Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sisters In Law & The Joplin Hideout

I've decided to mix subjects, in presenting Blanche's pics. As I'm sure some of these photographs are new to you-- I also wanted you to see pictures you're likely familiar with, which have been scanned from their original prints. As per an agreement with Jim Knight, who's so graciously shared his Blanche collection with us here-- I've provided a watermark for each photo. I hope you'll enjoy seeing these rare pictures, which once were Blanche Barrow's. I'll likely post these photos in 2's so they'll be sizable. I've enhanced & cropped many pics by request.

Note the prison fence behind Blanche & Marie above-- and the date marked in red on the Joplin hideout pic, with Blanche's green script to further identify it. It's hard to truly know, whether this photo was taken the day of the Joplin shootout-- or just inscribed as a remembrance of the event. But of course the date written in red, would be correct in either case.

It's often hoped new Bonnie & Clyde revelations will come to light-- that somewhere, there still exist unknown facts & unseen images concerning this history. A large part of what I do in recounting B&C history is research oriented-- which includes the sheer joy of digging for treasures such as this. Many times it comes down to relationships, and the kindness of others in sharing artifacts which "do" exist-- at least in part, as recently surfaced Blanche items and Billie's Journal now stand as proof. Sometimes some of the many irons I always seem to have in the B&C fire grow cold, as leads don't always pan out-- but other times finds like this can happen. I'm not supposed to thank some who have helped so much in this effort, for they wish to remain helpful but anonymous. A most sincere "Thank you"-- can be my only response to that request. My thanks also to Historian Jim Knight, for the rights to reproduce his wonderful collection of original Blanche photos-- here on The B&CHB. More soon.

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