Friday, September 4, 2009

Kind Wishes Within Stark Feelings

There have been many comments re: my desire to complete a Buster Parker post. I remain hopeful to gain the info I need to create a useful article, however behind the scenes there's quite frankly much cause for concern-- which for now, leaves this post being less significant. What I'm now hearing directly-- saddens me. E-mails are being exchanged, but I cannot find happiness in these communications-- only well wishes within some stark feelings being made known.

For my part, I can only express kindness for the individual involved. I believe it may be understood how supportive I've been to this family-- and for good reason. But now even I, am being included in this backlash-- which after how much I've cared and battled for what I know is right, (and with family thanks offered in return)-- leaves me not knowing quite what to say-- except to offer my most sincere good wishes, to a wonderful person.


t o m said...
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Russ1934 said...

Well said, Tom, well said!

Anonymous said...

hi all, most of what tom says i do agree with. however, i consider a lot of the family members, including you tom, friends of mine. not because you are henry methvins cousin, but for who tom methvin is. it's the same way with the other family members. they are the kind of people that a person would want to know, and have for a friend, no matter who they are related to. as far as the person winston is refering to, i think with a little time, everything will be fine. sorry to post under "anonymous", but i'm having some kind of trouble with my google account. but i guess you know who this is already, ted1933