Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just When It Seems Bonnie & Clyde History Has Little More to Yield-- Along Comes Dallas Sheriff R. A. "Smoot" Schmid. Rare & Credible Bonnie & Clyde Artifacts Available.

A Special Announcement, to all who love Bonnie & Clyde History.  The family of Dallas Sheriff Richard Allen "Smoot" Schmid is offering a unique opportunity-- to those interested in purchasing personal items once owned by one of Bonnie & Clyde's greatest and most colorful adversaries.

Original of Clyde's "So Long" letter to Ray Hamilton.. likely penned by Bonnie.  "Smoot" had it all along.

A wide-range of items are available, including.. 

Execution book with photos, Original official orders for deputies to take Clyde’s body, Original mug shots, "Smoot" Schmid’s appointments and awards, Correspondence from Raymond Hamilton (RH) to "Smoot Schmid (SS),  4 original photos of RH (1 with Clyde??)  Group of original Bonnie & Clyde photos with provenance, SS photos, Group of photos and related material re: FDR visit for the Texas Centennial, 25 photos of SS with famous people, Original coroner photos of Bonnie & Clyde, “So long” letter to RH from Clyde, Letter identifying Bonnie Parker, SS badge “gold with large diamond” engraved on back, SS photo archive, Bonnie Parker ring with letter of provenance, Invitation to the inauguration of JFK and memorial edition of the inaugural book, Letter from RH to girlfriend O’Dell, Outlaw scrapbook, Fingerprints and photo of gang members Joe Palmer and Henry Methvin, Several letters congratulating SS on the capture of RH, RH fingerprints and photo, Letter and envelope from RH’s brother Floyd to mother written from jail,  Mothers signed authorization to take RH body, RH signed arrest warrant, Post card signed by RH, SS:  gun, boots, billy club, business card, framed diplomas, J Edgar Hoover letter about my grandmother's (SS wife) question about what to do with Harvey Bailey's gun used in his escape that was in her possession and his reply.

Also a good # of firearms both confiscated and owned by "Smoot" are available. I believe all confiscated weapons have serial numbers filed off. Could some guns from "Smoot's" collection have come from Bonnie & Clyde cars or the death car?? Sheriff Schmid would've had opportunity and access to such weapons.

Anyone interested in "Smoot's weapons collection, please inquire-- for individual access to photos and info.    

"Smoot's" collection contains a myriad of photos.. some well known, some rarely or never seen. 

So a "quite" unique opportunity to own verifiable Bonnie & Clyde artifacts.  Interested parties worldwide, please contact  sheriffsmoot@gmail.com

Sincere and serious inquiries only.. and with great respect please, for a Bonnie & Clyde family rarely heard from.

"Smoots" Sheriff's badge. 
Also a hint as to what's to come.  A follow-up post revealing family insights, into a key figure from Bonnie & Clyde History.. from those who knew him best. So little is known about Dallas County Sheriff, "Smoot" Schmid.. beyond what's been written within this history to date.  With thanks to his family.. I hope much more will soon be known about Sheriff Schmid. A Bonnie & Clyde History Blog "exclusive".. coming soon.

Purported Bonnie ring.. with provenance provided by "Smoots" son.  Could this ring have come from the Death Car.. or Sowers car??  Wherever it was found.. I for one, have never known of this quite unique ring. 

My advice to all who see this announcement.. is to reach out for a stellar chance at owning unique pieces of Bonnie & Clyde History never offered before, with outstanding provenance from Smoot Schmid's family.  For within this history, there is no better provenance than family provenance.

Original Coroner's photos from Congers.. "Very" Rare.  

Bonnie's grave, still mounded.. Fishtrap Cemetery.

Now I've seen this pic, cropped every which way but loose.. for both the bottom part of image and top one-- but don't think I've seen complete image before.  A "very strong" and poignant ambush photo.  
For those who know Bonnie & Clyde History well.. this particular Henry Methvin fingerprint card contains a rare element.  

Again, for your chance re: "Smoot's" items.. 
sheriffsmoot@gmail.com Thank you.

"Many thanks" as well to "Smoot's" family, for their approach, trust.. and allowing me to help with this grand endeavor.


BarefootOkieGal said...

Sounds like a lot of good stuff! I'm not really a collector, but it's interesting that all of these things could be available for someone who was. That ring is really different, isn't it? (Bet it'd fit me!)

Sue said...

Late to the party...that ring, though. It's interesting, three silver snakes. Bonnie died wearing a brooch of three silver acorns. Makes one wonder if the number three had, for some reason, become significant to her.