Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prentiss Oakley Finally Gets His Due

In a move which seemingly took longer than it may have needed to-- an updated plaque has been installed at the Henderson Jordan Memorial Park in Arcadia, Louisiana. This newly crafted brass plaque has now corrected the oversight of a year ago, where former Bienville Parish Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff and Bonnie & Clyde ambush posse member Prentiss Oakley-- was inexplicably left off the memorial commemorating the 6 members of the posse. This memorial is located at the former sight of Congers Furniture Store and Funeral Home in Arcadia.

In a gesture befitting of Prentiss Oakley's place in history-- the new plaque (pictured here)-- includes mention of Oakley, whom is known to have been the lawman who killed Clyde Barrow. Many thanks to Holley, for providing the image of the new Henderson Jordan Memorial Park plaque for those who frequent The B&CHB.

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