Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blanche Prison Correspondence

Among Blanche items recently entrusted to me, are numerous pieces of correspondence Blanche kept over the years from her prison time at Jefferson City, Missouri. It's my understanding prison dances were arranged, where male and female prisoners were allowed to meet-- to share some normalcy of life. Also correspondence was allowed between prisoners, and of course to and from the outside.

This postcard is from Freddie, who I'm told was a jockey who exchanged correspondence with Blanche. This gentleman sent many postcards to Blanche, from the different racing venues where he was riding. Blanche liked horses and horse racing. Among a treasure trove of items including photos and cards sent between Blanche and her father Matt Caldwell, I have various items which illustrate Blanche's fondness for many things including horse racing-- which Blanche kept from her earlier years. In particular, Blanche kept track of War Admiral-- who was a colt from the legendary racehorse Man 'O War.

I suppose not surprisingly, some correspondence to Blanche was a bit racy-- with some prisoners seemingly making a play for Blanche. Other cards and letters were from well wishers, with apparently nothing but good intentions. I hope you'll enjoy seeing some of these treasures from Blanche's past, which she felt-- were memories worth keeping.

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