Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are We Really the Generation of Idle and Hurtful Nonsense-- and Has this Hurt Now Spilled Over Into B&C History??

I was going to reply with these thoughts, to comments made within previous posts on this subject-- but instead, decided to expand and bring my feelings more to the fore here. These days, it seems throngs flock to reality TV which has little basis in reality-- in order to revel in watching others destroy themselves. And media outlets "can't wait" to provide more scandalous shows, fueled by those who can't wait to watch them. To me, along with the blatant disrespect for women and authority expressed so openly in top 40 video and music these days-- is it any wonder, people have become used to this now "acceptable" element of disrespect in our society??? In many ways, we seem to have become the generation of idle and hurtful nonsense.

Only last night, I drove my daughter and her friend to a high school football scrimmage, which ended before we got there. Why?? Because apparently, fights within the stands were so serious, the game was canceled!! It's good we arrived late, as I wouldn't have wanted those I love and friends-- to be within an environment where someone could be hurt, for just showing up to watch a football game. To my thinking, we live in dangerous and callous times-- where many "idiotic" people especially within the influential money driven media, and unfortunately within many family confines as well-- have seemingly risen to a level of influence, where the teachings of today have more to do with disrespect and selfishness-- than of goodness and upstanding moral value.

When "so many" seem to seek out the dirt "historically" concerning B&C-- and apparently enjoy reveling in it, then I would question, why we don't have a reality TV show (to paraphrase some)-- called Clyde was a homo and Bonnie was a tramp. "Of course" some close to B&C, pay a price-- for their relation to such controversial and polarizing historical figures. But it seems for some who I don't believe crave the spotlight-- the constant, shoddy and historically wrong condemnation of their loved ones, by those who don't seem to give a "damn" about historical accuracy, common sense and common courtesy-- has taken it's toll. To me, there's quite a difference between fielding what comes with the territory-- and having to deal so often with baseless and hurtful claims, which may in reality have been invented-- by those with vivid imaginations or worse, to be "sensational" and sell books.

Those who wish to gossip, and somehow find it fun to speculate-- concerning some aspects of this history which most feel can be discerned to the contrary-- in my view need to stop and "think"-- upon keying into this blog for example, with salacious B&C inquiries. I would respectfully say-- if sordid B&C rumor is more the "game" of some, rather than "history"-- then those for whom this applies, should consider more what it would feel like over and over, to have someone close to you mistakenly and perhaps irrevocably labeled a prostitute. That-- along with the other B&C sexual innuendos, which seemingly have no basis in fact-- which some appear to enjoy delving into so much.

It seems for all these many months, I've just been getting warmed up in my commenting on this. Now that a different reality seems the case, and the hurt has come full circle-- to negatively affect an individual and family I have spent much time in defending (and for good cause)-- I suppose I might need to sharpen and redefine my feelings on this kind of thing even more. It's been hard to watch this historically depraved tidal wave, in becoming personally hurtful to some I respect greatly-- without my commenting with passion about this. I am hopeful for a different outcome, in convincing a good and caring person to reconsider backing away from this history. However, based on e-mail conversations already exchanged, I'm sorry to say I'm not optimistic.


Anonymous said...

it does seem to me, that the aligations that mr guinn makes is nothing new regarding bonnie & clyde. before him we had mr toland, (as has been noted) jay robert nash, lew louderback, and others who have assured us all that bonnie was a nympho, clyde was a homo, who would break a birds wing, and laugh at it's painfull attempts to fly. and this other "so called" author, named kirshner. this man also assures us that clyde was basicly a "child molester"!!! i guess what my point is, there have been these kind of stupid, and ungodly tales going on since the 1960's. it is not just guinn. i cant beleive that the family of these outlaws, and the lawmen who killed them, has not heard these storys before. sure, it has to be hurtful, a bunch of worthless lies, but i would think they would be used to these stories by now. i just feel sory for the people who beleive this ROT. however, what are any of us to do but defend what we know for a fact, and what we beleive? it's just too bad that the family members of the barrow gang, and the lawmen too cant file a lawsuit, and get a judgement, and a public apology too.

Anonymous said...

"Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it." ~ Mark Twain.

Your passion certainly comes accross loud and clear. This is such a difficult topic- society and its seeming continual disintegration. I myself am often at a loss for words at the things that I see working with the public from day to day.

Although I can't put the same sort of weight on mindless internet surfers randomly keying in blogs and search engines as I put on people that "research" and knowingly publish shoddy material.
Ignorance is bliss and we have so many happy people in the world...

And while I could NEVER understand what these people have been through on any side of this history- I know that if it was my family I could never ever be silent. For every piece of libel printed I would continue to speak the truth, if only to educate ONE person. The most noble persuits are often the most thankless and exhausting.

I hope that you have found some catharsis in venting- this sort of emotion tends to eat away at the spirit. Hopefully you can use this to refocus your energy and let it fuel you not ruin you.

I for one will be waiting for whatever you discover next.

Sorry for the babble- psychology backround.

A. Winston Woodward said...

I feel all who expound upon unfounded B&C lore, participate in proliferating it. Authors like Toland and Guinn in my view, have done a great disservice to this history-- by advancing such controversial allegations, without possessing the proof to back them up.

People's curiosity is understandable, and I'm sure that among many-- their intentions are good, in discussing these baseless allegations. However, it seems this kind of thing is a vicious cycle. The more who dig into the dirt, the more who seem interested in it. And today with the internet, baseless innuendo concerning B&C-- can be passed from one place to another, with lightning speed.

I only wish more would seek the truth, and not revel in unfounded lore. I also feel those who pass this stuff around, should consider living relatives and their families "much" more than they do. Some rumors are more benign than others. It's the ones that are so pointed, that cut so deep. I would ask please, whatever happened to common courtesy and good will??

A question-- would anyone who can read this, agree to walk up to a stranger and say-- hey I can't prove it, but I heard your uncle was a homosexual and your aunt was a prostitute?? If not, then please try and justify the acceptability of doing this within B&C History. In discussing this so openly, my goal has been to discourage proliferation of these rumors-- by exposing them for what they are, and then counterbalancing them with the known history.

Nicole's comment was a good one-- and one which I've stated before. I feel if I can educate just one person regarding the reality of B&C History vs the rumors that exist-- I feel I will have made a difference. I'm hoping by commenting via the blog, that those who visit here, particularly those who inquire using rumor filled search engine keywords-- may read of my feelings and read your comments, and thus learn to think more-- and react to rumor less.

Anonymous said...

And, let's get in a compliment to Frank Ballinger here. His web site, Texas Hideout, helped me see how Clyde's documented history and observed behavior made it highly unlikely that he was gay or even bi.

Anonymous said...

Frank's the man...let it be said :)