Monday, March 21, 2016

"Smoot" Schmid Artifacts-- For Bonnie And Clyde History, A Lost Opportunity.. At Least For Now.

For me.. one of the great joys of being involved so closely with Bonnie & Clyde History, is being contacted by those feeling they have Bonnie & Clyde-related artifacts and new historical information.  Wonderfully, sometimes it's so.. and oft times, unfortunately not.  Then there are those unique moments, when families related to Bonnie & Clyde History reach out to me.. to ask for assistance related to one endeavor or another.  I am always humbled and appreciative for such approaches and trust, re: whatever I can do to assist.  And whether my help be a little or a lot-- I always do my best to help.

So when I was contacted in November of last year by "Smoot" Schmid's family-- it was so exciting to know that a slew of quite nice Bonnie & Clyde related artifacts, had survived in his possession and had been passed down to his family.  The family talked of not wanting to pass these treasures on any longer, and of their desire to sell them. And apparently, they had already traveled a more traditional road of action, without fruition.  Thus their approach, concerning my take on what other vehicles of sale could be explored??

Well after working behind the scenes, in 1st approaching a handful of individuals I thought may be uniquely interested in pursuing this chance-- I suggested opening the opportunity up to all through an announcement here on The B&CHB.. which was agreed to and I did.  A number of individuals made their interest known.. which I forwarded promptly to the family. However outside of what seems cursory communication-- little response occurred as follow up to leads asked for.

Thus, after my too not receiving replies concerning requests for clarification regarding a stark lack of communication-- I've decided to back away from my involvement with this endeavor.  Rather-- I'll just post an e-mail address for anyone interested, along with my best wishes for all who pursue this. My take is that basic courtesy should always be in play-- especially from those who initiate desire for action in the 1st place.  Also when someone asks for my help.. reputation be respected please-- along with some appreciation for my willingness to utilize a Bonnie & Clyde historical Internet vehicle with good reach, to help achieve a goal for others.  For when I agree to help someone within this history-- I give it my all.  

It's routinely my great pleasure, to assist others within Bonnie & Clyde History.  However, when I can no longer judge the sincerity of motive or reasons for inaction.. well, that's enough for me.  I had also hoped to be able to create a post on "Smoot" the man.. which this history would benefit from. That too was agreed to but never got off the ground.. despite my attempts to make it happen. That offers till stands, and is up to "Smoots" family, should they wish for it to happen here.

My sincere apologies to all I couldn't deliver for.. and to all who've hoped Bonnie & Clyde History would benefit from "Smoot's" artifacts.  Please know, I've done my best.  

During the time of Bonnie & Clyde-- the U.S. Bureau of Investigation thought "Smoot" Schmid so uncooperative within law enforcement circles-- they nicknamed him "Smooth" Smith.. while also utilizing informants like Red Webster (a friend of "Smoots") to gain info concerning his Bonnie & Clyde investigative activities.  It was only after "Smoots" failed Sowers Ambush attempt, that Sheriff Schmid sent word through a Deputy, that from that point on.. he would cooperate with others for the good of law enforcement.

Well, apparently without a Sowers-like event.. I wish the family well, with whatever their desires are with their "Smoot" collection. It's been a distinct honor to help them, as far as I've been able to. Also, to show my sincerity in having previously felt so good in having helped with this, I leave up in it's entirety.. my previous blog post on this, visible for all to view. The only thing I've changed.. is the contact info.  Perhaps too many people take advantage of the trust they are given.  For my part-- I always appreciate trust when extended.   

For all interested in pursuing "Smoot's" artifacts further, the direct e-mail address is 

My thanks to all.. for your time, trust and understanding.  

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