Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Note of Prayer, Concern and Hope (Updated)

I exchanged e-mails today with a great friend to all, who love Bonnie and Clyde History. For many years, Frank Ballinger has been a driving force, in helping to chronicle the true history of these outlaws. For more than a decade, Frank's website Bonnie and Clyde's Hideout has been a mainstay for this history-- as the preeminent B&C website, period. Some have known of Frank's recent health concerns, and those close to him have abided by his wishes-- not to have it widely known what his circumstances have been. Today Frank said it would be alright for me to let you know, he is now doing better in his fight with lymphoma. He is undergoing Chemo therapy, and thankfully-- his prospects have now improved toward remission.

Some have asked myself and others about Frank, and perhaps couldn't understand why we've needed to be tight lipped. Well please know, we were just honoring the wishes of a friend. Anyway, Frank says it's alright now for his ordeal to be better known. He sounds really positive about things. I have thought of him often, and prayed for him over the course of many months now. I am asking those who share my caring, respect and sentiment for Frank, to please do the same. For a great and honorable man, and stellar friend to this history-- I thank you for contributing your positive energies to this regard.

Update: Frank has now re-established his contact info on the main page of the Hideout. You can e-mail him through that link, or for those who don't have it-- Frank said it would be alright to publish it here--
I would recommend please not going much into B&C talk, as that's not a topic truly on the front burner with Frank at this time. With so many I know who care about Frank, I'm sure he would appreciate hearing from you. For those who would like to comment here as a way to leave a message for him, please feel free to express your good wishes, within the comments to this post. I'll make sure Frank knows where to look.

You know, I often find myself commenting on some B&C controversy or another-- where people sometimes quibble and bicker, and spill their passions and emotions all over the place-- seemingly over such insignificant things, when you consider the bigger picture. If I could please offer a comment here-- Frank Ballinger is a treasure first to his family and then to us as a friend-- and of course also to this history. Sometimes events occur, which should show us what's truly important in life-- so we can find some much needed balance, and help keep things in perspective. To me, this is one of those events.


Russ1934 said...

I first discovered Franks B&C Hideout back when it started in 1997. I watched it grow and it was/is my Bonnie and Clyde home. Here's wishing Frank a speedy recovery and I hope he is able to return to maintaining and adding to Bonnie and Clyde's Hideout!!

Nicole said...

Although I have not had the opportunity to meet Frank in person I have followed his site loyally since 2001 and he is partially responsible for the A I received on my last college history exam...I have that somewhere and if I can find the disk I just may email it!

What can be said...but much respect and he has another voice in prayer! I for one will always be waiting when he chooses to return to the Hideout!!!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon Frank's site rather recently, and have missed him since he bowed out to take a 'rest' - that is just a superlatively fine site, with more goodies than any book. I was happy to spot an updated picture of the Stringtown site on Flikr I think it was, and pass it on. I have known several people who have beat extremely scary and aggressive cancers of various types, so I have hope for Frank and want him to know that we are all rooting for him to get better, feel better, and I hope he can feel our good wishes all the way across the Internet to where he is. Barb