Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Blanche Barrow Photos Surface

Just when things were already so good with Billie's Journal coming to light, more great news-- some new Blanche photos & historical treasures have now surfaced. This is an original photo of Blanche during WWII. On the back of this photo, Blanche had inscribed a loving sentiment she sent to husband Eddie Frasure-- who was overseas in the Navy.


Shelley said...

Beautiful photo of Blanche! She had packed on a few extra pounds during her stint in Jeff City, but seems to have trimmed back down quite nicely by the WWII era. She had found happiness again, and it shows!

The obvious question here, of course, is -- what is the loving sentiment inscribed on the back of the photo???? Please do tell!

A. Winston Woodward said...

The sentiment reads--

Together we stand waiting & longing for you Dear-- Your family