Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seems For Some Concerning Bonnie & Clyde History-- Reality Isn't Where They May Wish It To Be.

It is the best of times.. it is the worst of times for Bonnie & Clyde History.  Good.. in that some wonderful revelations have come to light in recent years.  Bad.. in that within this same period, there have been a rash of unsubstantiated attempts to re-write this history-- seemingly fueled by historically-challenged protagonists, who feel they are above scrutiny.. and thus throw claims about without verification or provenance-- like handfuls of confetti in celebration of themselves.  Now along comes the latest entry into this foray.. the Massey Ford, apparently thought by those close to it, to be the authentic Bonnie & Clyde Death Car. 

Recently, I have tried to reason with some who back the Massey Ford-- and ask questions concerning this car's provenance and origin.  Now where Mr. Massey is, seems a mystery??.. in that although I'd asked to have my feelings and inquiries made known to the acknowledged owner of the Massey car John Massey-- seemingly, only Keith Hickman responded.. Mr. Hickman the other person named in news articles concerning this car housed at his Hot Rod shop in Gunter, Texas.

Seems Mr. Hickman may take offense to anyone having a say about anything to do with this car.. so let me put this in terms the car guys I hope will understand.  If you work on cars, and have John Johnson's late model Mustang with clear title.. no issue, you're good.  But when you claim to have Lee Petty's Olds 88, that won the inaugural Daytona 500 race in 1959-- you must be able to prove it's authenticity.  However and then again-- when you say you own an historically "iconic" car, such as Bonnie & Death Car.. the stakes are even higher.. and there will be people paying attention, asking questions and requesting irrefutable proof of authenticity.  It's just the way it is within historical circles.             

So never mind, that the Warren Bonnie & Clyde Death Car has a clear line of ownership since Ruth and Jesse Warren had their '34 Fordor Deluxe model swiped by Bonnie & Clyde.  And-- after the ambush, the car was sold to Charles Stanley and so on down the line.. until now being owned by "Whiskey Pete's" in Primm, Nevada-- where it has resided for many years now.  A line of ownership well-known and acknowledged.  And-- that court-backed determination of it's authenticity, was arrived at via the Ted Toddy Trial in Atlanta decades ago.  And-- that build records have existed for that car, where many particulars concerning the Warren's former auto are known. 

And-- that bullet holes, dents and other damage to the authentic Warren car-- match bullet holes, dents, and other damage to the car as noted in numerous photos which exist of the Bonnie & Clyde Death Car.. images taken immediately after the ambush on May 23rd, 1934 and which are beyond reproach.  And-- even that the original blood-soaked seats, are still contained within the Warren car.. blood which likely, could still be tested for DNA authenticity should a need arise.

None of that seemingly matters to backers of the Massey Ford-- who have.. well, not expressed much to go on.  Not much except unsubstantiated stories, seemingly fashioned to lend credence to their car-- but stories without adequate verification.  No particulars re: their cars production or prior ownership records.  No items brought forward said found in the car-- including weapons.  And how can that be??.. as an inventory and photos exist of Death Car contents.  The car is the wrong color.. backed by their alleged claim, the original Cordoba Gray Warren car was re-painted Desert Sand in color by Bonnie & Clyde, to throw the law off course.  This claim, despite universally-accepted knowledge, that when The Barrow Gang needed a new car-- they just "ditched" their previous one and stole another.

Ruth, Jesse Warren and their dog-- shown at the passenger side of Bonnie & Clyde Death Car after the ambush.  Note the dark color.. Cordoba Gray-- not repainted Desert Sand by Bonnie & Clyde while on the run as some allege.    

And why anyone would think, Clyde & Bonnie had time while on the run to wait for paint to dry-- well, that's just beyond the realm of acceptable logic within this history.  "Oh, but the car's lighter color is listed in the coroner's report".  Well, it takes a bit of insight to know-- that when Carroll Rich interviewed Dr. James Wade about 45 years ago now.. clarification was made acknowledging that error. Next and to me, the "end game" before even beginning for the Massey Ford-- is the fact that Massey Car bullet holes, don't exactly match the ones on the authentic Death Car.  "They don't".  Iron-clad photographic evidence exists with which to compare-- and a fair comparison can only result in a "read 'em and weep" result for this latest unsubstantiated Bonnie & Clyde Death Car entry.   

