Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin, MO Devastated by Tornado-- Death Toll High. Bonnie & Clyde's Joplin Hideout Survives Twister

Joplin, MO has sustained much damage after a powerful double vortex tornado struck the city on May 22nd. The storm which has been identified as an EF5, had winds topping 200 MPH. More than 140 fatalities have been confirmed, with many still missing. Besides heart felt concern for the lives and property of the good people there, there's also been an interest among those who revere this history regarding the condition of Bonnie & Clyde's Joplin hideout.

As tornadoes have destroyed a number of Bonnie & Clyde historical sites over the years, I've attempted to learn what I can concerning this situation-- while maintaining a proper and compassionate focus on the lives and families of Joplin residents, which of course must be the overriding concern. Regarding Bonnie & Clyde's Joplin hideout, Tonya Holly has declared the following via facebook-- "Just heard from Phillip McClendon, he said the apartment in Joplin is fine. It is on 34th St. and the tornado went down 32nd St. He is going to let us know where people can send supplies or whatever is needed to help. He and his wife survived the tornado in their closet, but their house and many of their neighbors are gone. He is the owner of the Bonnie and Clyde hideout. I was so glad to hear his voice."

My Goodness, what a story. Thankfully the McClendons are safe, but their harrowing account illustrates just how serous this situation was. Many thanks to Tonya for the update, and may God bless the citizens of Joplin in their time of need.

Author Ron Morgan had communicated with me, in providing his feeling that based on his knowledge of Joplin-- that the tornado may have come very close to Oak Ridge Drive.
How right he was. As Ron and I and others have expressed continuously since this tragedy occurred-- people and families must come first, before historical matters. As such, priorities need to be placed in the right order. As nearly 1000 hits were logged on this site on May 23rd and 24th alone, mostly searching for info on Joplin-- there's obviously been great interest expressed. Many thanks for your patience and understanding-- within what are most dyer concerns for the people of Joplin.


Natasha Stafford said...

First off, I want to keep the people of Joplin, MO in my thoughts and prayers for the devastation regarding the lost of the town and people.
As a Love of Bonnie and Clyde, and hopefully being able to go see Joplin, MO one day, I was worried regarding that it was destroyed by the Tornado. I am very happy that it still stands. But once again, Very sadden by the events that have happened.

mike said...

Good to hear Philip is ok. I stayed in the hideout first weekend of May. He's a very nice guy.