Saturday, May 28, 2011

Joplin Relief-- Please Help If You Can

The Joplin relief effort in helping displaced families is seemingly a monumental task. As such I would ask that if possible, all help if you can-- even with a small donation. Although for many of us, our only link to Joplin is the Bonnie & Clyde History that resides there, this very human tragedy is certainly not a Bonnie & Clyde event.

I must take a moment to say, I've now heard of a Bonnie & Clyde Historian's fund being established for Joplin relief. I suppose that's alright-- however I'm not sure anyone should tag this tragedy to promote a Bonnie & Clyde anything. You don't see a B&CHB Joplin Relief Fund, as I can only feel the Red Cross Chapter there on the ground in Missouri-- is likely the correct vehicle with which to donate. Also-- any comments concerning complaints about Joplin residents I've seen advanced recently, in dealing with Bonnie & Clyde matters at a time when Joplin's citizens are dying-- is abhorrent to me. Bad taste & timing as I view it.

You can find links to the Ozark Red Cross Chapter here, on Frank Ballinger's site and on my facebook page. I encourage all who can-- to please donate. And don't feel you need to link any association to Bonnie & Clyde to do so. I'm not part of any historian's fund, and although I'm sure it's well intentioned-- I'm not so sure it's entirely necessary. I just hope all will do the right thing-- when doing the right thing is all that matters.

Link to the Ozarks Chapter of The American Red Cross for Joplin disaster relief--

"Thank You"

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BarefootOkieGal said...

I know that there have been a lot of storms to come along since Joplin was hit so hard, but I'd just like to remind everyone that just because other places are in the news now, people in Joplin (and in Japan, too, although the tsunami seems to have dropped out of the news) are still in bad straits, and they do still need assistance. Please continue your prayers and support!