Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Most Unfortunate Continuation-- Different Forum, Same Shame

I truly don't like spending valuable time, better spent recounting exciting history-- in needing to address deplorable behavior, related to the now defunct Blanche's Hangout message board. But it seems the hate driven banter which just won't go away, has now been imported to Gangsterologist-- where some of the Blanche Board loyal, have apparently gone to commiserate. First I wish to express my thanks to those good souls, who have been kind enough to inform myself and others-- of these needless expressions of ill will, apparently directed toward myself, and a select few for reasons unknown. As I'm always busy, trying to make The B&C History Blog the best it can be for all, I have little time to deal with such matters.

I don't wish to demean this forum by commenting much more regarding this, other than to say everyone is entitled to their opinions regarding the demise of Blanche's Hangout. There was no concerted effort-- no conspiracy-- and no desire I am aware of-- to see Blanche's Hangout go down. That decision rested solely with the moderator, of what was once a good B&C outlet. That message board being abruptly discontinued as it was-- was to my knowledge, a surprise to all. The hateful comments "still" being circulated now, by those who led there-- and condoned by some who participated-- is proof positive of the issues I have spoken of before. I have tried to be polite in expressing my concerns re: this, and the concerns of others as described to me. Perhaps within this age of malcontent and "reality everything", some may like seeing this sort of exchange. However I want all to understand, that I'm not proud of the need to comment such as this, instead of writing of history within this space-- which I know, is the focus of all who visit here. I sincerely apologize to so many, who must be wondering what's going on-- within the B&C historical community??

I've always felt good people act in ways which can be admired. Hate is spread by haters. Those who gossip and employ rumor and untruths, for whatever purpose-- shouldn't do so. To me, the ability to accept responsibility for one's actions or in actions, without complaining-- and without exacerbating a situation by spreading untruths, is to me-- just being a good person, regardless of the debate. I would term these new expressions disturbing-- as these "impressions" have no basis in fact-- and unfortunately now seem personal, and tinged with what appear to be feelings of paranoia and a depravity for reality?? How about enough is enough with the hateful comments. For those involved in exhibiting this behavior who may read this, I would ask-- wouldn't it be better for all, if time were now spent positively, in re-establishing Blanche's Hangout-- rather than trying to justify blame, for whatever reason?? Also is it fair to ask, as many feel B&C were made martyrs, could it be the goal of some now-- to be thought of as message board martyrs as well??

I feel it most unfortunate, that Blanche's Hangout is no more. I've expressed my beliefs openly through the Boodle's board, about this for all to see-- which include my feeling that Blanche's Hangout should be re-started. I wish those well who participated there, and who led that board. These are my actual words and thoughts, which based on being delivered from this forum, all can be assured-- are authentic. My thanks to all, for your time and patience-- for a situation which shouldn't be. Now back to the history of Bonnie & Clyde. I now feel I owe you a new historical post ASAP-- so look for one soon.


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