A pretty good attempt by whomever crafted this almost certain replica car.. but the bullet holes and dents made by the heavy barrages on the true Death Car "don't match" the Massey Car.  Simple as that.  Plus-- many of the Massey Car holes seem too large a caliber to be historically accurate.  The real Death Car, has a variety of  different caliber holes-- not only highlighting the significant firepower, the 6 ambush posse lawmen brought to bear in terms of damage to the car-- but also death to Bonnie & Clyde inside the car.. as caused by deliberate use of smaller caliber, but high powered weapons, using narrowly-pointed .30 caliber and .30-06 caliber rounds.

These caliber sizes, were meant to penetrate the rock-hard shell of the Warren Ford.. where larger caliber rounds would not.  Thus, many of the holes in the real Death Car are small.. and smaller than those seemingly evident in the Massey Car.  Heavy weapons such as an auto-shotgun with large shot and .45 caliber automatic pistols were used too-- but it seems, the missle-like rifle shots best penetrated the car through the tough '30's metal.

So what defenses have been advanced re: these Bonnie & Clyde Death Car realities??  Well, so far-- not a lot concerning defending the car.. but Hickman Creations did participate in some give & take commentary with me on their publicly viewable Facebook page.  Thus comments, were publicly aired.. witnessed by some of the Bonnie & Clyde faithful.. and print screened to provide accuracy and record.  And although I surely have no disrespect for anyone concerning this, importantly-- my comments involved a defense of Bonnie & Clyde History, attempt to provide guidance as to proper methods of historical verification and questions concerning the car. 

However the responses I received, again publicly aired (people should always consider that when commenting on Facebook)-- seemingly involved more in terms of politically "populist" concepts, rather than addressing much to do with the Massey Ford.  But apparently, concerning the Massey Car and it's authenticity..

That it should be up to the public to decide..

hat the American People are Believers.. 
and believers are the Best Example of 

That the Feds and courts cannot be trusted and are corrupt..

hat the Feds staged Bonnie & Clyde's deaths.. 

That somehow, I am felt to be a Communist..

Something about drinking beer, badass cars and looking at hot women in bikinis..

That there are real Bonnie & Clyde experts to back their claims.. BTW-- I asked about these experts, without reply..

That the motor of the Massey Car had been changed.. but numbers seem to match-up.  Well, which numbers match up to what??  Can "any" numbers found on that car, be traced back to the Warren purchase and delivery to Mosby-Mack in Kansas??  If not.. it's not the right car.  

For me not to move to Texas "cuz people don't like ur kind round these parts !"

"And" that they are praying for me..

("Hey thanks")..

Also that they have never made a claim that it's definitely the real Bonnie & Clyde Death Car.  But they think it is-- and that's their opinion. 

Bunch of side-stepping semantics there. "But that's fine".. as my opinion that the Massey Car is not the authentic Bonnie & Clyde Death Car, is shared by many-- since the acknowledged Bonnie & Clyde Death Car has resided in Nevada for many decades.

o there you have it ladies and gentlemen.. a staunch defense of the latest, alleged Bonnie & Clyde Death Car-- by those who feel they've struck gold, within the "Desert Sand" shrouded , and oh so cool that it's back in Texas Death Car.      

Ruth and Jesse Warren Bonnie & Clyde Death Car, Primm, Nevada.

Meanwhile-- for those who would like to visit the long-acknowledged Bonnie & Clyde Death Car within Desert Sands that matter.. the one with verifiable history, bullet holes, blood, color and provenance.. please visit Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino, West Primm Boulevard, Primm, Nevada. Best to call 1st-- as sometimes, Terrible's Casinos has showcased the Warren Bonnie & Clyde Car at other Terrible's locations. 


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