one word concerning provenance.  Just a prompt to ask questions.. so I did.
Ah, the "family member".. yes that's what we're interested in.  Doesn't say a Parker family member.  And who specifically, might that family member be??  That is the question.
Alright.. so who is Joe Russell, who had permission from his grandma to go into storage??  Which Parker relative is he or his grandmother related to??  Lots' of non-specific talk, while not committing to "anything" of note-- concerning provenance of this item.
Which family was "hush hush"??  A Parker related family??  Yes??  No??  Which Parker related family??  If knowledge exists to support this item.. why isn't the item defended based on proof?? And BTW-- the reason $200 could be charged for the Clyde pant swatches, and to my knowledge none are left.. is that Marie Barrow certified those swatches as having come from her brother's death pants which she possessed.  Her signature validates those swatches.. and Mr. Howard's signature adorns the Bonnie swatches.  "Yeah man".

And Mr. Howard-- I am surely not confused.. and it's not up to anyone else, to validate an item you tout as "guaranteed authentic".  Anything that comes with such iron-clad assurance, especially something of an historical nature, needs to include supporting proof.  It is up to "you" to prove your item's authenticity.  You are not selling fake movie blood here.  You are claiming you have possessed and are selling, pieces of a "guaranteed authentic" "Bonnie Parker owned and worn" piece of clothing-- which would qualify it as an historical artifact.  That, despite direct and verifiable Parker family knowledge, that Bonnie's possessions were destroyed by her Aunt Pat Plummer, caused by a dispute with Bonnie's sister Billie Parker-- who had asked Aunt Pat to store them.

By your own admission-- you have sold nearly 200 of your swatches over the past 5 years, which myself and others close to this history.. have asked you to please validate as being authentic.  If you can-- then do so, with names named and a clear path to provenance.  And my offer still stands-- for you to use this forum for your validation should you wish.  You are a welcome guest here, whenever you are ready.

If this is the standard being applied-- then where is the proof??

For anyone to employ gobbledygook-laden semantics and attempt to shift the burden of proof to others, while reaping financial rewards for items which apparently cannot be proven authentic.. well concerning this item and other Bonnie & Clyde items claimed real, which pop up from time to time without proper provenance.. I suppose the 'ol adage applies-- "Buyer Beware".  A phrase which these days within Bonnie & Clyde History-- should mean more than ever.                   

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