Friday, August 14, 2009

Suggestions Anyone??

As I'm quite fluid regarding topics posted for the B&CHB, if anyone has suggestions regarding a post they would like to see, or a B&C topic addressed-- please feel free to comment here. I look forward to your suggestions. Blog keyword entries can be also be useful, in focusing on topics of interest. Along with more controversial ones already revealed, some examples of recent keyword entries include:

> B&C 57 round BAR magazine > Eastham Texas prison abuse 1930's > Easter Sunday shootings Methvin > Clyde Barrow's weapon of choice > Sheriff "Smoot" Schmid > Did Bonnie Parker have an STD?? > 1920's Bonnie and Clyde > Remington 11 "whipit" shotgun > Sowers ambush > Who will play Henry Methvin in the Hilary Duff B&C movie?? > Ted Hinton B&C video > Bonnie Parker Wellington > B&C last phone call LA > B&C Joplin, MO tunnel

Those last 2 are intriguing to me, although I don't know what to make of them. Please let me hear from you, with your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

My suggestions:
1. Anybody know more about Hugh Kenney, the Eastham inmate responsible for the photos (who must have had help as he was in at least one of the pictures)?
2. Any authentic versions of the recipies Bonnie and Clyde liked? When it's reported that Clyde liked peas in cream, did that mean green (English, garden) peas or some southern legume like black eyed peas? I found an 'authentic' recipe for red beans that contained a bunch of exotic herbs and a cup of red wine. I don't think so. I suspect the 'french fries' Clyde is said to have liked were hand cut, not like the ones from McDonalds. And, what was their recipe for fried chicken - here where I am (Denver) you really need a pressure fryer to do it right due to the altitude. How did they spice it? What other long lost staples were part of their lives? Is there a Bonnie and Clyde cookbook?
3. Someone should set up, all in one place, a google maps tour of Barrow gang sites.
4. Whatever happened to Mary O'Dare? How did she end up?
That's all I can think of for now.

A. Winston Woodward said...

Good suggestions. "Thank you". I believe it can be confirmed, that the Clyde favorite was green peas with cream and lots of pepper. I'll try and find that reference for you.

And in the past, I've asked "Boots" Hinton who would know-- about food in the old days. In the '30s, there was no fast food as exists so prevalently today. Home cooking was the rule. Fresh fried chicken-- remember the stories of those who provided chickens for B&C?? And I would agree with you, fresh cut french fries. If you put all the foods you mentioned together, with Bonnie's red beans-- perhaps some iced tea and a delicious desert-- man that would be something. Do we really have it better today, with our ability to get food so quickly?? I'm not so sure.

And there was a B&C cookbook being sold in Gibsland during the festival this year. How closely this recipe book resembles the Barrow Gang known food likes-- I'm not sure. I'll see if this cookbook is still being offered through the B&C Ambush Museum. "Boots" would know, and could describe it's contents to me. I'll get back to you on this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, and just today I was looking up Ungentine and Cloverine to see if they were still sold and they are. I seem to remember reading about Bonnie's reliance on Ungentine and we had it in the house when I was a kid. This was my grandparent's house, and they were born 1901 and 1905. P. S. My name is Barb. I'll try to remember to sign my posts and send you an email.

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to know the exact date that mr rosbourghs 1932 b-400 ford was stolen in marshall, texas. i would also like to know the dates of birth and death of billie jeans children buddy and jackie. thank you kindly.P.S. thank you for what you do!

A. Winston Woodward said...

There's actually a touch of debate, over the exact date Robert Rosborough's car was stolen. Rosborough himself, recalled it as being taken from his car port-- on April 10th, 1932. But we know it was 1933. It was reported in the Marshall News Messenger, that Bobby's car was abandoned outside of a cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma-- on May 15th, 1932. Again a wrong date. However with the year adjusted, this May 15th date-- was said to have been 30 days after it was taken.

Please scan the right of the blog for the headstone of Buddy and Jackie Mace. I took this image, when I visited Dallas in December of 2007. The headstone I believe reveals that Buddy was born June 26th, 1929 and died on October 17th, 1933. Jackie is listed as having been born on November 27th, 1931-- and died on October 13th, 1933.