Sunday, August 2, 2009

B&C Keyword Entries To Become Posts

The B&C History Blog routinely receives a wide variety of keyword entries, which lead those interesting in Bonnie and Clyde to land here. But lately there's been an interesting pattern to some of these inquiries. Needless to say, this has attracted my attention. Thus as I have in the past, I plan to address some of these keyword selections-- but now in a more expanded way. Although these intial internet probes have no questions attached, by their very nature-- they identify what folks are interested in hearing about. I will turn many of these search phrases into posts, which hopefully-- will help many with some "pretty unique" B&C searches for knowledge-- many of which have never been discussed here before. For those of you, who may have specific questions re: B&C-- as always, please feel free to e-mail me at Thanks as always for your questions-- and for your support of the B&CHB.

Update-- I've now begun addressing keyword entries to the blog within posted comment. The first in these installments can be found above, concerning the debate over "sordid" B&C rumor. The 3 keyword entries which inspired this latest post, were-- Bonnie Parker nymphomaniac-- Clyde Barrow homosexual and W. D. Jones homosexual. I'll stay on the lookout for other keyword entries, and use such inquiries to form commentary for the blog.

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