Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Latest "8" B&C Polls-- Perhaps Some Surprises

Here are the answers to the latest "8" B&C Polls. Purple hexagonal sunglasses were Clyde's choice for eye wear, on the day of the ambush. Many thanks to Professor Carroll Rich, and his research-- for providing the account of the purple lenses. The 6 sided shape of these sunglasses, can be obtained by observing the glasses dangling from Clyde's head-- within the Clyde stretcher pics taken in Arcadia. Similarly, I took the question concerning Bonnie's dress that day, from Carroll Rich's writings as well. Bonnie's dress was described by eyewitnesses on May 23rd, 1934-- as being a red rust color. And one more from Professor Rich's research-- a movie magazine, opened to the page Bonnie was reading at the time-- was said to have been found between Bonnie's feet, on the floor of the Warren car. Her pistol, was said to have been found in her lap. And speaking of the Warren car-- after a prolonged "custody" battle with Sheriff Henderson Jordan was settled by a judge-- Ruth Warren finally got her car back on August 2nd, 1934, some 70 days after after the ambush. Thus 2 months, was the closest answer.

In an interview from November 1933, according to W. D. Jones, Bonnie fired 2 or 3 times, toward Lillie McBride's house on January 6th, 1933. Although Nell Barrow apparently gets the Lucerne and Okabena bank jobs mixed up in Fugitives, Ura Witters is said to have attempted to wreck the fleeing Barrow Gang vehicle-- by throwing a log or large piece of wood in front of it. Apparently, Clyde wanted Bonnie to shoot Mr. Witters to prevent him from wrecking their fleeing car. According to Nell, when Clyde asked why she didn't shoot the man-- Bonnie replied "Why Honey, I wasn't going to kill that nice old man-- He was white-headed." This event happened in Lucerne, Indiana. According to information included with her mugshots, when arrested after the Dexfield Park shootout-- Blanche was 22 years old, stood 5 ft 1 inch tall and weighed 81 pounds. Accordingly, 80 lbs, was Blanche's approximate weight that day. And finally, Glen Bufkin was the man said to have held the door for Clyde, as he exited the bank in Stuart, Iowa. That's a great B&C story.

As always, my thanks to all-- for your participation in the B&C Polls. Please look for more polls to be posted soon.

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