Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Barrows Visit Blanche at Jefferson City

These wonderful photos which exchanged hands about 4 years ago, are just 2 of the pictures taken to record a visit between other members of The Barrow Family and Blanche at Jefferson City, Missouri on August 5th, 1934. I obtained these scans recently, made from the original photos owned by Historian James R. Knight. Mr. Knight has graciously allowed the publishing of these images here.

As there are numerous photos within this set, I look forward to providing you with additional looks into this family meeting. The writing in green at the bottom of each photo was made by Blanche. Marie, L.C., Blanche, Joe Bill Francis, and Cumie are visible within these photos. Jim and I both believe, the woman standing to the far right in the group shot, was likely L.C.'s wife Audrey Faye. Also present that day and possibly the photographer of the group picture, was Blanche's mother Lillian. As the originals of these photos are owned by our good friend Jim Knight, I would of course ask please that his copyright be respected. My sincere "thanks" as always to Jim, for his steadfast support of this history-- and generosity both to myself and The B&CHB.

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Shelley said...

These photos are way cool -- and ultra-rare! Blanche & Marie look more like a couple of movie stars than they do a convict and her visitor...

Obviously, the Barrows still cared for Blanche very much, even after Buck was killed and she went off to prison, hundreds of miles away from Dallas. Too bad there is no correspondence between them left, amongst other artifacts. That would surely be interesting!

Notice the Missouri River there in the background. Seeing this, I can't help but wonder how far it was from where Blanche stayed - and if she happened to have a room with a view while she was a 'guest' there in Jeff City?!